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[EU S14 E15] A Sea Change In US Labor's Militancy

In this week’s Economic Update Professor, Richard Wolff examines US spending on war materials for Ukraine and Israel, we will discuss Chinese Electric Vehicle imports and the US's protectionist response, and we will highlight the possible convergence of worker cooperatives as part of union negotiating strategies, and we discuss the impact of Harvard college workers vote overwhelmingly to join two unions. Finally, we Interview author and union organizer, Kim Kelly.

Kim Kelly is a journalist, author, and third-generation union member based in Philadelphia. She is a a regular contributor to Teen Vogue, In These Times, the Baffler, Rolling Stone, and many more, and her first book, FIGHT LIKE HELL: The Untold History of American Labor, is out now via One Signal/Simon & Schuster.

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Blacking Out Corporate Propaganda and Educating for a Revolution.

“You can jail a Revolutionary, but you can’t jail the Revolution.”

  • Fred Hampton (1948 - 1969)

Edit: word, Milei

Short Summary

  1. The speaker criticizes Javier Milei, the president of Argentina, for seeking to apply to NATO despite Argentina not being geographically close to the North Atlantic.
  2. They question Milei's libertarian values, accusing him of selling out his country to the West.
  3. The speaker condemns Milei for attending events like the World Economic Forum and implementing economic reforms that harmed the Argentine economy and workers.
  4. They criticize the right-wing populism that supports Milei and advocate for embracing class warfare instead.
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We are living through an incipient technological revolution. AI, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, commercial space travel, and other innovations are rapidly transforming everything from the workplace to the financial architecture of the global economy. While many of these technologies hold vast potential to benefit the social good, the multinational corporations and financial oligarchy that drive innovation and own its products are solely motivated by private profit. The consequences are unfolding all around us. As technology and the power of the oligarchy advances, the misery and disenfranchisement of the majority grows. We are now in an age of "Space Barons and Techtitans", and the future they are leading us to is one of even greater exploitation, inequality, and ecological crisis. Loretta Napoleoni, author of Technocapitalism: The Rise of the New Robber Barrons and the Fight for the Common Good, joins The Chris Hedges Report to discuss the technocapitalist present and future described in her book.

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Blacking Out Corporate Propaganda and Educating for a Revolution.

“You can jail a Revolutionary, but you can’t jail the Revolution.”

  • Fred Hampton (1948 - 1969)

Short Summary

  1. Criticism of politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) for supporting sending taxpayer money to Ukraine, labeled as an authoritarian regime.
  2. Speaker upset that AOC advocates for funding Israel and Ukraine while Israel is accused of committing genocide against Palestinians.
  3. Questioning AOC's characterization of Ukraine as defending democracy, pointing out issues like Ukraine banning workers' rights and opposition parties.
  4. Criticism of AOC for being a self-admitted [fake] socialist but supporting Ukraine, seen as contradictory.
  5. Argument that AOC and other [NATO] left-leaning politicians are playing a role on behalf of the ruling class rather than challenging the establishment.
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Short Summary

  1. The video transcript discusses the shutdown of the Free Palestine Congress in Berlin by German police less than an hour after it started.
  2. The conference aimed to discuss Israel's war on Gaza, with invited speakers including former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and British Palestinian surgeon Dr. Ghassan Abu Sittah.
  3. The police cited concerns about a banned speaker connected to the event making anti-Semitic or violence-glorifying statements in the past.
  4. Dr. Abu Sittah and Yanis Varoufakis were both banned from entering Germany and participating in the conference.
  5. Varoufakis criticized Germany for silencing progressive voices advocating for equal political rights and civil liberties in Israel and Palestine.
  6. The transcript mentions other instances of clampdown on free speech related to Palestine in Germany and Belgium.
  7. Various examples where free speech and free debate have been restricted or shut down are discussed, including politicians like Suella Braverman in the UK and Viktor Orban in Hungary.
  8. The transcript also highlights the case of American political theorist Jodi Dean, who was suspended from teaching at Hobart and William Smith colleges in New York state after expressing views defending Hamas.
  9. The speaker in the video discusses their thoughts on controversies related to Israel and Palestine, emphasizing the importance of resistance for oppressed people and citing international law.
  10. They criticize the censorship of pro-Palestinian voices and discuss the implications of supporting armed resistance while condemning atrocities.
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Blacking Out Corporate Propaganda and Educating for a Revolution.

“You can jail a Revolutionary, but you can’t jail the Revolution.”

