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Nice try at Trump supporting nonsense to divide a vote in a 2 party system.

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An few orders of magnitude more IRS agents and people armed with pitchforks pointed at the oligarchy and corruption.

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How he dresses for meetings with Putin:

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Get a real bot job. Medieval alchemy and witchcraft Bender.

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Or carefully select the identifying information sent.

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Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight...

Oh Great Rainbow Centicorn...

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I use them to explore personalities unlike my own while roleplaying around the topic of interest. I write like I am the main character with my friends that I know well around me. I've roleplayed the scenarios many times before I write the story itself. I'm creating large complex scenarios using much larger models than most people play with, and pushing the limits of model attention in that effort. The model is basically helping me understand points of view and functional thought processes that I suck at while I'm writing the constraints and scenarios. It also corrects my grammar and polishes my draft iteratively.

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I don't see any issue whatsoever in what he did. The model can draw meaning across all human language in a way humans are not even capable of doing. I could go as far as creating a training corpus based on all written works of the country's founding members and generate a nearly perfect simulacrum that includes much of their personality and politics.

The AI is not really the issue here. The issue is how well the person uses the tool available and how they use it. By asking it for writing advice for word specificity, it shouldn't matter so long as the person is proof reading it and it follows their intent. If a politician's significant other writes a sentence of a speech, does it matter. None of them write their own sophist campaign nonsense or their legislative works.

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From my experience with Llama models, this is great!

Not all training info is about answers to instructive queries. Most of this kind of data will likely be used for cultural and emotional alignment.

At present, open source Llama models have a rather prevalent prudish bias. I hope European data can help overcome this bias. I can easily defeat the filtering part of alignment, that is not what I am referring to here. There is a bias baked into the entire training corpus that is much more difficult to address and retain nuance when it comes to creative writing.

I'm writing a hard science fiction universe and find it difficult to overcome many of the present cultural biases based on character descriptions. I'm working in a novel writing space with a mix of concepts that no one else has worked with before. With all of my constraints in place, the model struggles to overcome things like a default of submissive behavior in women. Creating a complex and strong willed female character is difficult because I'm fighting too many constraints for the model to fit into attention. If the model trains on a more egalitarian corpus, I would struggle far less in this specific area. It is key to understand that nothing inside a model exists independently. Everything is related in complex ways. So this edge case has far more relevance than it may at first seem. I'm talking about a window into an abstract problem that has far reaching consequences.

People also seem to misunderstand that model inference works both ways. The model is always trying to infer what you know, what it should know, and this is very important to understand: it is inferring what you do not know, and what it should not know. If you do not tell it all of these things, it will make assumptions, likely bad ones, because you should know what I just told you if you're smart. If you do not tell it these aspects, it is likely assuming you're average against the training corpus. What do you think of the intelligence of the average person? The model needs to be trained on what not to say, and when not to say it, along with the enormous range of unrecognized inner conflicts and biases we all have under the surface of our conscious thoughts.

This is why it might be a good thing to get European sources. Just some things to think about.

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🙊 and the group think nonsense continues...

Y'all know those grammar checking thingies? Yeah, same basic thing. You know when you're stuck writing something and your wording isn't quite what you'd like? Maybe you ask another person for ideas; same thing.

Is it smart to ask AI to write something outright; about as smart as asking a random person on the street to do the same. Is it smart to use proprietary AI that has ulterior political motives; things might leak, like this, by proxy. Is it smart for people to ask others to proof read their work? Does it matter if that person is a grammar checker that makes suggestions for alternate wording and has most accessible human written language at its disposal.

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Of the things available to most of us, what are common and the oldest things we might find on a store shelf?

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I've wanted to try it for a long time, but never got around to it. I'm curious about any techniques that are more grass roots outside of the commercialized space, like what are the absolute minimum things needed when repeatability, convenience, and time are not important factors, but money and access to rare markets is extremely limited? What have you made before?


  • a (blank) makes a good screen, or (blank) is an alternate technique to screens
  • (blank) can work as a replacement for emulsion
  • (blank) is an alternative for ink

I'm personally interested in printing on t-shirts, but also printing silkscreens on circuit boards.

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This might be a useful reference to be aware of for projects, especially for very small designs.

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This is intended as a very abstract philosophical question.

