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the USA has contributed more in total dollars than the rest of the world combined

This is incorrect.

Here's another link that doesn't include billions more from other EU countries since January.

Also European money is overwhelmingly being sent as cash. US aid is overwhelmingly spent inside the US.

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Welcome back with the new burner o/

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I'm curious... Is Halloween not a big fireworks holiday there? Definitely the biggest day of fireworks in Ireland.

Or do they sell the fireworks and Halloween gear after the conversion?

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Definitely. It's over where I live but father's day isn't and GOOD GOD I'm looking forward to it.

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Massive props to you for helping the guy out like that. Kindness like that can really turn around someone's life.

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The people closest to them shelter them and beat around the bush not to hurt their feelings

It's a massive parenting failure to do this to your kids.

My kids have occasionally needed a shower and not been aware. That happens as they go through puberty and learn.

"You need a shower before you head out". Done. No fuss. It's not offensive if you don't tiptoe around it. Mildly uncomfortable the first time but that's it.

They then learn that it's not socially acceptable to stink and that they need to pay attention to themselves.

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This was my first thought too. Like surely this is further defamation. That Ruby Freeman lady is going to get another big civil case payout.

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I often wonder how a country with the economy the size of Italy can have so many fingers in so many pies. Those pesky Russians seem to be everywhere.

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100% agree. C'mon back lads. I'll buy the first round.

Surely a vote is warranted at this point. Maybe after the Tories get hoofed out.

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The arcade version was brutally difficult. Brutally! They took that difficulty to some of the 8 bit ports of it (friend of mine had it on an Amstrad CPC 464) so I never really got much fun out of that game unfortunately.

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Big time. They were also really well designed to allow progression if you came back and started again. They really knew how to design them to extract maximum cash.

There was a very popular game in our local arcade called "Toki". I once made it to the last level on one credit (unfortunately didn't complete it). The entire arcade gathered around to cheer me on.

Another time myself and a good friend finished "Time Crisis" on a single credit in two player mode on a machine that was in our college. Again, massive crowd. People really got joy from watching. It was great. :)

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Stopping someone with a knife is very difficult.

In my youth I used to fight Muay Thai professionally and did so for about ten years. I would be very confident taking on a random person in fisticuffs but I would rank my chances against someone with a knife very, very poorly.

Knives give an obvious reach advantage. Also just one nasty slice or one well placed stab and you're fucked where generally most people will take a few well placed strikes to stop. The odds just aren't in your favour.

Basically the safest thing to do against someone with a knife is run for your life or get your hands on a weapon that's longer than the knife if you can't run.

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Senator Kevin Cramer also said that Mike Johnson clearly expressed his intention to help Ukraine.

"He was pretty clear about it,"

Sounds positive.

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A nice story for a bit of a change. This one's about kids from Ukraine who have settled in the West of Ireland. They seem very happy in the video.

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Looks like Paul is in the "Find Out" stage. Apologies for the potato quality.

Edit: just for clarity, not spotted by me. My best friend sent me this

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This Swedish lad does incredible work demining and teaching over in Ukraine. Definitely worth a subscribe.

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Details are fairly scant at this point but the head of Ukraine's air force has confirmed it on telegram.

Total value of that is > $120M USD. Nom nom nom.

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Seems to be on Vudu (for sure) and some other streaming services for $20 USD. Seems to be region restricted to US, UK and Canada.

Think I'll hold off for the Bluray myself. Any of you seen it yet? What's the quality like?

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RIP :(

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Love this lady's channel. Nice video where she interviews volunteers who build FPV's.

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Incredible documentary. If you haven't seen it yet, you should.

Currently limited to US on YT but this link works for those outside the US at 720p.

I'm also happy to give free VPN for a few days to anyone outside the US who wants to watch in > 720p, just drop me a PM (I work for a VPN company).

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I've wanted to see this documentary since I first heard about it but it has only been done in select screenings.

You can stream it here from November 10th to 26th.

$13 USD for a ticket.

Trailer here.

IMDB link.

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