  • Fred Hampton (1948 - 1969)

Short Summary

  1. The House strongly condemns the phrase "To The River To The Sea" as anti-Semitic.
  2. Criticizes the ruling class for trying to conflate criticism of the state of Israel with anti-Semitism.
  3. Argues that criticizing Israel is not inherently anti-Semitic and questions why the ruling class focuses on tone policing rather than addressing actual violence.
  4. Highlights the hypocrisy of the situation, pointing out Israel's destructive actions in Gaza and lack of concern for innocent Palestinian civilians.
  5. Criticizes the idea of killing all Palestinians and advocates for the rejection of civility politics as a tool of the ruling class.
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The 2010s were a decade of revolt. From Athens to Atlanta, Santiago to Seoul, a global wave of protest brought masses of people into confrontation with the status quo, demanding an end to neoliberalism, racism, climate change, and more. Yet despite this upswell of grassroots political activity, little lasting, positive change followed. What sparked the past decade of mass protest? Why didn't it result in political transformation? Vincent Bevins, author of 'If We Burn: The Mass Protest Decade and the Missing Revolution', joins The Chris Hedges Report for a retrospective on the decade that set the world on fire, and how to adapt its lessons for the challenges ahead.

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Blacking Out Corporate Propaganda and Educating for a Revolution.

“You can jail a Revolutionary, but you can’t jail the Revolution.”

  • Fred Hampton (1948 - 1969)

Short Summary

  1. Reporters at The New York Times were instructed not to use language that humanizes Palestinians during Israel's actions, as revealed in a leaked memo.
  2. Editors advised against terms like genocide, ethnic cleansing, and occupied territories, aiming to avoid emotional language and focus on information.
  3. This directive is seen as an admission of guilt, suggesting complicity in erasing Palestinian identity.
  4. The New York Times also discouraged the use of terms like massacre, carnage, and slaughter.
  5. Critics argue that the publication applies different standards when reporting on other conflicts, such as in Ukraine.
  6. The video mentions a controversial story involving a false rape allegation that the New York Times allegedly spread.
  7. It concludes by condemning reporters who demonized Palestinians and contributed to the unfolding genocide.
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Blacking Out Corporate Propaganda and Educating for a Revolution.

“You can jail a Revolutionary, but you can’t jail the Revolution.”

  • Fred Hampton (1948 - 1969)

Short Summary

  1. The speaker discusses playing video games with his brother as a way to bond and hang out.
  2. He expresses frustration at missing out on events like UFC 300 due to distractions from news of escalations in Israel and Palestine.
  3. Criticizes Israel's actions and international law's failure to hold them accountable, highlighting Iran's retaliatory strikes calculated to minimize harm.
  4. Expresses concern over escalating situation and describes Israel's offensive actions potentially leading to a global war.
  5. Mentions a Chief Rabbi in the Israeli Army allegedly condoning rape, criticizing the projection of a rape culture onto Palestinians.
  6. Discusses recent events involving attacks between Israel and Iran, questioning the accuracy of media reports on Israeli missile attacks.
  7. Criticizes the United States for imposing sanctions on Iran while remaining silent on Israel's actions, enabling Israel's aggressive behavior.
  8. Emphasizes the significance of recent events and criticizes mainstream media for biased reporting, particularly in portraying Israel's military actions positively.
  9. Mentions potential involvement of various countries in the conflict between Israel and Iran, speculating on their roles and motivations.
  10. Questions the accuracy of media reports on Israeli missile attacks and speculates on Biden's motivations for not directly intervening in the conflict.
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“Jimmy Dore is outrageous and outraged, bothersome and bothered. A crucial, profane, passionate voice for progressives and free-thinkers in 21st century America. Jimmy will anger you if you’re a conservative and enrage you if you’re a liberal.”—Patton Oswalt

TJDS = The Jimmy Dore Show

Short Summary

  1. The video transcript discusses an incident where Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were leaving a Broadway show and were confronted by a person accusing Hillary of being a "super predator" responsible for atrocities and genocides.
  2. The transcript touches on comedians' interactions with Hillary, the perception of wearing masks, and criticism of Hillary's actions in Libya.
  3. The speaker expresses strong negative views towards Hillary Clinton, accusing her of being evil and complicit in war crimes.
  4. The speaker criticizes politicians, particularly Barack Obama and Joe Biden, for their actions in Syria and with terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda.
  5. They argue that people are programmed not to care about issues affecting those outside of their immediate surroundings until it directly impacts them.
  6. The speaker also questions the trust in science, referencing controversial topics.
  7. They express a lack of faith in institutions and compare the current state of affairs to the movie "Idiocracy."
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UFC fighters failed to unionized, in fact many fighters are scabs who actively fought collective bargaining

The result has led to UFC fighters being by far the lowest paid athletes in term of revenue sharing. While boxers make millions for title fights, UFC fights after paying their team and other expenses often make less than accountants

I remember Gray Maynard made like 40k fighting Frankie Edgar for a world title once lmfaooo. Boxers make MILLIONS

All this so Dana White and UFC execs can be hundred millionaires

This is what libertarian economics led for UFC fighters and some still praise it. Absolute pathetic cuck behavior


‘I love private property, and let me tell you something, if you care about your fucking country, read Ludwig Von Mises and the 6 lessons of the Austrian Economic School, motherfuckers!’ - @moicanoufc 🔥

Best post-fight interview of all time??