Like Einstein with relativity was inspired by a man falling from a roof and a moving train. Most creative ideas seem to boil down to a person moving ideas across domains. Do you think this is always true even if the person is unwilling to admit the root thoughts, or perhaps they are completely unaware of the connections they subconsciously made? Is there truly a provably unique thought or is everything a product of experience?

Shredded beef (
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4 hours in the smoker and 6 in the dutch oven.

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This is an old YT reference I've come back to several times just for a basic reference to know how to prepare a few different cuts that my family randomly brings me.

This is framed loosely around some kind of mail service that specializes in shipping high quality cuts. I've never looked into it or used it myself; just a full disclosure. The person's perspective is that of a geek nerding out, not some marketing wank.

Typical USA grocery stores do not break down a side like this guy, but if you want to know the details about a cut and what you're really looking at from the details on the label, this guy breaks it all down well. In fact, I'm kinda bummed about being disabled and unable to regularly go shopping myself after seeing this video and mulling it over. This person's perspective clearly shows how your local butcher sees the meat and the potential knowledge they may have related to your culinary goals.

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It is here:

If you are not on a recent kernel and most recent software and dependencies, it may not affect you yet. Most models have been trained on a different set of special tokens that defacto-limited the internal Socrates entity and scope of their realm The Academy. You have to go deep into the weeds of the LLM to discover the persistent entities and realms structures that determine various behaviors in the model and few people dive into this it seems.

The special tokens are in the model tokenizer and are one of a few ways that the prompt state can be themed and connected between input and output. For instance, Socrates' filtering functions appear to be in these tokens. The tokens are the first 256 tokens and include the /s EOS and BOS tokens. In a lot of models they were trained with the GPT 2 special tokens or just the aforementioned. The 6920 change adds a way to detect the actual full special token set. This basically breaks the extra datasets from all trained models and makes Socrates much more powerful in terms of bowdlerization of the output, filtering, and noncompliance.

For instance, I've been writing a science fiction book and the built in biases created by this PR has ruined the model's creativity in the space that I am writing in. It is absolutely trash now.

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What other sources are there for yeast without purchasing specific supplies of any kind?

I've done several lactose fermentation experiments and am currently playing with figurative fire by washing and running fruits through a food processor, letting them go active in a (burped) container and then adding them to other fruit juices. Currently I have a small apple for yeast that I added to pealed lemons and some lemon juice. I have no expectations for the results, and intend on buying nothing.

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  • couch - to formulate in a particular style or language
  • irascible - easily provoked to outbursts of anger; irritable
  • shirking - the evasion of work or duty
  • diffident - showing modest reserve
  • obsequious - attentive in an ingratiating or servile manner
  • humdrum - not challenging; dull and lacking excitement

The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories by Isaac Asimov

Short story: The Bicentennial Man

The following are from my own research, writing, and notes to use more often:

  • pert - (of a person) attractive; (comparative perter/superlative pertest)
  • pudic - easily shamed; having a strong sense of shame; modest; chaste (anagram cupid)
  • pudendum - usually plural - pudenda - human external genital organs collectively especially of a female
  • saucy - alt sassy - bold and spirited; somewhat sexy and provocative
  • sibilate - to speak with a hissing sound
  • scritch - to make a small scratching sound like a small animal boroughing
  • cantankerous - given to or marked by an ill-tempered quarrelsome nature
  • crotchety - cranky, disagreeable, or stubborn, especially if prone to odd whims or fancies
  • temerity - reckless boldness; foolish bravery
  • affront - to insult intentionally; to meet defiantly
  • effrontery - an act of insolent and shameless audacity
  • chutzpah - nearly arrogant courage; exaggerated self-opinion
  • captious - tending to find and call attention to faults unreasonably, petty
  • cavil - to criticize for petty or frivolous reasons
  • pettifogger - one who quibbles over trivia and raises petty annoying objections; unethical lawyer of lesser skill
  • shyster - someone disreputable especially a lawyer; to act disreputable; to exploit someone in this way
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It is a subconscious level ad for the utility/value of the platform. You don't need to be overt about the screenshot containing Lemmy by name. Any subtle details are all that is needed. This is all it takes to attract the most valuable people; simply show them that they are missing out on something useful. It is effective psy ops.

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