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My best advice is:

Don't listen too much about what strangers on the Internet say you should do or use.

Non of us has statistics to pull from. Mostly it's individual experience mixed with personal preferences. All that could be different for someone else. E.g. some people will have problems with Nvidia, other with AMD.

Stick to the basic and add fancy stuff later on.

Don't pick a distribution because of the Desktop environment. Or because someone said it has a nifty feature. People create new distros all the time just for fun and not because there would be a real reason for it. Looking on the release cycle would probably be the most basic decision you should take. Read about the differences between "rolling release" and "long time support" and decide base on you personal use case.

Have a backup strategy

This is nothing limited to Linux but since you are planing to switch your habits, there is a high possibility you will mess up at some point. Best would be you try to stimulate the worst case and look if you would be able to setup your system in a VM or something.

Don't be afraid to try things out

Especially when you know that your backup is working. There is not much you can lose. Don't be afraid of using Arch Linux e.g. just because someone on the Internet said it's just for pros or something.

So this last one is maybe just the consequences of all the above. But yeah I guess that's all I could say for now 😅

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That's my take on it

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Follow @[email protected] for more fun 😊

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I finally found the time and the motivation to get back into game dev and making videos. I trying out a shorter format mostly to document the progression of the project.

Maybe someone find it interesting at least :)

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Ok, sounds like the standard claim for everything to me to be honest.

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Can someone explain in short what problem people had about Omegle?

Was it that you can say things (and show things) there to a random person without any good possibility to trace it back to you because it's anonymous and more "temporary" then something like Lemmy for example?

Or was it just a witch hunt without any real reasonable structure?

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Well obviously... But as a German I must say there is no possibly to use PeerTube in any legally save way in Germany.

That is not the fault of PeerTube of course it's the fault of copyright mafia and German politics. Since PeerTube uses P2P to distribute load among all (which is extremely clever and should definitely not change), German law makes you responsible for anything you upload even if it's in a P2P manner. So if you just accidentally clicked on a video containing Copyright protected Material or illegal content, you are seen as contributor of this content with all consequences.

So imagine going to jail because you clicked the wrong video... This is as stupid as it sounds and needs to change. Sadly German public is not carrying about this enough. I hope PeerTube will become more popular one day so that people are confronted to this insane law more frequently.

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I don't get it... "D" is a complete different character than "d" is.

It's like wondering why "file1" is not opened when I typed in "file2".

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Actually mastodon is the more viable option for journalist, because you're not depending on the good will of a company (or some rich people in control of it) to not block you or restrict where you can be seen and where not.

It's just that so many people don't care about this.

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I started to work a lot with low res textures and "clever" uv mapping for creating 3d models in my game and was frustrated by manually editing my texture atlas after editing one texture.

So I created this small tool to automatically create the texture atlas from a set of given low res textures. Next step would be to make this callable from command line without the GUI.

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Meanwhile my cat after reading this theory...

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If I understood this correct from my interpretation of the dutch server description this is an Instance for dutch government officials.

At least Germany also has such a mastodon instance too for quite a while now. So people on mastodon know that an account there is officially a government account. The BSI (German Office for cyber security) and other offices post there.

This is not an Instance for "normal people" to register on.

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Not a Fan. I'm an enjoyer

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And that's when you remember why you have been an average AMD enjoyer.

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Hello my Gnomies (I hope this is the correct term for a person using gnome) do you know if there is a way to save a current workspace so it can be opened again later with same programs and screen composition?

For example if I have a program on the right side of the screen open and e.g. file browse and a terminal on the left side. So that I can save this and resume to the same view after rebooting or doing something else?

I imagine this like Tabs in blender, if you are familiar with it.

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EDIT: As it turns out this is just how gnome is supposed to look and to get a permanently visible dock showing running apps and favorites I must install an extension like dash-to-dock

Thanks everyone to help me understand I was the problem here 🙂

After using Ubuntu for years I thought it would be a good idea to try out plain old Debian for the first time.

So I downloaded the live-Image setup a VirtualBox and started installing it... installation ran trough without any problems. But I don't see any panel/taskbar anywhere.

I tried to google this and best guess was that gonme-panel was not installed (how?) after installation I tried to run it by the terminal but it only trows an error "(gnome-panel:3427): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: 20:24:58.712: invalid cast from 'GdkWaylandDisplay' to 'GdkX11Display'". So before I start digging into this I just wanted to confirm that I am on the right track and not just mixing stuff up. So does anyone have an idea what went wrong here?

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I assume she was excited about all the cool stuff you could make with it and found out it was actually just a cake... Would be disappointed too.

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Like stated in the title I started a YouTube channel a while ago but due to personal reasons I hadn't time/energy for this lately.

This was the first Video I uploaded, still in 3.x but I think a lot of this is still relevant for 4.x

I'm planning of a "what I've done in the meantime" video but not sure yet.

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A women sent her kid that was into programming to the grocery store and told it:

"Please buy 1 bottle of milk if they have eggs buy 2"

The kid returned with just 2 bottles of milk. When it's mom ask why it bought 2 bottles of milk, the kid said:

"Because they had eggs"

... Was the kid right?

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I stomped across this Lemmy community in r/Godot so I thought I give it a try and show you the project I'm currently working on. Still try to figure this Lemmy stuff out. I already noticed I can see post from this with my mastodon account but not sure if I can fully use an account from an mastodon instance on Lemmy.

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