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founded 1 year ago

How do you solve the problem of growing a popular smart home platform committed to open-source, open-standard ideals into something bigger that stays true to those ideals? You create a foundation. At least, that’s the approach Home Assistant founder Paulus Schoutsen has chosen.

This week, Home Assistant announced it is now part of the Open Home Foundation. The newly formed non-profit will own and govern all of Home Assistant and its related entities. Its creators and inaugural board members β€” Schoutsen, Guy Sie, Pascal Vizeli, and J. Nick Koston β€” all work on Home Assistant, and the foundation has no other members so far.

In a press release, the foundation stated its aim is β€œto fight against surveillance capitalism, and offer a counterbalance to Big Tech influence, in the smart home β€” by focusing on privacy, choice, and sustainability for smart home users.”

  • Home Assistant is now part of the Open Home Foundation, a non-profit aiming to fight against surveillance capitalism and offer privacy, choice, and sustainability.
  • The foundation will own and govern all Home Assistant entities, including the cloud, and has plans for new hardware and AI integration.
  • Home Assistant aims to become a mainstream smart home option with a focus on privacy and user control, while also expanding partnerships and certifications.
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