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Feel free to highlight people from both reality and fiction - and why they make a good role model.

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I enjoyed college and was fortunate enough to enjoy a good white collar career. But if I could do it all over again, I would have learned how to become a licensed electrician, plumber, etc.

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I don't know where to ask this question but I think I will give it a shot here, under men.

I never was close with my brother but we saw each other every few months at parties, festivals etc. Two years ago his wife and him got a son and at that time I was planning so many things (new job, house construction planning) so I only made it like once a month to him. He lives about 32 kilometers one way from my home, so not too far and too close for me.

Now a half a year ago our house finally came and we have to do all the indoor work (framing construction, drywalls, everything.) and I have no time to visit him. If I do find time I could visit him I choose to play video games to relax or simpley do nothing.

He never asked to help me with my house and I still visit him once every 2 months and give his son presents but I just don't have the energy to visit him.

It's kind of a weird relationship. We don't dislike each other. My mother visits him every monday but they never talk with each other. My mom gets ignored by him and if he talks it's mostly begging indirectly for money, clothes, the house... (my mom will own her mothers house when my grandma no longer lives) and he keeps saying: "If only we had a house and not an apartment" etc. so he isn't asking for the house but my mom feels like he is trying to say he wants the house cause my mom wouldn't need such a big house for herself.

I told my mom to not give it to him, he never visits her and he never visits my grandma with his child.

I don't know what to do with my brother. He is older if this changes anything. If I wouldn't call or write him he wouldn't - atleast I don't think so. The longest I haven't wrote him was three months and he didn't write in that time or call so I gave up and called him that I am stopping by if he is home. Was there for an hour and left again.

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I am seeking a new fragrance/quality in my aftershave lotion/splash. I have tried the traditional ones like Brut, Aqua Velva, Old Spice, and Nivea Men.

I don't want to go overboard but I would be happy to try something a bit more pricy.

I live in the USA.

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What are some of the non-sexual pleasures men enjoy? For example, I like saunas and soaking baths with salts and scented candles.

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I have this thing where I see a random person on the street, in the store, or in the park and it makes me picture what it would be like to be together with this person, to build a house together, have pets together, live a life together. I try not to stare as I walk past and go about my day.

For minutes to hours I have this gut-punch feeling that the love of my life just walked out of the door and I'll never see them again. Soon after, when the stranger is all but forgotten I'll run into the next stranger and the cycle repeats.

Somehow I believe this is a mundane and typical thing that occurs to men, maybe to non-binary people and women too? However, I've never spoken to anyone about this in real life. So I'd like to hear your thoughts. Does this happen to you?

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We have all seen posts of men not understanding women's anatomy. How have you experienced this the other way?

For instance, My wife confidently told me that men who jerk off a lot actually stretch the skin of their penises permanently. If that were the case, mine would be looped around my waist.

Yes, I am aware of Jelqing, it doesn't work. That is not what she was referencing.

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In our current day and age, it's rather hard to meet new people and make new friends, particularly for those of us who do not participate in mainstream social media. So, how and where do you meet new people? Feel free to add some context around that.

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pizza? flowers? a card?

Also, what's the phrase in english for support and encouragement to keep going when someone is going through a difficult time? In chinese say "加油" (literally: add oil ie. add fuel to keep going) or in french we say "courage", don't know what the phrase is in english.

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I'm a long time subscriber to Dollar Shave Club and have been using their Executive Razor for years. They recently changed to a new Club Razor, that is frankly pure trash. I tried giving it a month or two, but every time I use it I just get mad about how shitty it is compared to their old ones.

Does anyone have any recommendations for good, cheap blades like Dollar Shave Club used to offer?

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Hello everyone,

I guess, as much people here, I was looking for a place to discuss men-related issues.

[email protected] is a quite active community, and discusses men-related topics.

You can have a look at the type of content here: https://lemmy.ca/post/2423539

I usually feel like Lemmy is too small to have several communities around the same topics, so I would suggest anyone interested to give it a try there.

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We noticed this community was abandoned by its previous moderators, and so we’re here to help it thrive again!

We’re looking for new moderators to help make this a truly awesome community. Keep in mind that as a moderator, it would be up to you to make sure all posts are following the Lemmy.World’s rules, and your own community rules.

Server rules can be found on https://lemmy.world/legal

If you are interested in moderating this community, please reply to this post with your time zone and availability.

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Which truck brand is your favorite?

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That is, do you feel like your worth as a man is related to your practical utility?

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Trains are cool.

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