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Especially on strap-on Saturday!

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Are these other people also stoned when they try it?

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I had an American house mate here in Australia. He maxed out a bunch of credit and got into trouble. Eventually he just left Australia and went back to the States and defaulted on everything.

As far as I know nothing happened to him and the Australian banks couldn't do anything. I mean from their perspective he just dropped off the map with no contact details valid anymore.

This was around 2010.

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I'm getting off right now!

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Yeah Chaser nailed it. All the "assistance" is not for the people who need it... It's simply welfare for the power companies and landlords. The ones who caused this shit show in the first place.

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To be fair femman and fembear are already busy in the forest and don't care about what anyone else does.

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Bloody hell mate. A little bit of warning before so casually dropping Java Spring out there.

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You could be Tony Stark or some super villain in that house for sure.

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Me: you can fight but do it quietly.

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Not sure if true but I did hear somewhere that a big part of the Roman changes were to make carving letters into stone tablets and buildings easier.

It certainly explains using more straight lines in eg M and N. But maybe the flip also makes it easier to carve if you're chiseling right handed? I'm imagining how I'd chisel a K.

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This is a long shot. Probably no one is here but hopefully people might search and find this one day and join the community. I'll be here in the thread if anyone wants to chat about tonight's episode.

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