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Reading your comment made me remember seeing a documentary about the suits. They are also pretty old, or?

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Very sorry to hear that, i hope there's a near future in which you can come together with your father again.

What gets me every time, is the similarities in all stories i hear. It got really bad one time with my father, when we had a LGTBQ related discussion. I'm always shocked when i hear Anti-LGTBQ discussion points. It's like, they would rather kill 'em all, than to just live their own live and give a fuck who is fucking who.

As long as it's all consensual adults ...

Society should rather look at the sexual activities in their own circles. Most children are abused by relatives. While i have never heard of a transgender person abusing a child, i constantly hear about priests abusing children.

I live in another country than my parents and sometimes I'm grateful for that. I don't know how i would have handled it, if we had constant contact and am somehow happy i didn't have to. The distance is hard enough, everyone is getting older and i would love to be able to sit with my father in the garden and watch birds, like in the long ago times.

I opted to evade discussion and to try not to discuss anything politics with my father. I don't want to spend the limited time we have together, fighting with him over such an absurd take on everything alive.

Think about it, the older they get, the less they'll change. I figured that I'll have to ignore that, talk about others things. It's the only way, if i want to keep our relationship alive. There's no more time to let grass grow over it or to let time heal things.

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Judging by the different color tones of "no smoking" and "safety first", i would say "no smoking" was already there, before they decided to get more verbose with "safety first".

They were forced, by the circumstances, to write it like this.

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My dad was corrupted by social media. It's getting a bit better, because he doesn't have unlimited computer access anymore. But not long ago, his first sentence, after we hadn't talked for a while, was: "What do you think about the woke agenda?"

He really suspended his real life and was almost 24/7 online and got deep in the wrong meta neighborhood.

My father was never like that before, i hope it's not some state of perception that many of us are doomed to have sometime, because it's age related.

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The suits of both astronauts, that arrived with the Boeing vessel, failed or leaked.

Do astronauts bring their own spacesuits or are there always a number of spacesuits on the station?

Edit: ~~They are Boeing spacesuits~~

Edit 2: the suits presented in the article are the interior spacesuits, not the space walk kind of suit.

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They will consume regardless of who made the content, they are already believing every bullshit written by humans. When AI spills some deep woven conspiracy stories in the future, complete with unbelievable images "proving" the "incidents", they will eat it up.

There's already a creepy trend with AI generated Trump + god + beer + guns mashups floating around. Many seem to eagerly embrace the uncanny visuals of most AI generated images.

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The delayed spacewalk is only the latest in a string of setbacks around operations on the International Space Station in recent weeks.

This marks the second spacewalk in recent days that has been abruptly called off due to spacesuit issues.

In addition to the aborted Monday spacewalk, the federal agency has been aiming to carry out another on July 2 — before giving Boeing’s Starliner capsule the green light to undock from the orbiting laboratory and make its return home.

The Starliner spacecraft has been on its first crewed test flight to the space station. But the vehicle encountered several key issues during the first leg of its trip, including springing helium leaks and experiencing thruster outages, that have delayed its return.

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Awesome Photo - looks like they new a photo was being taken

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Ok, i am going to room now.

Room is mine tonight.

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On the right and left nacelles.

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Bonus points if it's a cumsock

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RIP Steve


Cat. (lemmy.world)
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It's not programming per se, but i thought some of you might also find this somewhat interesting

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Boeing calls off historic mission carrying two astronauts minutes before liftoff

Roasted Heroes (lemmy.world)
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I saw the Rusted Hero over at the stable diffusion community and tried a roasted variant on copilot

When i asked it to do it again, but this time the heroes being roasted themselves, it answered that we better change the subject and restarted the prompt...


The files were discovered in December by Nick Roy, a Boston-based cyber-sleuth who regularly scans the North Korean internet as a hobby. Roy found a new North Korean website that outside visitors didn’t need a password to access, unlocking a trove of animation sketches, and shared them with the Stimson Center, a Washington-based think tank.  

The documents include a series of Chinese instructions that have been translated into Korean. They call for making adjustments to the size and style of the animation. Among the documents, there is also an editing sheet written in English with specifications for animation work with “Invincible” printed atop.

Deleting a Comment (self.syncforlemmy)
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I'm pretty confused about one thing.

When deleting your own comment, there always stays a placeholder in its place. I noticed this with my own and other lemmings posts.

So far so good, but i tried to reply to a deleted comment by another lemming and above the reply box was the full comment the other user deleted.

I mean the full content of the comment that was deleted.

Is this the normal behavior in Lemmy or is it Sync?

I mean, i want my deleted comments to disappear and not just hidden and for everyone available to read.

Please try it out and reply to my deleted comment in this post. Just above the reply textarea you'll see my deleted comment.


The tl/dr is not from the article linked in the post.

Asshole design (lemmy.world)
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I must admit, i was somehow curious, but no!

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