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Hello my Gnomies (I hope this is the correct term for a person using gnome) do you know if there is a way to save a current workspace so it can be opened again later with same programs and screen composition?

For example if I have a program on the right side of the screen open and e.g. file browse and a terminal on the left side. So that I can save this and resume to the same view after rebooting or doing something else?

I imagine this like Tabs in blender, if you are familiar with it.

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Hello, there. I don't think it is possible anymore using the stock installation/configuration (IIRIC old versions of Gnome did have a "session saving" option). If you use multiple workspaces, this extension is maintained by the official Gnome team, so it should still work for newer Gnome versions: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/16/auto-move-windows/. If you don't, take a look at Material Shell, it may do what you want.

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Thanks for mentioning this. I will definitely check this out

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