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Hey there guys! After today's fiasco, I decided that we need some moderators that aren't me or Ada. If you would like to be a moderator, please reply to this post with why you think you would be a good mod, and any previous social medias that I can check out just to make sure you're not a troll (reddit is the most useful but twitter/mastodon/whatever works too).

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Hey there, social worker from germany here, working in sexual paedagogics, willing to give some time to weed through the hate.

No mod experience, no reddit poweruser, but from my profile should be clear that i am no troll/asshole

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/No-Mycologist921

If you have more questions i am happy to answer them

Best wishes

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Welcome aboard! Here’s the rules: join the discord link I sent you via DM. If you feel someone deserves to be banned please send their username/a screenshot of them to the discord, along with why they need to be banned i.e. image of their comment reason:transphobia. Then you can go ahead and ban them. If I end up feeling like it’s not actually a bannable offense I’ll go in and restore them to the community. Removing content does not need to be run by me. Also, no making other people mods.

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Just a heads up, once a mod marks a report as resolved, the admins won't see it, so if someone needs to be banned from the whole instance, make sure you drop me a DM

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