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Don't be a vote connoisseur here please. Redefine how you think about voting and participating.

Do you miss your communities from elsewhere. Well guess what, you are that core community now. If you want it back, the only thing holding you back is you. Don't wait on someone else to start posting. You don't need to worry about the perfect polished quality of your content or if it has been done before elsewhere. The current bar is, umm, poorly defined. No one is judging you. Call it practice. EVERY time you see something interesting, get in the habit of posting it please. Maybe go out of your way to grab a reference or two and post them.

Along these lines, think of how unsure and uncomfortable this may seem to most of us former lurker connoisseurs. You can play hard and thick skinned all you want, but you know exactly what post or comment you posted elsewhere that got the most votes or interaction. Why? Because it matters to you. So upvote everything you can. It matters to someone else too. Don't upvote just for the value or interest you have in the content. Do it just to say "hey, thanks for making the effort to participate and make this place a few lines longer." Please rethink how you handle voting, at least for now, think of a down vote as FU for participating, no votes as I wish you weren't here. We are all likely accustomed to a lot more interaction and validation in our own little niches. This is really an underpinning value of social media, we are here to engage with people, so tell people who are new and unsure about a new and different place, "hey, thanks for participating." You may not know or really appreciate their interests, but you can help us grow a core that can evolve into your favorite niches as the community grows. You are the core community. We can all make it grow if we make it a place people want to be.

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[-] ulu_mulu 85 points 11 months ago

I think putting effort into actively participating is also the best way to truly quit reddit.

I mean, now everyone is angry because of what's happening and we're flooding alternatives with enthusiasm because of this particular moment, but will it last?

When you're so angry about something it's because you deeply care, and as long as we care there's always the risk of going back to it when the "anger moment" will pass, because let's be honest, it will pass sooner or later.

So we need to stop caring, and the best way to do it IMO is being involved as much as possible here, find new people, make new connections, create/participate in new communities, so there's no chance we'll miss anything of what's "on the other side".

[-] JeffCraig 13 points 11 months ago

I've been ready to leave Reddit for a long time. I'm not angry at Reddit... It's more just continued disappointed. The site was built off of effort from the communities but the corporation won't listen to us for guidance and changes.

The only thing I worry about is that most people won't even hear of alternatives like Lemmy and that will impact adoption. I fear that only the degenerates and extremests will be the ones to make the changes. I hope that isn't how it plays out.

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[-] Weerdo 13 points 11 months ago

That's the nail on the head, and what has stopped most alternatives in the past. There needs to be a saturation point of usage, what that is for a platform varies.

Not to mention adapting to the new norms and styles. Reddit was fairly open in general, but specific subs had some very ironcald rules about style and usage. old school forums like SpaceBattles are even more 'soft' rule specific simply dictated by the community and the old guard on it.

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[-] [email protected] 74 points 11 months ago

I'm trying to upvote all that can, mostly because I'm not very good at commenting lol

[-] [email protected] 20 points 11 months ago

I think you're fine!

[-] [email protected] 19 points 11 months ago

My people!!

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[-] [email protected] 67 points 11 months ago

Keep in mind that this being a much smaller site your voice and opinion does have an impact. Your posts and votes will influence the culture of this site. Put in the effort to shape it into how you'd like it to be.

[-] croobat 46 points 11 months ago

Yeah, we just need a bit more of a push. I think some people may be a bit too fixated on reaching Reddit's numbers; we really don't need to. I don't care if the top comment has 50 upvotes instead of 50,000, what I want is more comments, more posts, more experts in a field sharing their invaluable opinions.

Obviously it will take some time to reach the level of granularity some subreddits have. Like, we have a design sub, a good design sub, an ashole design sub, a crappy design sub (which is like asshole design, but unintentional), a design design sub (for awful designs that are also somehow aesthetic)... And all this without going into specific design subs (web design, brand design, structure design...). Yeah, we may not have all those for a while, we enthusiasts may all have to interact in a general Lemmy Design community, but guess what? That is how Reddit got where it is now.

Personally, I am enjoying the process. I've been lurking Reddit for years, reading awesome posts, and informing myself on all kinds of topics from people I won't ever begin to compare to. But Lemmy, for the moment, feels more intimate to me, I am starting to recognize specific nametags, to interact with real human beings (not a sentient blob of like-minded thoughts). It feels like being at a bonfire enjoying the moment with a couple of people, and I think that by itself has it's own charm.

[-] j4k3 21 points 11 months ago

Thanks for your thoughts. I hope this continues to develop and becomes a stable and positive community. It will never be reddit. The sooner people realize this as a positive, the better.

The first step to being a part of the community is participation. The smallest form of participation is a vote. With a tiny community, posting without social engagement lacks the positive feedback needed to be self sustainable. Getting past the point of critical mass where we are more than sustainable is absolutely critical right now. The best way to influence this, and lower the critical mass threshold is to encourage people to boost/bolster engagement, especially in niche areas of critical importance to those willing to post. Increasing the volume and categories encourages more specialization and adoption.

