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I;m thinking about thos Beans

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pannenkoek2012 of Watch for Rolling Rocks in 0.5 A presses fame returns with a in-depth examination of Super Mario 64's invisible walls that is approximately the same running time as Lawrence of Arabia

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Some of those who work forces are the same who burn crosses: many that advocate for not voting from a "progressive" point of view are actually the ones who wouldn't be in power if you did. They think it's hilarious when we don't vote, and they love it.

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Inb4 people start shilling Brave, it's spyware and nobody cares about your shitcoins

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Scott added he would say to historians questioning the accuracy of his storytelling:

“Were you there? Oh you weren’t there. Then how do you know?”

Because the people who were there wrote it down, and now we can read it. Scott's line of reasoning is inherently inconsistent because if followed it would mean we have to evidence of Napoleon Bonaparte existing in the first place. Boy is Ridley Scott going to feel dumb when he realizes he made a biopic of a mythical character combined from the real stories of several French generals after the revolution—if there even was a French Revolution, I mean, we weren't there.

Is there anything more embarrassing than people who think they know better than historians and reject the entire discipline of historiography? It's like being anti-vax but extended to everything you don't personally see.

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Best I can do is big gay text art

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Satire is no excuse for landphobia, you're still putting out problematic content that could be taken out of context and weaponized to trigger Persons of Land. Delete this

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Simpsons called it:

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Treasure your badly-scanned papers from 1980, and be thankful you didn't have to do historical research by sorting through bad scans from the 1980s of printouts of microfilm archives (yes, instead of scanning the microfilm) of photos of the original documents that were photographed in 1961 at a 45° angle by a lazy archivist who used the cheapest film he could get his hands on. And the scans have blotches that make some pages literally unreadable because the microfilms were allowed to sit exposed to moisture for 25 years before being digitized. No I'm not bitter and my collegiate education wasn't a waste, not one bit of either.

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My pet theory is that going past Warp 10 makes you have powerful, contagious psychic hallucinations, and that the crew of the Voyager actually just found Paris and Janeway rolling around naked in the mud making salamander noises in an inebriated stupor.

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