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This really sums up things pretty well I think. On one hand there’s the democrats, trying to minimize the damage, on the other hand- there’s conservatives trying to cause as much of it as possible. And on the other hand….


There can only be two hands!

That must mean that the third track can only exist in a suspended state of logic and should be dismissed as irrelevant.

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Okay. I think we’re done here man. I have drawn out your bad argument about as good as I think I can. You’ve made it pretty clear that you’re not here in in any capacity of good faith and at this point it’s pretty clear what you’re up to.

You managed to not only lie to yourself, but you’ve backed that lie up with false data created by… yourself. That’s some inception-level cognitive dissonance.

I’m not going to block you, but I’m done talking to you. So… have the last word.

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Now I’m a child? You seriously can’t speak with civility, can you? I’d suggest you take this seriously. People’s rights are at stake. And if you think what’s happening in Palestine is bad now….

Be prepared for Super Doppler Gyro Genocide 3000 v 2.0.

Because this is where we are. Vote or don’t vote. The genocide continues. You can get it with an extra helping of “fuck the LGBTQ*” and “Goodbye reproductive rights,” or you can help those that are positioned to lose their rights as human fucking beings.

This isn’t a joke.

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Biden is not a car. He’s a presidential candidate. I suggest you take this shit seriously. Because pouting and withholding your vote because you’re not getting what you want is going to get you EVERYTHING you don’t want. And it is going to hurt a LOT of people.

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ROFL. Someone known to be VERY biased and anti-democracy, did an analysis….

The results were shocking- SHOCKING I tell you!

Similarly, I did research on socialism. Yeah. I know. Ironic, right? We’re both researching things at the same time? Anyway… The results say it won’t work in America. So…

There’s that. You can stop now.

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Dude, you’re killing it! Never let up.

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People shouting at others not to vote don’t deserve to get their asses kissed. This isn’t grade-school where we are all supposed to be nice to the kids throwing temper tantrums so they’ll stop.

They’re showing their asses. They don’t get to whine when people start kicking.

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Naaah… a better strategy is to do absolutely nothing at all, suggest everyone do the same- and expect everything to magically change, right?

We don’t need to be courted. This isn’t a fucking love story. We don’t need a thing handsome and charming hero to swash buckles. We need an effective politician.

Everyone is always whining about Sanders all the time- he was NONE of those things. Ever.

It he is an effective politician.

So stop with the constant bullshit reasons to not vote. Especially this one. It’s probably the word you’ve come up with yet.

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100%. You hardly ever see these people in any posts critical of Trump, though the few that you do see, just turn it around on Biden.

They’re clearly here to disrupt the election.

Just ask them who they’d put in Biden’s stead that has a remote chance to win the election. I do this all the time. So far- NONE have provided a viable name. Not one. Just backtracking, ad hominem, and doublespeak nonsense.

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What an astute and hopefully eye-opening perspective.

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Apologies if this isn’t the place to ask.

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I have many communities blocked and yet posts from those communities will show up if crossposted to communities I don’t have blocked.

Can this be fixed so they don’t show?

Surprise, surprise. (futurism.com)
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Disingenuous AI? Say it ain’t so!

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I found this interesting. Was searching to see if there’s a community where people discuss mod abuse like what used to be on Reddit- and when doing so, the word “mod” alone, is not allowed to be searched.

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Title pretty much says it all.

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It’s abysmal garbage now. Was something changed about how it works?

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