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The part where he is conditioned to disbelieve anything positive about China. Even place with human rights violations and a system of government anathema to freedom, does good things sometimes

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As an able overweight guy, if I get hurt or something there’s no way anyone is helping me get out in an emergency.

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You got a salad. I just did takeout from a nearby kebab place. It was very tasty but the “salad” was three small pieces of lettuce and a tub of ranch dressing. I don’t see how that’s even worth the effort of including

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No strain, very tasty.

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I think so, but also today is the first time this year my dog finished two bottles of water on her walk.

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Or a hoodie. I’m not sure why it’s a big g deal to WiFi jam a video doorbell when you can also defeat it with a hoodie …. Plus that’s not a burglar alarm.

Whoever is peddling anything as a burglar alarm that depends on WiFi is the real criminal

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Old as hills, racists gonna racist. US has always had lots of immigration and much of the time it’s been different than the majority. Each decade sees a wave of immigrants from a different part of the world and there are always some who are afraid of change. If you remember from school, you probably studied several of them. Not to excuse racists, just that they are an unfortunate part of who we are

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There are way too many Conservatives, who are … conservative

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Farts. Notice that it’s shaped to someone’s butt. There was an old tradition to sit there and fart, and look at what it did!

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Plus, it’s a good opportunity to pay a little closer attention to local politics. My town is getting pretty hot the last few years, with some major controversies

  • siting for a new high school, with hundreds of millions in state and federal funding at stake, and a huge impact on the community for the next half century. They’re racing to open it in time for the coming school year, but the site is still controversial
  • summer closure to vehicles of the shops and restaurant area was a huge hit during COViD period, but now some people want to “go back to normal”
  • huge arguments for and against our strong mayor able to get things done
  • the town bought contaminated land for Pennies but trying to figure out what to do with it means figuring out how to clean it up
  • we have a great sports facility with a large number of astroturfed fields but “the carpet is scuffed and worn”. Can we afford to get it re-carpeted? Is there an advantage to going back to grass?
  • were having a lot of population growth and want to encourage higher density housing in the center of town near shops and transit, but how much can/should we try to control that? A neighborhood near me just got a couple of six story apartment blocks thrown down in the middle of much smaller duplexes and three deckers: is that good or bad? Technically it’s still a walk to the town center and it’s on a new trail, so that’s good, but it’s way out of scale for the neighborhood and would be better closer in with other buildings that size, so I’m glad I don’t live there. I see this one house is now abutting a brick wall almost as tall as the house
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Great list!

Let me highlight the 1988 Massachusetts democratic primary:

Herbert L. Connolly lost to Robert B. Kennedy by one vote, and it was his own. Connolly arrived at his precinct a few minutes after the polls closed and wasn't able to vote. Kennedy won the following general.[74][75]

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Always vote. There’s always someone analyzing trends, and you don’t truly know where it’s heading until you get there.

I do somewhat understand since I moved to Massachusetts: I’ll get my preference regardless whether I vote. But it does matter, even if it’s just a trend: I was a bit disappointed Biden didn’t quite get 2/3 last time around: he won with only 65.6%. We can do better! My county only voted 71.5% for Biden and there were at least three counties better. We can do better!

At least as importantly, it does give me more freedom to vote third party, in the comfort of knowing my state’s electoral votes will all go toward the sane option. Historically we’ve had reasonably strong showings for third party candidates, but last time was only 2%

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Anyone else forget how to use a regular grill? Apparently I can no longer control my heat, and toasting buns are beyond me. Back to the Traeger, I guess

Do you have any amusing stories where you messed up?

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I tried Paprika chicken! The jalapeños were the thing: I could smell them from the neighbors house!

Huge hit, very forgiving, and fast, but more of a grill item than a smoker item. My Traeger made it easy and almost foolproof, with the wireless meat thermometer. The recipe has a huge hit with my family! Love that salsa, but if you don’t have much spice tolerance, beware.

This was actually the first time I’ve cooked dark meat chicken with skin on since I was a kid, my teenagers’ first introduction to that, believe it or not. That’s where the recipe falls down. The cooking temperature was perfect for the meat, but there’s no way you’re getting crispy, browned skin with that.

