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Be sure to follow the rule before you head out.

Rule: You must post before you leave.

^other^ ^rules^

founded 1 year ago

==please incorporate the word rule in your post titles==
Here are the things that get you banned:
-saying anything remotely iffy with a lemmygrad or hexbear account
-tankie behaviour
-nazi behaviour
-authoritarian behaviour
-genocide denial
-prejudice of any kind
-anything else that is clearly bad

Things that get your post/comment removed:
-AI generated content
-anything in the banlist
-posts that are so off topic that they don't fit on 196 at all
-moldy memes (old memes, crusty memes, irrelevant memes. The type of things you'd see on your aunt's Facebook page or Elon musk's Twitter account with a laughing emoji as the caption)

Ban length varies, and is mostly based off of whether or not I think you will change your behavior. I have baned certain people for upwards of 2000 days.

---------EDIT:NSFW RULES---------
NSFW Content is now fully permitted BUT it must be tagged. Any NSFW content that has not been tagged and blurred will be removed. Content warnings should also be added to the title in brackets. Example: [penis] or: [explicit description of sex].
Non-sexualized breasts of any gender are not considered inappropriate and therefore do not need to be blurred/tagged. Yes, even female breasts.


Please leave any suggested edits in the comments.
Discord link:

Monday is now moldy Monday. on this day and only this day moldy memes are not only allowed, but encouraged. The crustier the better. The type of thing that's been reposted at least 2,000 times with filters and bad crops and watermarks and hopefully minions. please caption with moldy rule

If you have any issues, please reach us at [email protected]

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She can't keep getting away with it!!!