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TLDR: The main reason was Lemmy hogging server resources.

Last year, during the Reddit 2023 API controversy I finally deleted my account and moved on to Lemmy. Here’s a look at my experiences and why I eventually decided to switch to PieFed.

Alright, let's Fedify (activitypub.ghost.org)
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Maven, a new social network backed by OpenAI's Sam Altman, found itself in a controversy today when it imported a huge amount of posts and profiles from the Fediverse, and then ran AI analysis to alter the content.

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I am looking to host a fediverse platform for a community of non-tech people. These people use mostly ig and some still fb. These people are from a network of schools which are ideologically aligned with libre software and decentralisation. It will include adults and also teenagers, who mostly use IG. This is part of a plan of a massive migration to ethical platforms. I am trying to choose the fittest fediverse solution to these, also considering that I am not sure how much my home server will be capable of sustaining, so the platform should ideally be as lightweight as possible. I am considering mastodon, pixelfed, misskey and sharkey, and some people have suggested akkoma.

What would you recommend? Thanks!!

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IFTAS, the Trust and Safety organization for the #Fediverse, launched a new community portal full of guides, resources, discussion groups, and tools for community moderators and instance admins. We take a look at what it does.

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Seeing more "cake days" pop up lately, it seems we're approaching (or in) the 1 yr anniversary of the Reddit migration.

It's kinda sweet actually that we all get this reminder of it with the pickup in "cakedays".

It reminds of my seeing the wave happen. I was on lemmy before the migration (not a flex, I joined mastodon in the twitter migration and explored the other fediverse platforms around looking for a reddit/forum alternative) ... and followed a bunch of communities over on my mastodon account. Early last year many of these communities were fairly quiet (or at least quieter than now) and so I didn't really see any of them in my mastodon feed. I'd actually forgotten that I'd followed them. I'd heard word about the API stuff over on Reddit, but I knew something was happening when I started seeing more and more posts in my masto feed that confused me ... it wasn't clear where they were coming from. Double checking I'd see that they came from lemmy communities I'd forgotten about ... and I realised I was seeing lemmy literally come alive!

All these cakedays are kinda the same thing ... a sort of internet equivalent of a weather event or season.

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Just trying to check and make sure I never missed any. Is it just writefreely and plume right now?

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archive.today link

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.sdf.org/post/17713203

“Backed by two powerful house leaders, the proposed “Legislative Proposal to Sunset Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act” would eliminate the protections granted to internet platform providers under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. “

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Pixelfed Discovery is about to get supercharged!

Install a new server, and it will fetch trending posts and accounts, populate hashtags and synchronize followers/following lists and counts using our new service!

Already have a server? Opt-in to many discovery feeds, profile and hashtag suggestions and comment/avatar backfilling with fine grained config settings.

We’re also improving hashtag federation and public/guest access, enabling non-users to browse trending posts and hashtags!

🧭 🚀 ✨

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Looks like PixelFed Groups are coming along nicely.

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I take a deep dive into crypto-based social network Farcaster, aka Torment-Nexus-on-the-blockchain.

I think that crypto/web3 is mostly really dumb and bad, but I also do think that what happens on other decentralised social networks is relevant to understand the fediverse. The different protocols influence each other and I dont think they should be understood in isolation. That is why I wanted to have a better understanding of what Farcaster is, and why a16z wanted to spend so much money on it.

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Iceshrimp: A #csharp fediverse platform

Was just told (by @Subversivo ) about this: https://iceshrimp.dev/iceshrimp/iceshrimp.net

#Iceshrimp are rewriting the whole thing (a JS/Node #misskey / #firefish fork) in C# with Blazor for the frontend.

Cool to see. Should handle the performance issues that have plagued the *key forks and maybe provide a new general branch of fediverse platform.

What lang/stack isn't represented on the fediverse now? C++, Kotlin?


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Time for an ICQ for the Fediverse?

Looks like ICQ is finally shutting down, just as interest in retro internet tools is growing.


@fediverse #ICQ #Fediverse

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https://social.coop/@shauna/112503558995533544 If you want to follow along with Ghost's attempts to implement ActivityPub they are surprisingly hilarious

"Nobody uses Mastodon" (lemmy.dbzer0.com)
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A little comparison


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FediVision is an annual music competition in the spirit of Eurovision. This year probably had the biggest turnout ever: 72 entries from a variety of artists and musicians, and you can listen to all of them!

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That’s longer than I ever used XMPP or IRC.

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In orders which do you use the most between tag searching, local feed, global feed and following feeds?

Do you use the web version, official mobile app or pixeldroid?

If you use pixeldroid do you use the trending posts,trending hashtags,popular account and discover features?

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UI differences are a big factor in the success/failure of decentralised federation of diverse platforms and content

And this seems a good example: bridged #mastodon posts onto #BlueSky which has a lower character limit than Mastodon.

So, just like #lemmy posts on mastodon, you don't get the full content of the post (which ends with an abrupt ellipsis here) and have to take a link to the original platform.

However powerful the underlying protocols, this isn't far from screenshots.


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We dug into Mastodon's new US-based non-profit entity, and checked out who their board members are, and what they've accomplished in the past.

Last week in fediverse - Ep 69 (fediversereport.com)
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