Safe to say the Overton window has shifted.



Video: https://video.twimg.com/amplify_video/1779302924222668800/vid/avc1/1282x720/kjrfRE9DxcucPzte.mp4

Source: https://twitter.com/SocialistMMA/status/1780957196739813834

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Nice to see coverage on this, Sabby Sabs has been talking about this for a good amount of time.

For those interested:

Is Trump Gaining Black Voters? [31:18 | Apr 15 2024 | Sabby Sabs]


Not to forget to mention some of the support from HBCUs Trump may recieve.

She mentions article below early on in 31min video on black support:

Biden losing support among Black voters in swing states: Survey [Lauren Sforza | 04/11/24 | The Hill]


For some, the conflagration 6,000 miles away has already changed their vote, edging out domestic concerns such as the economy, inflation and crime. Others say that the war in the Middle East, which has already cost thousands of lives and has a region on the brink of famine, mirrors other tragedies afflicting people of color — and that Biden’s support for what they see as a moral disaster should have consequences at the ballot box.

Where these voters ultimately land could play an outsize role in who occupies the White House next year. Pennsylvania is one of a handful of battleground states that both Republicans and Democrats see as pivotal to winning the presidency. In 2020, Biden won the state by just over 80,000 votes, including a 4-to-1 ratio in heavily Black Philadelphia. But there are signs that the coalition that elected him is fragmenting.

But as the Gaza war has raged on, Biden and other Democrats have faced protesters at virtually all of their public events, over the Palestinian death toll. In Scranton on Tuesday, after Biden gave a campaign speech on tax policy, the president’s motorcade was met by protesters chanting, “Biden Biden, you can’t hide. We charge you with genocide,” and “Welcome home, Scranton Joe — make sure Gazans have a home also.” Demonstrators also shouted at Biden as he visited his childhood home.

About 9 in 10 Black voters in Pennsylvania and other key states picked Biden over Trump in 2020, according to exit polls and comparable surveys, but a March Wall Street Journal poll of voters in seven swing states found that 68 percent of Black registered voters would “definitely” or “probably” vote for Biden in the 2024 election, while 20 percent said they were likely to vote for Trump. Numerous national and state polls this year have found similar results.

In 2015, she and other founding members of Black Lives Matter issued a statement of solidarity with Palestinians. “We don’t have to take a lesser-of-two-evils approach,” Abdullah said. “Lesser of two evils is still evil.”

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Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss Boeing's whistleblower's testimony on Capitol Hill.

Short Summary

  1. Boeing engineer Sam Salehpour testified before Congress about concerns regarding the production of the 787 Dreamliner plane.
  2. Salehpour raised issues about safety, manufacturing shortcuts, and defective airplanes.
  3. He mentioned witnessing problems in the new program as well.
  4. Salehpour highlighted a culture of retaliation against whistleblowers at Boeing.
  5. He suggested grounding the entire fleet of 787s for safety checks.
  6. The testimony raises significant financial and safety implications for airlines.
  7. The Department of Transportation announced a broader examination of quality issues related to Boeing.
  8. There is a need for a thorough investigation to ensure passenger safety.
  9. Concerns were raised about whistleblowers revealing issues with the 737 Max Jets.
  10. Allegations of a culture of defects, fraud, and retaliation within the company were discussed.
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The workers include parade performers, character actors and support staff at Disneyland and an adjacent theme park, Disney California Adventure. More than two-thirds of roughly 1,700 eligible workers signed the petition to seek an election through the National Labor Relations Board, the workers said, noting that a vote will likely be held in May or June,

Most of the more than 35,000 workers at the Disneyland Resort, which includes the theme parks, already have unions. Parade and character workers announced their plans to unionize in February under Actors’ Equity Association, which represents theatrical performers at Disney’s Florida theme parks.

Union membership has been on a decades-long decline in the United States, but organizations have seen growing public support in recent years amid high-profile contract negotiations involving Hollywood studios and Las Vegas hotels. The NLRB, which protects workers’ right to organize, reported more than 2,500 filings for union representation during the 2023 fiscal year, which was the highest number in eight years.

