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Lemmy’s mod tools have gained notoriety for their limited functionality, and unfortunately, mods often miss out on timely notifications about user reports. To address this issue, we’re seeking additional vigilant eyes to ensure that reports are promptly handled.

What We’re Seeking:

  • Engaged Community Members: We’re looking for individuals actively involved in the Lemmy platform and its community.
  • Dedicated Moderators: People willing to proactively check lemmy.world in their browser for mod reports multiple times a day.
  • Respectful and Positive Contributors: We value individuals who treat others with kindness and have a history of positive posts and comments within the community. If you are frequently downvoted or reported upon, your application won’t be considered.
  • Adherence to Community Rules: Moderators should enforce rules based on both the community guidelines and the .world server rules outlined here.

Bonus Points:

If you’re located in Europe, Asia, Australia, or similar time zones, that’s a plus! We need moderators who can keep an eye on things while our American counterparts are catching some Z’s.

DM me if you're interested!

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Univeristy of Texas at Austin 6 months ago:

Video: "Why can members of the public come to campus at any time and engage in demonstrations and speeches?"

Why can members of the public come to campus at any time and engage in demonstrations and speeches? So state law in Texas actually allows uh members of the public just like our university community to come onto campus and use our common outdoor areas for speech activity. I think that surprises a lot of students they show up here and they think who is this random stranger setting up a table talking about a thing I find upsetting but it's protected by state law and members of the public just like university community can use our common outdoor areas. Now it isn't a free-for-all. So when you say they can why can they come at any time there's there's some Nuance there. It's subject to our University rules that are permitted under the law so we can put in place time place and manner restrictions that are really all about uh making sure those are content neutral.

So we can't have rules that say well you can't come to campus and talk about this or that subject or express this or that view. But we can have rules about where you can set up tables for example or um you know that during the hours of 8 to 5 we don't have amplified sound in areas outside of designated amplified sound areas. People can't congregate in front of openings to buildings you know we have a safety concern we have an interest in what our mission is in making sure our students and our faculty and staff can get into buildings can attend classes and do the work of the University. So all those kinds of restrictions those time and place and manner restrictions are permissible and that's what keeps it from being a free-for-all but it is open and it's open to everyone.

Univeristy of Texas at Austin yesterday:


The Texas Conference of the American Association of University Professors issued a statement condemning UT Austin President Jay Hartzell and other UT leaders.

“There was no threat of violence, no plan to disrupt classes, no intimidation of the campus community,” the statement reads.

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Anyone else had this random little series pop-up? I enjoy watching this narrative universe unfold, it's uplifting.

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How did such a strange plant like cannabis come to be in the first place? When and where did we first domesticate it? And why oh why does it get us high?

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Cat-lift (youtu.be)
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In this video, we drank and ate at Akabane, an entertainment district in the northern area of ​​Tokyo, and stayed in a cheap capsule hotel that looked like a...

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REMINDER: This Bipartisan Push to Ban TikTok Is Not About Chinese Spying [20:22 | Mar 13 2024 | Glenn Greenwald]

Short Summary

  1. The video addresses the misconception that TikTok is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party to manipulate young Americans against their government.
  2. It discusses a specific incident where a video critical of the US government and its efforts in Ukraine was banned on TikTok.
  3. The CIA and FBI are said to influence TikTok's content moderation to maintain access to the lucrative US market.
  4. The US government demands censorship on TikTok similar to countries like China, Iran, and Brazil which require tech companies to censor content.
  5. TikTok has made concessions to US agencies, including the Pentagon, CIA, and FBI, by outsourcing content moderation to US-controlled groups.
  6. The platform has hired executives from Facebook and Instagram for content moderation to comply with US government censorship demands.
  7. The White House initially called for a ban on TikTok citing national security concerns.
  8. TikTok user Luke David Johnson advocates for free communication and criticizes government control over media platforms.
  9. The video discusses the removal of a hashtag related to Osama Bin Laden's letter to America, sparking controversy and questions about TikTok's motives.
  10. The US government's influence over TikTok's censorship decisions is evident, including the removal of controversial content.
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