So the most important aspect right now is simply getting people to upvote, and as many as possible to post

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[-] MiddleWeigh 14 points 11 months ago

I kinda like it. Reddit can feel disconnected, comment and move on kind of thing. I'm curious where this is in say a year. I will miss my smaller intimate communities, but this is one general intimate community so it works.

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[-] [email protected] 14 points 11 months ago

This moment is beautiful. People are understandably looking forward and hoping that they can recreate all of their niche communities. But I'm just enjoying this moment in time where we have a group of people figuring everything out together and trying to build something better than what we had. Even if Lemmy does get hugely successful, it'll never again feel like it does at this moment, when all of the users care so much about being positive contributors.

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[-] [email protected] 45 points 11 months ago

Long time reddit lurker, coming out of my shell one uovote at a time.

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[-] Dabadoo 42 points 11 months ago

Thanks for the encouragement and normalization words. I’m maybe the lurkiest lurker ever, but I absolutely can and do upvote!

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[-] MR_GABARISE 40 points 11 months ago

Try sorting by new and boosting genuine efforts.

[-] [email protected] 32 points 11 months ago

I have noticed that sorting by new is pretty much required here if you want to see something, eh, new.

[-] [email protected] 20 points 11 months ago

Sad but true.

I think the basic functionality is working great, but it needs a critical mass of people. Next few weeks and the June 30 shutdown will make or break.

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[-] DarkDecay 37 points 11 months ago

Heck yeah. As soon as I figure out what all these buttons do I look forward to engaging with some of these communities. Thanks for the advice, hope many take to heart

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[-] Silvia 35 points 11 months ago

Well said! Im gonna try doing my part to make this place better one comment and upvote at a time.

[-] bpnine 34 points 11 months ago

Its funny: in my case a few weeks before the current reddit enshittification drive I started feeling like /r/all was turning into facebook or twitter from a 'create engagement by pissing people off' perspective and started checking in on mastodon more regularly and reddit less. I do participate in a bunch of subreddits too, but it seems like the writing is on the wall with reddit.

I don't love the twitter model where you're searching for a hashtag of the day or following some entity yelling stuff. I grew up on usenet news, forums, and bbs'es before Facebook came along and really like threaded discussions, with self/auto moderation for interest and community 'adults' moderating for big stuff.

Today is my first day on a Lemmy instance and so far it seems to be exactly the right model for me: distributed, forum moderated and user moderated, and threaded discussion based. Its awesome the underlying protocols fit many models (this one and the Mastodon one) so you can choose your style.

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[-] [email protected] 32 points 11 months ago

Look at me. I am the 1% now.

[-] [email protected] 31 points 11 months ago

Would it be ethical to start saving useful reddit post on lemmy ?

[-] claymedia 18 points 11 months ago

I think if you credit the original poster, it’s a great idea to grab some of the bestof Reddit posts. There is a lot of really incredible content that could disappear. Combined with Imgur removing a lot of anonymous content from the past decade, sadly it seems like there could be a lot of valuable information that gets lost.

Also, this is my first comment after being on Reddit for 15 years! Where did the time go… I’m glad Reddit didn’t track our hours.

Hi, Lemmy!

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[-] FourEyesWatching 15 points 11 months ago

Over 80% of them are reposts anyway, so take solace in that. Regardless, why not curate some content in one corner, it'll help us all out in the long run.

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[-] Pat12 29 points 11 months ago

What's difficult is finding this website in the first place, most people don't understand terms like instances and all the server details, it would have been fine to just share this main link and tell people to recreate communities

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[-] SpezCanLigmaBalls 29 points 11 months ago

I’m really glad I found this place. I’ll do my best to spread it and be active

[-] RedMarsRepublic 28 points 11 months ago

I find it hard to see how this site can ever challenge the huge user base of Reddit and how they have a relatively active community for basically every topic in existence. But maybe things will snowball.

[-] [email protected] 30 points 11 months ago

It won't. And it doesn't need to. It just needs to grow and become self sufficient. This will never kill reddit. Reddit will not be "killed". The purpose is not to kill but to become a place where people come to as an competitive alternative or at the very least a place where they feel good and where they feel they're getting something out of their participation.

[-] Redex68 23 points 11 months ago

You never know, Reddit was once small and digg was the shit, then digg killed itself. Honestly, I kinda doubt it's gonna happen here as well, social media has been consolidating for years now and it's extremely hard to break into the space, but I'll hold onto hope, this looks like a very cool conecpt.