In California, Disney’s cleaning crews, food service workers, pyrotechnic specialists and security staff are already unionized. The company has faced allegations in recent years of not paying workers a livable wage for Southern California, despite raking in profits. Wage issues have even wound up in the courts.

Parade performers and character actors earn a base pay of $24.15 an hour, with premiums for different roles that can vary widely, workers said. Until January, the base pay was $20 an hour.

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Yes, I don't think some people on this community care as much, when it comes to location sharing with cell phone manufacturer and apks that have access to that data.

Not fully off grid all the time.

[-] jimmydoreisalefty 2 points 5 days ago

Thanks for reminder!

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  • wording was corrected and grammer/format as well
  • improved wording and phrasing, a bit

Great feature, but no!

Generally I make sure to take enough pics to have an idea of the area I was in.

In addition , I also carry a small note pad, to write down cords., so that I may frequent said areas in the future.

Another option, is to manually pin locations on an open source apk map; this device of choice, would have limited network connections and any data saved would be encrypted.

Exampl apk: OSM Automated Navigation Directions

[-] jimmydoreisalefty 2 points 5 days ago

Oh, have you noticed syncproblems with other instances as well?

Thanks for sharing, idid not know that was a problem with the lemmy verse!

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The Israeli settlers might push back on that!

They are selling West Bank homes and land in the US and Canada...

(West Bank Settlement Homes) Israel Illegally Selling Homes In Canada And The US [26:01 | Mar 08 2024 | Sabby Sabs]


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I was not sure what to expect when I saw X was in this!

Thanks for sharing, great listen!

“Don’t Cry,” the first song on Tha Carter V, features a chorus from the late XXXTENTACION. This song mainly focuses on Lil Wayne’s emotions as he discusses many difficult situations in his life. There is a smooth transition from the album’s intro, “I Love You Dwayne,” to this song, as we hear Jacida Carter (Lil Wayne’s mother) weeping before X tells her not to cry.

X had no knowledge that he would appear on Tha Carter V because his contributions were added after his passing. X met with Z3N, one of the song’s producers, in February 2018 to record this chorus and other music. Then, in August 2018, Z3N showed some of the music he created with X to LunchMoney Lewis, a Young Money affiliate. Lewis loved the chorus and showed it to Wayne and Republic Records. Wayne loved it and had Ben Billions to put the entire song together.

In an interview after the album’s release, Wayne revealed that he had no idea who X was and that X’s inclusion was Mack Maine’s idea.

That was my big homie Mack’s idea. He came to New Orleans to do something for like a day or two, and he came back and said I have something I want you to hear. That was the first time hearing my mom on the song, so when he played that, then he played the song.

Although X never heard this song, he probably would have approved of it because he often cited Wayne as one of his biggest influences. He revealed that Wayne was one of his favorite rappers in his XXL interview, and he also mentioned that he grew up listening to Wayne in his No Jumper interview and in his interview with 103.5 The Beat.

He also has shouted out Wayne on a song. In the intro to “YuNg BrAtZ,” X says:

She wanna, X wanna You wanna? L-l-lick my dick like a what? Nice! Lick my dick like Lil Wayne lollipop, huh!

Additionally, X’s part appears to be somewhat inspired by X’s “Pain = BESTFRIEND.” He uses some of the same lyrics but sings them in a significantly calmer tone.

Source: https://genius.com/Lil-wayne-dont-cry-lyrics

[-] jimmydoreisalefty 2 points 6 days ago

hahaha, these guys keep coming up with great skits on all the beef currently happening!

Was not expecting Chance the rapper for one, hahahaha

[-] jimmydoreisalefty 2 points 6 days ago

Great points made! It is vital to analyze ones flaws and life experiences, so as to keep improving and building a strong mental health outlook in life!

Yes, people should be careful on what details are included in lyrics!

Reminds me of certain artists and a well known comedy skit:

One example is: YNW Melly - Murder On My Mind [4:56] https://youtu.be/hqDinxaPUK4


Comedy skit: Key & Peele - Rap Album Confessions [4:12] https://youtu.be/14WE3A0PwVs

[-] jimmydoreisalefty 9 points 6 days ago

hahaha, this reminds me of certain politicians...

Where they say the quiet part out loud, while most people will ignore it and the status quo continues as is.

We don't want the Silicon Valley bubble to imploding, right?

p.s. would burst be a better word than imploding? word of the day...

[-] jimmydoreisalefty 3 points 6 days ago

Comments also mention it is just a reinvented pager, hahaha

The video explains that they sell as a pair, so as to have someone to talk with.

Yes, it seems partly an ad, but I enjoy learning on the tech side, which many projects similar to this includes where they purchased said parts so as devs and others can replicate or impove on the projects.

Thanks for the reply, I hope we continue to keep learning new things!

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