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[-] Alexstarfire 3 points 7 hours ago* (last edited 7 hours ago)

Apple has zombie nudes. Google got jealous and came up with zombie apps.

[-] Alexstarfire 4 points 7 hours ago

Yet Donald still roams this Earth. You get lazy or something?

[-] Alexstarfire 4 points 8 hours ago

I think you added a couple of 0s to the revenue. Cause nothing is close to $1b here.

[-] Alexstarfire 2 points 8 hours ago

Maybe cutting down the forest was a bad idea.

[-] Alexstarfire 8 points 10 hours ago* (last edited 10 hours ago)

Hopefully old age. Though, I guess that's both of them.

[-] Alexstarfire 35 points 11 hours ago

You think he knew the rules?

[-] Alexstarfire 1 points 16 hours ago

Damn, tough enough to destroy the blades. Gonna be difficult to eat.

[-] Alexstarfire 9 points 16 hours ago

Damn, back to local then. What a shame.

[-] Alexstarfire 3 points 21 hours ago

I understand that. It changes nothing that I said. Other than technicalities, what is the difference that 12 feet makes here?

[-] Alexstarfire 9 points 1 day ago

This can be rewritten many, many, many times.

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