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Imma need a source for that last part. I've never seen anyone dog ok the CBC, ever. In fact, on Reddit when a CBC article would make it to the front page it would be universally acclaimed for being factual and having an unbiased, effective voice. Most if not all criticism that I've seen of the CBC comes from both extremes of the political spectrum.

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Good, hopefully they send you home. And no, it's not legitimate.

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Oh please, you saw it as a quick way to immigrate and you leapfrogged over everyone with a legitimate asylum claim. I have no sympathy and no remorse for my country kicking your ass to the curb.

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Not live there. I'm not joking, if you live in Northern Canada the first thing you'll save up for is a car, or you'll know people who own a car.

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This is the first thing that came to mind. I love his rendition of it. Thanks for posting this

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The orcas gave us enough time bring down the bourgeoisie. Now they're taking things into their own flippers.

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I'd be okay with this if they made those games cheaper. But no, I have to pay $94 CAD for a shit live service game that I don't even have the rights to and which the online service may be terminated at any time. Fuck EA and their monopoly on sports games.

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We talking wilderness of Canada or population centers? Cuz there ain't no way I'd go into Canadian bush without a shotgun.

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For all the shit that Lucas gets, I have to say that his vision for Star Wars has not been replicated. And when you grow up watching those films, you become hyper-sensitive to anything that doesn't "feel" Star Wars. I honestly believe that's why the Sequel trilogy wasn't received well, and why the TV shows fall flat for the most part.

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VPNs are free and easy to make, and where did you get 1/3 of all players?

Can Boost display albums? (self.boostforlemmy)
submitted 3 months ago by dlpkl to c/boostforlemmy

Been using the app for a few weeks now and I haven't seen any image albums. I'm not sure if I haven't come across any albums or if Boost just doesn't support albums yet. Anyone know?

submitted 5 months ago by dlpkl to c/[email protected]

For several months now I've started to receive an unprecedented number of emails from addresses named some variation of "renewal@".

The issue is that creating an email filter which would move these emails to your junk folder would also inadvertently move legitimate subscription renewal emails to your junk folder as well. What are some steps that can be taken to deal with this issue? Which apps, clients, or email services deal with junk/spam the best?

submitted 8 months ago by dlpkl to c/[email protected]

Sorry, don't mean to beat a dead horse but what's the best currently available Plex client all things considered?

submitted 9 months ago* (last edited 9 months ago) by dlpkl to c/syncforlemmy

I've been having an issue since the release of the app where the app will crash if I log into a secondary account. If I repoen the app after the crash and it's logged into that secondary account, posts and comments will not load at all. Android will direct me to clear the cache but the issue still remains. If someone can tell me how to access the crash log I will be happy to update with that information. Thanks!

E: figured out how to upload device info

Device information

Sync version: v23.08.25-12:16    
Sync flavor: googlePlay    

View type: Slides    
Push enabled: false    

Device: p3q    
Model: samsung SM-G998W    
Android: 13
submitted 9 months ago by dlpkl to c/syncforlemmy

I'm trying to access some high seas sailing communities in lemmy.ml and sh.itjust.works and I was wondering why, when clicking on them from within the app, it'll take me to a browser page instead of opening up inside Sync.

submitted 10 months ago by dlpkl to c/syncforlemmy

I put a ton of time into making Sync for Reddit look and behave exactly the way I liked it, and I don't even know how I'd replicate that when Sync for Lemmy comes out. I can understand why it would be difficult but it would be so awesome

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