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[-] [email protected] 22 points 11 months ago

from a tech standpoint... when the core development community departs a project, that project dies - its almost always a given. reddit is such a giant that it may never die and I dont expect its core to be completely gutted. but quality content attracts more of the same and I feel that we are beginning to get quality core people here. the reddit husk can continue to shamble on, I don't care.

[-] Mane25 20 points 11 months ago

In my mind, it only needs to be a fraction of the size of Reddit to be potentially successful. I've been using online forums since the 90s, back in the day there were some forums with great long-lasting communities that had only a couple of dozen regular members. Sometimes a smaller forum is better than a larger one. Granted it's different since forums generally specialised in one topic, but don't forget the days where you didn't need to be a huge all-encompassing platform to be successful, especially when you're not trying to make money from it.

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[-] garretble 13 points 11 months ago

I agree, actually. The people upset about the 3rd party apps unfortunately don’t represent the majority of the users of Reddit. I have several friends on a friends discord I run that never used a 3rd party app at all. They just used the base reddit client like insane people; but they did/do it. For them nothing is changing, and that’s going to be most of the people.

Unless…all the blackouts some how affect enough of them. If their favorite subreddits die out, then maybe they’ll notice. But overall, I feel like it’ll either take a while for Reddit to die out. Or it’ll just continue chugging on, except a lot of the people putting in the work to moderate and post content will maybe have moved on (which may end up eroding the platform there, too).

But we’ll see for sure.

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[-] potterman28wxcv 28 points 11 months ago

I do not see why we should upvote everything we see. If barely anything gets upvoted, content will still be there and will likely be at the top (if all comments have just 1 vote they all have equal chance to be at the top).

The Reddit guidelines looked good to me. Upvote if you think it's relevant. Downvote if you think it does not belong there. Don't do anything if it doesn't fall in these two cases.

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[-] LemmyAccount1 26 points 11 months ago

Can we troll and be a dick here too?

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[-] groggy 25 points 11 months ago

Some part of me really just wants this place already to be what reddit was - thriving without my participation. But I am the snowflake and if I want to hope for the avalanche then I have to push! Or...something else that's an effective analogy for wanting a movement without participating. Thank you for this post!

[-] OptimsticDolphin 25 points 11 months ago

This is great advice, thanks

[-] Luxsidus 22 points 11 months ago

Pioneering work is hard but very rewarding. Definitely a fun time which we all should use to really shape things how we would like them to be

[-] [email protected] 22 points 11 months ago* (last edited 11 months ago)

+1, i was comfortable being a lurker as I almost always just browsed top/hot posts and my comments usually just get lost in the sea. not the case here though, i actively want to participate!

edit: also may I add im loving the positivity here in the fediverse, no need to browse through comment threads of people arguing and trolling for downvotes

[-] Astrealix 18 points 11 months ago

Nothing exists without effort. This is a wonderful thing to be stating.

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[-] [email protected] 18 points 11 months ago

Absolutely. Reddit was only as good as the people who posted and commented. Takes all of us to start the new world

[-] ndr 18 points 11 months ago

Nicely written! I’m trying to participate more but it’s gonna take some time for me to get used to it 🥹

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[-] Fermion 16 points 11 months ago

Thanks for the guides

[-] BlankSix 16 points 11 months ago

I belonged, until recently, in a really lovely private community over on that other place, and ... I'm loving what I'm seeing so far. It's a nice take, and feels a lot more like what I wanted out of those other places.

[-] Compgeek 15 points 11 months ago

Trying to do my part here too, looking forward to seeing how this all grows.

Anyone found any good animal gif communities?

[-] nwithan8 14 points 11 months ago

If you want me to make this "my new Reddit", then I'm going to treat it like Reddit.

That means down voting the majority of the posts I see.

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[-] dialecticcake 13 points 11 months ago

While I can appreciate wanting to help others feel good about posting, here are my concerns (and some solutions at the end to consider):

  1. If most posts were upvoted blindly, it would make post ratings meaningless as well as the Hot feature. I prefer "good" posts to rise to the top.

  2. If we upvote low quality/low effort posts, then that is what we are encouraging users to produce.

  3. Low quality posts especially from Help Vampires can be a huge drain on the community and moderators. E.g., No one wants to see the same question asked every few posts.

  4. New users may at first be drawn to seeing the number of posts...but if the first x number of posts are all garbage, we may lose potential users.

Personally, I will not upvote posts just to make new people more confident. However, here are some alternative solutions:

  1. People can learn to feel comfortable posting in certain communities that are either smaller or where quality is less expected. E.g., if the future Arch Linux community is like their forum, they are very strict and you'll get worse than a down vote if you don't follow the guidelines in How To Ask Questions The Smart Way and had first RTFM (read the manual) and STFW (searched the web) and have put in great effort and be truly stuck before posting.

  2. Before downvoting, we could look at the user's profile and some of their posts and if they seem very new, we could cut them some slack and/or send them a PM instead of downvoting.

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