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| Title | Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour | |


| | Genre: | Musical, Documentary | | MPAA Rating: | NA | | Runtime | 02:48:00 | | Release Date (USA): | October 13, 2023 | | Director: | Sam Wrench | | Main Cast: | Taylor Swift, Amanda Balen, Taylor Banks | | Summary: | The phenomenon that is Taylor Swift continues, now on the big screen! Immerse yourselves in this once-in-a-lifetime concert film event and witness the history-making tour in theatres. Within hours after tickets went on sale, the film surpassed $10 million in pre-sales, which box-office analysts likened to the performance of a Marvel film. Admit it: you're going! |

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Hi there,

I hope my title as well as the examples shown in the picture get the idea across of what I'm looking for. Doesn't matter what the genre is, I am just looking for movies which are shot in this grim lighting.

Also, for fun, try and guess which movies the pictures come from.

AnswerSuspiria (2018)

Black Swan

The Road

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Hypothetical: Digital Media Preservation Act.

If the owner of a streaming platform decides to remove their original shows or movies (like WB did to HBO or Paramount+ just did), they are required to be "purchased" by the DMPA division at a set price per episode and freely available to the public.

Streaming platforms would be forced to actually decide if any given series is costing them more than the cost of giving it up to DMP. Rather than locking it away and "freezing" it.

What are some possible drawbacks or benefits for this idea?

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I've been searching around for a couple of days to see if anyone noticed this. In Halo S02E07 around the 38 minute mark, Talia Perez is staring at her reflection just before Master Chief walks in to talk to her. Over the loud speaker, you can hear someone say "Tango-Hotel-Xray-one-one-three-eight". (headphones helps) That's a classic reference to George Lucas' early film THX-1138. Used heavily throughout the Star Wars universe and many other films.

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Can you imagine the hype? Yes it's a fake tho 😭

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Hi there,

I recently saw the movie: Black Swan. Good picture, good acting! One thing that stood out to me though was the fact that this movie is kinda dreary. I don't think I have ever seen the sun shine in that movie. Everybody seems to hate one another and there is just an overall really negative vibe going on.

It suited the movie perfectly. So I was wondering if anyone knows of any other movies where the setting is just depressing/dreary for no apparent reason*.

  • To which I mean there is no direct reason a character (or story) should be sad or depressed. I hope I am explaining this well 🙏 An example would be Saturday Night Fever.
RetroStrange TV (live.retrostrange.com)
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RetroStrange TV, part of RetroStrange.com, is a community supported 24/7 streaming station featuring a selection of movies, serials, classic TV, and short subjects. We encourage you to support us on Patreon and join our Discord server to chat and watch along.

For a 24/7 stream of public domain Halloween content see RetroStrange Halloween Channel. If you like Old Time Radio science fiction check out RetroStrange Radio1, our 24/7 streaming radio channel.

RetroStrange TV is hosted on Linode. Use our referral code if you sign up with them and we get some free months of hosting.

To participate in our in-person and online watch-a-longs, see RetroStrange Movie Night.

RSTV is also the official broadcast partner of Divergent League Baseball.

All of our content is to the best of our knowledge freely licensed, public domain in the United States of America, or under use by special arrangement.

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Uncover Angelina Jolie's fashion takeover! Ethical glam, sleek styles, and NYC's hottest spot. Don't miss the buzz. Read more here

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Jamie Foxx on his emotional comeback journey from a mysterious health scare to a triumphant return, as he accepts the Vanguard Award with a heartfelt speech at the Critics Choice Association Awards. Discover resilience, gratitude, and a renewed appreciation for life and art. Read more here

Tearing down the Wall (mondoweiss.net)
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I haven’t owned physical media in quite some time. I am maybe getting back into it as well as setting up a media server.

I was just curious if most releases these days still contain commentary tracks from the directors/cast? If so, are there media server options to play these(this might be a question for a different community - so feel free to ignore this one if you don’t know or if it’s too off topic)

Pantheon season 2 (self.moviesandtv)
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Holy shit that was crazy, so many references to evangelion, and a ending to match it too, might not be the cup of tea for everyone but I loved that finale mindfuck.

Curious how there was such an hype for season 1 and this one at least for me flew over the radar.

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Finally finished the first two games from the recent trilogy and boy howdy is it an experience.

Thought that a movie was impossible, then remembered that there was a movie starring Alicia Vikander...

Went back to check and HOLY FUCK did the movie parallel the games so well.

It's obviously not a great way to do it... But TR is just not as grounded as we'd like to think.

The Last of Us worked since it has more grounded aspects... But when the climax of your game is Lara battling fucking undead Samurai, you have yourself a pickle.

However, a higher budget and a franchise guarantee would've made this an AWESOME experience... Imagine the bow and arrow scene from the movie, but with an older and more experienced Lara... Stealth shooting like in the games 😭❤️.

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Reddit has a sort of love/hate relationship with Oak Island. Going into 11 seasons of interesting archaelogical evidence but no real treasure frustrates a lot of people.


For those unfamiliar with the story...

"There is an island, in the North Atlantic..."

In 1795, three young men were attracted by strange lights to the elephant-shaped "Oak Island" off the coast of Nova Scotia.

They found an old block and tackle hanging from a tree branch over a depression in the ground, and, eyes full of dollar signs, began digging for treasure in what is commonly called "The Money Pit".

As they dug down, they would find a floor made from oak logs sealed with clay every 10 feet.

90 feet down, they found a 2 foot wide flat stone with strange inscriptions on it.

Eventually the tunnel flooded with water and the excavation stopped.

What has happened since is 200 years of digging, tunnelling and excavations, all hoping for a massive payday.

Nothing substantive has been found, but lots of ephemera interesting for archaeology has been.

And that's where we are today... two brothers who read the story of Oak Island back in the 1960s have been trying for 10+ seasons of television to get to the bottom of Oak Island.

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