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I am trying to figure out why you did this. Is it an ad hominem attack?

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Decided to do some fact checking on the crime claims. Oregon is in the top 10 for crime rate, while Idaho sits at 4th. If you did further into statistics, they're pretty close to equal on violent crime, while Oregon has much higher property crime and robberies.

I haven't delved into the socio economic reasons for it, the policy differences or any of the causes of the difference. I live in western Oregon and enjoy the culture and freedom here, although I also don't like the massive property crime rates. I recently moved due to property crime. Went from various crimes being perpetrated either where I lived or on my street to zero.

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I'm a big fan of coaster studios on YouTube:

Small channel with a fun way to review parks and rides with a positive attitude and wonder.

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I'm not sure that Lemmy is a good place for you. Reddit is probably better suited for you.

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Hehe "sharing the load"

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Meanwhile IRC and Usenet are still doing fine.

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Gives me flashbacks to The Dark Tower.

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And there are no pics of said outfits.

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Full stop. Never ever talk to the police under any circumstances.

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Haha why did you remove that comment? It was funny.

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Touche random internet friend

Kitten (
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I've lived in Keizer, OR for a bit over a year. It's just north of Salem, almost an hour south of Portland.

There is a local low power station that I have not yet figured out. I have done some research (albeit surface level) into it, but have been stymied at every turn.

I have no idea how they have funding for a fully ad-free radio station. I don't know why they have such a fantastic music selection 24/7. I don't know anything about it.

It's a mystery.

I thought I would share that mystery. You can listen online if you wish, but also listener beware, you have no idea what might come on next:

If anyone can find more information about why I cannot find a way to donate to this station, I'd love to hear it.

Sincerely, Crackhappy.

Edit: I contacted the station, and found out that you can donate, it's just not listed on the site at all. @TheMoonOfSalem is where you can send donations on Paypal/Venmo.

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Edit: I'm pretty sure that I made a mistake here, in that I tried to use my main credentials to sign in and transfer, but I actually bought the lifetime on a different account. The likelihood that I confused myself with my paranoia is likely high.

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At first, when I watched it, I thought it was absolutely ridiculous that Starfleet engineers built spark and flame generators into the Discovery's bridge, but thinking about it, given that you have inertial dampers and other things that minimize or completely eliminate the physical feeling you would receive from the ship receiving damage, having visceral feedback mechanisms that are not themselves all that inherently dangerous to give more physical cues to the ship taking damage actually makes sense. At least, that's my head canon I'm choosing to go with.

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I dare you.

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Sam and Dean follow some coordinates in their father's journal, ending up in the woods, where they start investigating the disappearance of some campers. Soon they find out they're dealing with a Wendigo, a famous Native American legend. Wendigos are creatures that used to be a human who engaged in cannibalism.

My thoughts: I thought this episode was OK, and further expands on the lore of the series in a meaningful way, as well as expanding on Sam and Dean's relationship. There's a little part where they investigate Jessica's death as well.

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Is it now a Hollywood tradition to make really shitty movies set in Oahu?

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy watching this movie but holy fuck is it bad. The premise is nonsensical, the jingoism is super over the top. Is this meant to be a satire?

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Brief Summary: Sam and Dean are two brothers who witnessed their mothers horrible violent death via some sort of supernatural event. Later in life, Sam manages to escape the life of hunting monsters that his father raised him in, attending college. Dean shows up at his brother's college doorstep telling him that their dad is missing. Following clues from a weird voicemail left by their father, they go to a small town and find a "woman in white" who is a vengeful ghost that targets Sam and that they have to terminate.

Thoughts: It's by no means a strong start to this series, having weak cinematography, Jared and Jensen haven't settled into their characters yet. The woman in white is called back to in the final season as well, which is a nice touchstone. From the very beginning, however, you see the brothers relationship that plays out over the next 15 seasons, in this very first episode.

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