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Lemmy users, you can now vote for your favourite song in Lemmyvision's song contest, an Eurovision-like song contest, in which various instances submitted a song of their choice!

My sincere thanks everyone for your submissions, I have created a form where you can rank your favourite songs, it's available here :

➡️ Lemmyvision Voting Form - https://tally.so/r/nWNgKQ ⬅️

I'll leave the form open for a week and then collect the results!

Make sure to check each submitted song thanks to the playlists @[email protected] has created:

Full list of songs:

  • 🇦🇺 Royel Otis - Heading For The Door (aussie.zone / Australia)
  • 🇧🇪 Puggy - Lost Child ([email protected] / Belgium)
  • 🇨🇦 Lu Kala - Hotter Now (lemmy.ca / Canada)
  • 🇩🇰 Pil - Dronning Af Månen (feddit.dk / Denmark)
  • 🇫🇷 Bagarre - ON EST LES MÊMES (jlai.lu / France)
  • 🇭🇺 Azahriah - introvertált dal ([email protected] / Hungary)
  • 🇬🇧 The Northern Boys - Sexy Train (feddit.uk / UK)
  • 🇦🇶 Casette Beasts - Your Inception (programming.dev / Programming)
  • 🇳🇿 Tiki Taana - Tangaroa (lemmy.nz / New Zealand)

You will be asked to rank the songs from your favourite to least favourite ; you may notice that users from specific instance cannot rank the song their instance has submitted, in order to keep things fair. Users from non-participating instances can still participate in the voting, and self identify as third party. Let me know if there's any issue with the form!

Enjoy! 🎶

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Maybe here we can draw the leaf without corrupting it. For reference I scaled the wikipedia picture to 100 pixels wide and anchored the 8 corners of the side borders. Hopefully we can make it look good!

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Check out the full list of what staples accepts now part of their expanded recycling programs.


More companies should start to follow staples lead and offer return points for packaging and products that reach their end of life.

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After changes in the immigration system, there's a growing job-for-sale market that preys on temporary foreign worker population desperate to stay on.

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Chronic wasting disease, or CWD, is a type of prion disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States. It's a neurodegenerative condition that infects wildlife, including deer. It has most recently been confirmed in deer, as well as moose in Canada, after previous cases were reported in Yellowstone National Park in the United States.

No cases have yet been reported in humans, but a recent medical case report by doctors in Texas, US, on the deaths of two hunters who regularly ate meat from a population of deer infected with CWD has raised fresh questions about a link with human prion disease. Both men died of CJD, but doctors investigating the deaths were unable to prove a definitive link to CWD. They urge for the need for increased surveillance and research to establish whether the disease can cross over into humans.

The CDC estimates that in areas where the prion disease is endemic, infection rates range from 10% to 25%. In 2023, surveillance results from the Canadian province of Alberta suggest a 23% positivity rate for mule deer.

Current evidence does not show that CWD can be spread to humans when they eat the meat of an infected animal, encounter infected wildlife, or drink or touch contaminated soil or water. But researchers continue to investigate whether animal-to-human transmission is possible. "The current body of research is a mixed bag, meaning we don't know yet," Mullinax says.

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A Canadian humanitarian organization says its primary water aid truck was bombed in Gaza and is calling on the federal government to mount a full investigation into what it believes was a "targeted" incident.

The International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF), a registered non-profit based in Toronto, told CBC News the truck was bombed in the early hours of Wednesday morning and that no one was hurt in the incident.

Zeina Osman, the IDRF's director of impact, said the bombing is the first involving a Canadian aid truck during the current war in the Gaza, but wouldn't say outright if the organization believes the Israeli military was behind the bombing.

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(Saskatoon Police Dupty Chief Cameron) McBride said police obtained a substantial amount of data in late 2023 that pointed to a specific area of the landfill, located at 42 Valley Road, that may contain evidence in the investigation.

"Over the course of the investigation there were several devices that were seized, and extraction of information from those devices has led us to the point where we are confident in the location that we're searching," McBride said.

The search will begin May 1 and focus on a specific area that is about 930 metres square and one metre deep.

It is expected to take as long as 33 days.

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Sociologist Christian Bergeron says the intense debate surrounding the recent influx of immigrants is shaking one of the pillars of Canadian society.

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Legislation to enact the digital services tax is currently before Canada's Parliament. Once it passes, "the tax would begin to apply for calendar year 2024, with that first year covering taxable revenues earned since Jan. 1, 2022," the Finance Department said in budget documents published Tuesday.

The tax would be a 3% levy on the digital services revenue a company makes from Canadian users above C$20 million ($14.5 million) in a calendar year. It would apply only to companies with annual worldwide revenue of more than about C$1.1 billion. Alphabet Inc. and Meta Platforms Inc. are among those set to be impacted.

The government points out in the budget that at least seven other countries, including the UK, France, Italy and Spain, already have similar taxes in place.

Canada's parliamentary budget officer has estimated the tax will raise about C$7.2 billion over five fiscal years.

