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The reason is because NY voters are so progressive, the wealthy throw insane money at statewide primaries.

This is the person that appointed the head of the appealate court.


An "independent Democrat" that was Cuomo's running mate and won the election after he was kicked out.

The voters didn't want her, but because it's NY she still beat the Republican, but it was the closest governor race in 30 years for NY.

Neoliberals want to keep the current pro-wealrhy system just as much as republicans, because they have the same donors.

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What I don't get, is that what moderates keep saying...

You know, the people that constantly shit on progressives and claim we don't want anything unless it's everything.

Isn't the whole moderate mission to take what we can get now and keep working for more? I'm not saying that's what they actually do, that's just their excuse for not fighting for more.

So shouldn't the ones pushing for loan forgiveness now and fixing the underlying issue later be the moderates?

Instead they say if we can't 100% fix the problem in perpetuity, we can't do anything.

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I thought my AC was breaking because I'd randomly hear what sounded like a jackhammer.

Turns out it's one of these assholes. They know it's metal and not wood, but they try to make the loudest noises possible to scare off predators and attract mates.

So apparently it's normal for them to do random bongo solos on AC units.


Since this is c/birding, here's video of the asshole jackhammer and pics of what it's probably trying to scare off


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Pete Buttegieg still won't say what he did for McKinsey...

Most politicians that worked for them won't even admit it.

For those that don't know what McKinsey is:

They hire Ivy League recent graduates with no real world experience, and corporations pay them millions to be told what they want to hear.

Then corporations say "it wasn't my idea, a third party told us to do layoffs and raise executive pay!"

Overseas they do much, much worse. Basically economic terrorism, but there's evidence the CIA uses them frequently to move operatives thru war zones.

Never trust anyone that's worked for McKinsey, it's not a question of if they did shitty things, but how shitty of things.

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People need these meds to live healthy lives, but since a side effects is weight loss, the price got jacked up and the people who need it can't afford it

Just another example of why only a psychopath would want a for profit healthcare system

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Because home isn't a normal location, it's "home".

It's where you're from.

Like, no one says "I'm house" or "I'm apartment building" because it's not about the physical structure. It's about being where the heart is. How many pillows do Grandmas need to stitch that on?

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HRW is a pretty terrible source, just saying.



Seems pretty credible..

And this isn't an opinion thing, that Human Rights Watch link goes into great detail on various ways that Israel is an apartheid.

Like, we're not talking about if a band makes good music or not, apartheid has a recognized definition by international bodies....

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I mean, yeah...

I grew up on a farm, if kids got too hype, they got chores.

If you keep a husky puppy locked up in an apartment all day, it's gonna act out and destroy shit and be difficult.

Same thing with a human kid.

You gotta let them burn that energy kut, giving them an iPad isn't going to make them tired.

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The full title:

Speaker Mike Johnson booed at Columbia University as he calls for president to quit unless pro-Palestine protests quelled

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Drugs don't make people looks like low quality wax models...

It's the plastic surgery

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He's only 52?

He looks like someone 15 years older whose had too much plastic surgery

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"But the Trumpian part is that even though, or perhaps because, it may be part of a Trump scam, Knight now too may be on the hook for $175 million as it won't automatically get out from underneath its own proffered surety."

Hankey, a billionaire, has already said that his company will be able to post the money for Trump.

He was reacting to a comment on X by lawyer Dave Kingman, who wrote that Knight will not be able to post the $175 million.

"Understand that Knight Specialty has a problem. This bond cannot be approved. Under the CPLR [Civil Practice Laws and Rules] the surety will remain obligated under the bond until a replacement bond is filed. Trump is unlikely to get a replacement bond. Knight Spec will be liable AND Trump won't have a stay [on enforcement]," he wrote.

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The bond Trump is posting with the court now is essentially a placeholder, meant to guarantee payment if the judgment is upheld. If that happens, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee will have to pay the state the whole sum, which grows with daily interest.

If Trump wins, he won’t have to pay the state anything and will get back the money he has put up now.

Can't block a user (self.support)
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Not sure if anyone can help, but there's a user I've tried to block I don't know how many times now, but I still see their comments and they reply to one of mine about once a week. Not just a single reply, they tend to reply to multiple comments each time they do it if I don't respond.

Which is really annoying because unusually don't pay attention to usernames.

Obviously the first thing I tried was unblocking and blocking again, but it never sticks

Not sure if it's related, but whether I have them as blocked or not, their profile always show 0 comments/posts.

Also they're from kbin if that matters.

Is this just a glitch? Any known ways to actually block that account?

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The stark question was posed to Trump’s attorney John Sauer by Judge Florence Pan: Was a president immune from prosecution for any unlawful act, at all? Could a president order his political rivals to be assassinated by Seal Team 6 as an official act? Could he sell pardons at his pleasure if he saw fit and then face no consequences for his actions?

“He would have to be impeached and convicted first,” Sauer replied,

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The poll found 50% of Democrats approve of how Biden has navigated the conflict while 46% disapprove — and the two groups diverge substantially in their views of U.S. support for Israel. Biden’s support on the issue among Democrats is down slightly from August, as an AP-NORC poll conducted then found that 57% of Democrats approved of his handling of the conflict and 40% disapproved.

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Judge Newman has threatened to have staff arrested, forcibly removed from the building, and fired. She accused staff of trickery, deceit, acting as her adversary, stealing her computer, stealing her files, and depriving her of secretarial support. Staff have described Judge Newman in their interactions with her as “aggressive, angry, combative, and intimidating”; “bizarre and unnecessarily hostile”; making “personal accusations”; “agitated, belligerent, and demonstratively angry”; and “ranting, rambling, and paranoid.” Indeed, interactions with Judge Newman have become so dysfunctional that the Clerk of the Court has advised staff to avoid interacting with her in person or, when they must, to bring a co-worker with them.

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