I did set the grill to 365° instead of 350° but that wasn’t enough to make a difference. Granted, I haven’t checked the accuracy of the temperature setting, but it cooks food in the expected time at the intended temperature, and I have confirmed the meat thermometer matches. Next time I use this, I’ll try the last 10 minutes at max temp to see if that helps

Has anyone gotten a good crispy skin from their Traeger? What time and temp? My propane grill gets much hotter, but I really don’t want to use both for one food

Oink & cluck (lemmy.world)
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Finally an all around success! Helps to be a bit less ambitious and pick something that uses less time.

Oink and cluck. I’ve done bacon wrapped stuff before but really like this prosciutto better!

I did have to have help making the salsa, and the sweet potatoes needed a lot more time than the other veggies. I’d never had salsa like that but it was perfect to liven up plain root veggies.

Outstanding dessert and easy to put together.

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Continuing the learning experience …..

Absolutely fan-effing-tastic

But, things to learn…

  • I planned ahead and bought ahead! Yay!
  • recipe manager generated a shopping list. Yay!
  • great recipes, but a lot of work to bring them all together
  • but missed one bunch of cilantro
  • saved by the meat thermometer! — the import to my recipe manager somehow lost “step 3, increase temperature to 450°”

It really pays to be flexible, and I had compromised and bought pre-made loaves of sourdough. When things were looking late, I served the gazpacho and bread as an appetizer.

The pecan pilaf was not only outstanding, but it was not at all affected by sitting in the pot 40 minutes waiting for salmon! This is a lot of work for rice but I highly recommend!

Salmon was really good (not dried out) especially with that avocado salsa, despite cooking over an hour (30 min at 165°, 15+ min getting up to temp, 20 or so at 450°, 5-10 min oh shit I didn’t allow notifications for the meat thermometer ). Kudos to salmon for being so forgiving!

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I found a two year old thread on great smoker recipes on that other site. Where do you get yours and what is your favorite?

Let’s add some resources to the sidebar - I’m not going to blindly add from that other site but will be happy to add anything you find useful, even if just copy-paste from there

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The big grill claims to fit 7 racks of ribs…. But three St Louis fills it pretty good. I may need to make the corn bread inside.

This time I planned slightly better, thanks to a recipe app, and generated shopping lists, but …… didn’t get to the store until morning, got a late start, endured massive crowds and got a really late start

This is not the recipe I wanted to follow but it’s the one I have time for: https://www.traeger.com/recipes/all-american-spareribs

Traeger Recipes (www.traeger.com)
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Traeger has some great recipes and videos at their website - definitely my first place to look as I learn the ropes (no, not affiliated with them, nor profit in any way. Just a fan).

However when I tried to somehow group or save multiple recipes, I couldn’t make them convenient for a meal - lots of clicking back and forth, too much searching yet again for the same recipe

  • trying to print or share - they only send the link, which is not useful.
  • “Saving” only worked for one item
  • You couldn’t effectively create a meal plan with multiple recipes - no way to assign tasks, combine shopping lists, coordinate steos

Anyone have tips on how to use them more effectively?

First smoke (lemmy.world)
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I don’t know if my neighbors ar going to love me or hate me - tiny yards all close together so they’re going to smell what’s cooking…..

I have no idea what I’m doing but go big or go home: here’s two big ass pieces of meat (14# pork butt came apart)

First obstacle: how do you pick up a 14# hunk of hot meat? I don’t think any of my cooking utensils can handle that. I didn’t leave room for the tray of Mac and cheese I wanted to add, plus it will eventually be cooked

Coming soon ….. (self.traeger)
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So, no posts, no comments, not even a description on the community. Are we doing this or what?

Without a description, what should we even post here? Maybe something like “TRACKING INFO WAS JUST UPDATED. MY TRAEGER IS COMING SOON!!!!!”

Hazy skies with the Sox (self.beerwithaview)
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A few years back at Fenway Park watching the Boston Red Sox

I think this was the game where I was carded and didn’t have my license to prove I’m old enough to drink. Lol, found one of the guys literally half my age to buy beer for me. I guess thanks for the entertainment at stupid adherence to paperwork despite greyed haired reality staring in disbelief

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Finally able to turn off the heat, sitting out on the deck.’c “Shipping off to Boston” with the dog, listening to the Dropkick Murphies with an adult “lemonade”. SUMMMERTIME!!!!

Ok, not so scenic, especially since I didn’t include the dog, but let’s see you do better. Please. Let’s see beer in the Alps and places more scenic than my deck

Unfortunate ad placement (self.assholedesign)
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I don’t know if this fits the community, but the way ads placement works can lead to some unfortunate results

Just looking for some cooking ideas, and I wish I could forget what I saw

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