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If it's your primary residence, zero.

If it's a revenue generating secondary property, an extra 20k for every 400k of gains.

I love that the "wealth manager" they interviewed is making such a big deal about how it will affect people who would never have need of his services because they'll never have wealth, let alone enough to need management. Playing up the "imagine being taxed because your mom died!" angle.

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When Ontario Energy Minister Todd Smith publically decried an independent regulator's decision to force a fossil fuel giant to pay for new household gas connections, he argued it would drive up the cost of new homes and delay construction. But internally, senior officials in Premier Doug Ford’s office noted the decision would create a “magnitude” of costs for Enbridge Gas and developers, internal emails reveal.

Officials made the observations in late December, hours before the government announced an unprecedented decision to overrule the Ontario Energy Board. The intervention came soon after the independent energy regulator ordered Enbridge Gas on Dec. 21 to stop passing down the costs of new natural gas connections to homeowners on their monthly bills.

In a 147-page decision, the board told the fossil fuel giant that, starting in January 2025, it would have to ask developers to pay these costs in full and upfront or risk paying it themselves. The board considered how climate change is forcing an energy transition that will likely make natural gas useless and financially unviable, or “a stranded asset.” Despite its name, natural gas is a significant contributor to the climate crisis, as it is made up mostly of methane, a heat-trapping chemical compound and powerful greenhouse gas.

But internal records released through freedom of information legislation to Environmental Defence, an advocacy group, and shared with The Narwhal, reveal how high-ranking staff in Ford and Smith’s offices, as well as the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, discussed a public relations strategy around overriding the regulator’s decision with legislation that would ultimately put homeowners on the hook for the costs.

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Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre delivered a fiery speech Thursday that depicted the government's latest budget as a threat to the country's future, and suggested a number of new social programs will get a second look if he leads the next government.

He also claimed Ottawa's push into pharmacare could dismantle private drug insurance and leave Canadians with inferior coverage and higher taxes to pay for it all.

Health Minister Mark Holland, meanwhile, accused the Conservative leader of trying to whip up fear by raising "fake boogeyman" to distract from a program that makes contraceptives and diabetes treatments more affordable for everyone.

While he attacks the Liberals' spending plan, Poilievre is under pressure to explain what he'd cut to fulfil his stated promise to "fix the budget" if he's elected.

In an interview with Radio-Canada, Poilievre was noncommittal on whether child care, dental care and pharmacare would be dismantled by a government led by him — but he raised questions about the programs' effectiveness.

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Alexander Vinogradsky's Facebook posts share puns, poke fun at Gen Z and show off a trip to Tokyo Disneyland last year. In others, he is smiling or highlighting damaged cars in need of a tow.

But beneath the cheerful faces and overseas vacations, a constant menace lingered in Vinogradsky's life: as a kingpin in the Toronto area's tow truck underworld, he was a marked man.

Before he was gunned down March 28 outside a north-end Toronto plaza, he owned Paramount Towing, one of four outfits allegedly locked in a deadly turf war that prompted a major police crackdown in 2019 and 2020. The investigation prompted dozens of arrests — Vinogradsky's included.

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Three teenage boys were arrested Monday and will be charged with sex offences following allegations of hazing on a rural high school hockey team.

Two incidents of hazing, allegedly victimizing five teen boys who were rookies on the Prairie Mountain Mustangs, happened in November and January, Manitoba RCMP said Tuesday. The alleged victims were 15 and 16 years old.

The three boys arrested are all 17 years old. Two will be charged with sexual assault with a weapon, sexual assault and forcible confinement when they appear in court. The other will be charged with sexual assault and assault.

The three suspects were released ahead of a court appearance scheduled in Winnipeg on June 10.

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Let’s start with one of the highest-voltage [third rails] in federal politics: Old Age Security.

OAS only begins to be clawed back once a senior’s income exceeds $91,000. And payments aren’t zeroed out until income hits $148,000 – or $154,000 for those 75 and older. Senior couples earning a quarter-million dollars a year, and living mortgage-free, are getting cheques from younger and (much) lower-income taxpayers.

That has to be fixed. The OAS threshold should be lowered – to, say, $60,000 – and the clawback sharpened, with benefits tapping out at $100,000.


End the capital-gains exemption for principal residences. It’s even more untouchable than OAS. It’s also more economically harmful and inequitable.

It pumps up housing prices and pushes more and more national wealth into housing. It’s dumb economics, plus the tax break only goes to the two-thirds of families who own a home. And the richer you are, and the more home you own, the bigger the tax break. It adds up to a hyper-regressive policy to make Canada less productive.


Let’s restore the two percentage points of Goods and Services Tax the Harper government cut. Our tax system is too tilted to income taxes, and away from taxes on consumption. And the cut to the GST costs Ottawa about $20-billion a year.

If the GST were raised, some of the proceeds could beef up the tax credit for low-income Canadians.

There's some good stuff in there.


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