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  • The House passed a more than $60 billion bill that provides more military aid to Ukraine.
  • It's part of a larger foreign aid package that's likely to pass the Senate and be signed into law.
  • 112 Republicans voted it against — the most ever, and a majority of the GOP conference.

Saturday's vote marked the first time the House had approved billions of dollars in Ukraine aid since December 2022, when Democrats still controlled the chamber.

In the two years since Russia's invasion, opposition to aiding Ukraine has grown from a fringe position to a majority view among House GOP lawmakers. Many argue the money should be spent domestically or that policy changes at the US-Mexico border should take precedence.

Here are the 112 House Republicans who voted against the bill.

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[-] AngryCommieKender 101 points 1 month ago

Blatantly copying my previous comment.

Hey, Republicans, do y'all remember Red Dawn? Those two movies you made about The USSR and Russia being the ultimate evil enemy that was going to invade and must be stopped? You do? Good.

My real question is, why in the name of all that is Murican, ARE YOU ACTIVELY HELPING RUSSIA WITH THEIR ILLEGAL AND UNPROVOKED INVASION‽‽‽

[-] [email protected] 72 points 1 month ago

Because the Soviet Union was a communist dictatorship, which the GOP hated (the communist part of it, anyway), and modern Russia is kleptocratic oligarchy, which the GOP loves. Easy enough to tease out, really.

[-] RememberTheApollo_ 32 points 1 month ago

Even simpler:

Communist = lefties

Oligarchs & dictators = rich CEOs running the country.

Guess which ones the republicans have been supporting for decades.

[-] [email protected] 21 points 1 month ago

Ever simplerer:


[-] Carmakazi 38 points 1 month ago

The GOP decision-makers see the Russian oligarchy and how freely they leech their wealth from the public and say "I want that."

The MAGA followers see modern Russian society as a bastion of "western" (white) moral traditionalism holding out against progressive globalist degeneracy where none of this "woke" shit flies.

They have more in common with modern Russia than they do with modern America. They want the US to be more like Russia and many will be willing to spill American blood to get there.

[-] seth 10 points 1 month ago

I wish they would fully commit, and emigrate to Russia. Like that idiot family on YouTube.

[-] FenrirIII 15 points 1 month ago

Republicans are the kind of people who think Footloose is a warning against the dangers of freedom.

[-] Frozengyro 8 points 1 month ago

Yes, they are clearly bought and paid for.

[-] [email protected] 4 points 1 month ago

Because money.

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