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Hate to say it, but Wintergatan and his Marblemachine X. In the earlier days his videos were an exciting mix of mad genius, cool music improv and crafting. Then he became obsessed with making the machine play tight, precise music to a level that is beyond what anybody in an audience would be able to hear, and it became obvious that the machine would never get finished because he was stuck in an improvement loop.

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"We just need to accept that the Sovjet Union will cede some territory to Nazi Germany, the Wehrmacht just can't be overpowered."

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Now hear me out: Arrested Development, Trump version. Think about it. A family of horrible, dumb people dragging each other down. The family father getting caught doing illegal stuff and running the dumbest defense ever. The idiot lawyer holding a press conference on a shitty parking lot next to a porn shop because noone bothered to check if it was the right Four Seasons (still the funniest thing to happen in the last 2,000 years). I can totally see Eric Trump saying "Illusion, Ivanka. Magic is something a whore does for money."

The only thing missing is someone decent enough to play Michael (which is saying something, because even Michael was a horrible person).

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For me it isn't superhero fatigue as much as "oh, I've seen the same story a dozen times now" and "I don't even know this superhero, why does he need a Netflix show?" fatigue. The writers seem to run out of ideas and just milk the same formula again and again.

And at the same time you get something like the new animated Spiderman movies which are a dope, super fresh new take that is oozing creativity out of every frame.

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I mean of course they won't stop at Kyiv. They can't reach it.

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I highly doubt Trump learned something from this

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Jesus Christ it's so fucked up that we can watch stuff like this almost live

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Team is unnamed as of yet, but I wanna make them all black and white like from an old movie :)

Reminders in Proton Calendar? (self.protonprivacy)
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Is there a way to set reminders? It's the one feature from Gmail that I'm desperately missing.

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I wanna read into this of course, but I like how he singled out that Yuki is Japanese. He knows that the Japanese are hard working and commited! Unlike those South Americans!

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I fail to imagine a situation in which this isn't a massive breach of trust

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Should be noted that Hurensohn in German is a lot harsher than son of a bitch in English

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The wraiths are Brutefun models :)

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Praise Nuffle! (lemmy.world)
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Let's try to get some life in here so that I can completely ditch Reddit :D I'm currently working on a celtic dwarf team, here's the deathroller.

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Don't underperform in a team that Helmut Marko controls :D This is gonna be interesting for both Danny and Yuki. If Danny is shit again then that's likely his F1 days numbered. And if Yuki doesn't outperform a Driver with two horrible seasons and a half one out of practice, that's not a great look either.

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This is mid 90s, I remember playing it on a PC that didn't even have Windows on it. It was an alien invasion side scroller. You're some action dude that has to fight his way through the levels, some of the early enemies are little blobs that jump at you.

Any help appreciated :)

Edit: found it, it was Bio Menace! Thanks anyway for all the suggestions, folks :) Happy gaming!

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This season is pretty damn exciting if you exclude Max imo. With Checos form being nowhere at the moment, P2 is a free for all. I find the battle between Merc, AM and Ferrari super entertaining, and the same goes for the rest of the grid, especially with McLaren and Alpine trying to find their rhythm.

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To begin my transition from Reddit to hopefully this community, here are my Khorne boys!

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