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There’s a store near us that almost always has some kind of sale going on. The catch is it isn’t immediate savings - you have to fill out and send in a rebate form. If you manage to do that, they send you “store credit” as a physical piece of paper you have to remember to bring to the store. I often wonder what percent of rebates never get submitted or used. Probably pretty high.

I had a laugh the other day because one of their competitors was advertising an “instant savings, no waiting for rebates” sale.

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Enjoying your coffee means sharing

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Yep we definitely have nights where the dinner choices are cereal, oatmeal, or a pb&j

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You’ve already gotten lots of excellent advice. The only thing I have to add is only get hangers if you’ll use them. I also have ADHD and for me it works best if laundry has the fewest steps possible. This means only hanging up my dressy clothes. For the rest I have open bins that I toss my clothes in.

I used to try and make myself hang all my clothes up because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do as an adult. And my clean clothes would just sit in a laundry basket next to where they should be hung up.

Here’s an adult secret (that took me until my 40s to learn): do what works for you. Especially in spaces that you don’t share with anyone else, if it works for you then you’re doing it right.

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If you know someone who has one you could borrow for a few weeks, that would be ideal. I mostly use mine to make dough and then bake in the oven. For regular sandwich loaves that’s because the bread machine pan makes loaves that are too wide for my taste.

For recipes, King Arthur Flour’s website is a good resource.

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Me too. Then the whole day is gone and I didn’t leave the house.

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9:15 then. At 9:15 we’re definitely going to bed.

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Disapproving loaf

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Unfortunately it calls for bread flour. I’m sorry I didn’t make that more clear in the post.

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The inside. I usually mix my dough in a bread machine and bake it in the oven, but was off on my timing and needed to leave during the process. So I let the bread machine do the baking too.

The recipe caught my eye because I’m always looking for easy breakfasts my picky kid will eat that have a good amount of protein. Lately she’s been wanting eggs so this is good toast on the side with more protein than her usual toast.

Protein Bread (midwest.social)
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Protein bread is what the recipe calls it. You blend cottage cheese with egg whites and use that as some of the liquid in the dough. It’s a good chewy bread, I like it toasted with some cream cheese.

Edit: I forgot to mention this recipe uses bread flour so isn’t gluten-free

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I think there are signs we’ve been conditioned to overlook as a society though. Parent seems frazzled and exhausted? Well that’s just part of parenting. And yes, it’s hard to know if it’s “regular” tiredness or something more. But if a friend has a cough and it’s not going away, we’d tell them they should see a doctor.

There is some kind of “timeframe” for physical symptoms where most of us would tell the other person to get it checked out. But we as a society haven’t learned that same kind of timeframe for mental health stuff. Hopefully now that we’re becoming more aware of all the ways things like ADHD and autism can show up, we’ll start noticing when those around us are struggling. Even better, maybe we should all get at least annual mental health checks like we do for our bodies, teeth and eyes.

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I need all your tips, tricks and ideas - both to help my kid get started on and finish her work, and to help me get through it. Because currently it’s painful for both of us. I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin, sitting with her and trying to make myself stay focused so I can help her stay on task.

What does your evening look like? How often do you take breaks and what do you do during the break? Do you have any fidgets, wiggle chairs, etc., that you keep in the “homework area” for them to use while they’re doing their homework? Anything you’ve learned almost always derails things?

What we’ve tried so far (she’s in 4th grade):

  • Do one entire item (ex: worksheet, reading passage, spelling list) then take a break and do something fun - this works for some things but others we’re sitting there for 20-30 minutes struggling to finish it
  • Set a timer and do as much as she can in 10-15 minutes then take a break - this works well at the start each evening but each time it’s more of a struggle for both of us to come back and do more homework. I feel like it may be too many transitions for our tired, end-of-day executive functioning abilities (or lack thereof).
  • Earn a small piece of candy for each question answered, math problem solved, etc. - This works well for math, but I don’t like to use it before we eat dinner, and usually we do at least some homework before dinner.

I just want to help her find some skills she can use to tackle “have to do” things - because as we all know it’ll be a daily struggle even as adults (at least during the work week).

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Soft French bread (midwest.social)
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Still pretty new to bread making. I think I needed to add a little more flour and next time I won’t egg wash the slits I cut. But it’s tasty!

Trying a new heel (midwest.social)
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Lifeline is in so I’m ready to try the fish lips kiss heel for the first time. If you’ve done this heel before I’d love to hear how it went.

Two at a time toe-up socks with a P1, K3 pattern across the top of the foot, yarn is Knit Picks Stroll Gradient in Storm

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