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That's what a forum is for.

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I don't know, but my boss promised me that if there was a fire, she'd carry me down the stairs.

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That's the neat part, I don't.

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I drink a pint of water after every time I use the bathroom, and I trained myself to use the bathroom every two hours on the dot.

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I watched some game footage so I could get a taste of how to wish my idol-turned-friend a happy birthday today.

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Was helping look for a lost pet and saved myself looking in the wrong places because he had become diseased and bit and infected the person who found him.

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We can never know or speak for why anyone does anything, unless we're relaying what the person says, because no matter what kind of act we're speaking of, the only ones who can speak for someone's intentions is that person. Anything else is putting words in their mouth, an educated guess, based on what we see and not what we don't. People should stop emphasizing motives as much as they do. Sometimes a motive might not even be able to be manifested in words while still existing.

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Inb4 someone recommends you read some Nietzsche.

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I would cure the medical conditions I do have. That's about it.


Unless on usurped or deceptive pretenses, I do not encourage the act of circumventing bans, and other people in charge would say the same.

That said, if someone gives off the vibes that they're in the business of it, it cannot be enforced as if it were an exact science. It can only be dissuaded based on certain definitive details. We kindly ask if you may give the benefit of the doubt, and if people (not us) have the authority to do so, they will act.

Let people higher up take care of these matters. Do not harass people or vent at them over such matters, and report people cautiously, not based on whims. Or as a list of rules once said...

"Remember the human" is as good a rule here as anywhere. Thanking all for their patience.


I might as well ask this since I got stung or bit by a bee yesterday during America day.

Last year, when taking strolls, it was rare enough for a bee to swarm around me that I could go whole strolls without it happening sometimes.

This year, they swarm around me everywhere. Everywhere. It's like fighting your way through putty patrollers. They respawn instantly, there's absolutely no lag. Shoo one away and one comes back five seconds later. Sometimes for three hour strolls encompassing six miles.

What the heck happened? Anyone else notice this?






There's a baby possum that's kind enough to be a regular visitor where I am. Poor kid has what appears to be a wound on his/her face, almost like a cleft lip. I am no veterinarian, but a "code of honor" relevant to my hobby here casts a shadow over me and I was wondering what kind of issue the disfigurement represents so I don't feel guilty.


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