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  • Proton, known for its secure email and productivity services, is transitioning to a nonprofit foundation model, ensuring it remains mission-focused without reliance on external subsidies.
  • The Proton Foundation, now the primary shareholder, is located in Switzerland, which mandates that foundations act according to their established purpose, bolstering Proton's commitment to privacy.
  • Proton has expanded its offerings to include cloud storage, password management, calendars, and VPN services, all designed with end-to-end encryption and hosted in Switzerland, enhancing its privacy-first approach.

We believe that if we want to bring about large-scale change, Proton can’t be billionaire-subsidized (like Signal), Google-subsidized (like Mozilla), government-subsidized (like Tor), donation-subsidized (like Wikipedia), or even speculation-subsidized (like the plethora of crypto “foundations”)," Proton CEO Andy Yen wrote in a blog post announcing the transition. "Instead, Proton must have a profitable and healthy business at its core."

  • The New York Times suffered a breach of its GitHub repositories in January 2024, leading to the theft and leak of sensitive personal information of freelancers.
  • Attackers accessed the repos using exposed credentials, but the breach did not impact the newspaper's internal systems or operations.
  • The stolen data, amounting to 273GB, was leaked on 4chan and included various personal details of contributors as well as information related to assignments and source code, including the viral Wordle game.
  • Mozilla has reinstated previously banned Firefox add-ons in Russia that were designed to circumvent state censorship, such as a VPN and a tool to access Tor websites.
  • The ban was initially imposed at the request of Russia's internet censorship agency, Roskomnadzor, but Mozilla lifted it to support an open and accessible internet.
  • Mozilla's decision reflects its commitment to users in Russia and globally, despite the potential risks associated with the regulatory environment in Russia.
  • Microsoft inadvertently highlighted the benefits of using a local account over a Microsoft account on Windows 11 in a recent support page update.
  • Using a local account allows for offline sign-in, is independent of cloud services, and limits settings, files, and applications to a single device, enhancing privacy.
  • Despite these benefits, Microsoft requires internet access or workarounds for the initial setup of Windows 11, making it challenging to use a local account from the start.
  • YouTube is testing server-side ad injection to counter ad blockers, integrating ads directly into videos to make them indistinguishable from the main content.
  • This new method complicates ad blocking, including tools like SponsorBlock, which now face challenges in accurately identifying and skipping sponsored segments.
  • The feature is currently in testing and not widely rolled out, with YouTube encouraging users to subscribe to YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience.
  • Joey Chestnut, a legendary competitive eater and 16-time Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest champion, has been banned from the 2024 contest due to a new deal with rival brand Impossible Foods.
  • Major League Eating (MLE) and Nathan's tried to accommodate Chestnut but ultimately enforced their exclusivity provisions, which prohibit competitors from endorsing rival brands.
  • Chestnut, who stated he had no contract with MLE or Nathan's, expressed his disappointment on social media, claiming the ban was an attempt to change the rules and emphasizing his commitment to continue competing.
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It can be encrypted...

  • Kaspersky uncovered iOS vulnerabilities in 'Operation Triangulation', reported to Apple, but was refused bounty payment
  • Apple's Security Bounty Program offers rewards up to $1 million for discovering vulnerabilities to prevent them from being sold on the dark web
  • Apple's refusal to pay Kaspersky could be due to restrictions on financial transactions with companies in sanctioned countries like Russia.
  • Web3 developer Brian Guan lost $40,000 after accidentally posting his wallet's secret keys publicly on GitHub, with the funds being drained in just two minutes.
  • The crypto community's reactions were mixed, with some offering support and others mocking Guan's previous comments about developers using AI tools like ChatGPT for coding.
  • This incident highlights ongoing debates about security practices and the role of AI in software development within the crypto community.
  • Hiker finds pipe feeding China's tallest waterfall, sparking social media controversy and investigation by local government officials.
  • Yuntai tourism park operators admit to using a pipe to enhance waterfall flow during dry season to maintain visitor satisfaction.
  • Social media users express mixed reactions, with some understanding the situation while others criticize the artificial enhancement of natural landscapes.
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Thunder just added them in anticipation of all the birthdays coming up from the June/July migration (but the feature isn't in a release yet).

  • Humane warns AI Pin owners to stop using charging case due to potential fire safety risk from certain battery cells.
  • Issue isolated to specific battery cells in Charge Case Accessory, not related to hardware design.
  • Ai Pin, Battery Booster(s), and Charge Pad not affected, as disqualified vendor does not supply components for those products.
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Sorry about that! See this comment for a few ways around the paywall.

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Apologies, I run the Bypass Paywalls Clean extension for Firefox so I don't even notice when sites have paywalls (and I recommend everyone else do the same). It's right up there with adblockers as being almost an essential component of browsing the web these days.

Here are a few more options for viewing the article without a paywall if you don't want to install an extension.

  • Elon Musk accused of illegally selling $7.5 billion in Tesla stock in Q4 2022.
  • Lawsuit alleges Musk and board violated fiduciary duties by selling shares ahead of disappointing vehicle sales data.
  • Shareholder seeks disgorgement of $3 billion in illegal gains and damages from directors for reckless behavior.
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Looks like mostly C++.

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Ente it you're looking for a paid service. (For me, photos are too important to self-host.) They're end-to-end encrypted and both server and clients are open source.

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I see it more like the browser group wanted it to be a 'real' browser and not held down by having to be compliant with the hobby OS. But that's just my reading from the outside. :)

They mentioned being more open to OSS packages, which probably wouldn't work on Serenity.

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Lol it's not a link in the markdown so it's just the Lemmy web UI making assumptions. Also it's funny that they don't own that domain.

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Didn't they recently get bought by Canva? Not saying that's a good or bad thing, but it's something to keep in mind.

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I think migrating is the hardest part. My email history has a lot of important records and notes that I don't want to lose.

By the way, I recommend checking out this video, which makes a great point that email is inherently insecure, regardless of the provider you choose.

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Don't fret, I think a lot of us are on a long-term journey to de-Google. I've actually found that changing browsers is one of the easiest things to do, especially with the ability to import your bookmarks and such. With Firefox Sync, you pretty much have the same functionality as you would with your Google account signed into Chrome.

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What engine does it use?

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