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It depends on your instance.

This will be resolved once https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/4698 is resolved so please give it a "thumbs up" if you want it!

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Can you do a screen recording? THanks!

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Hey, awesome!

How expensive is the cheapest way to fly?

Probably about $10,000 US to get training and initial gear. However depending on your instructor you can pay as you go, for example pay training in chunks, then afterwards rent gear from your instructor, save and buy wing, then save and buy motor.

And is the fan powered via motor or battery?

Most motors are two stroke. However there are some electric motors. For example, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWU6Mqi6GTw

If you want to get in to the hobby, check out what instructors are in your area, if they are any good they would be happy to have you come out and show you around, answer your questions etc.

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Wisconsin does this to preserve native ecosystems! I believe this particular land is maintained by the County.

Prescribed fire is the intentional application of fire to a specific pre-planned area, under specific environmental conditions, to accomplish planned land management objectives. Without the use of prescribed burning as a management tool, Wisconsin could lose many of its native grassland, wetland and savanna plant communities.




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It works fine for me. Press the picture in picture button on the video overlay from post detail page

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Go to profile -> hidden posts -> reset

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What do you mean, “voyager wasn’t going to be supported”?

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The only time I've heard that happen is when people had Lockdown Mode enabled.

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Lol, weird. Thanks for the video.

Edit as a temporary workaround, don't drag the video slider from the leftmost edge (you can drag anywhere on the slider)

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I don't think this is possible. To block you need to provide lemmy the instance ID.

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This will be fixed next release!

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Yes this is something I want to add for the ability to explore/rank communities like lemmy-ui.

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Wisconsin (lemmy.world)
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User export broken? (self.support)
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Is user export broken for anyone else? It exports malformed JSON ending at 121 bytes.

I've tested multiple accounts + browsers. Only happens on lemmy.world.

slaps stick this baby can take out so many shins (pub-be81109990da4727bc7cd35aa531e6b2.r2.dev)
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Voyager now has a Patreon (self.voyagerapp)
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Hi there! I've received a few requests, so I've created a Patreon page for Voyager.

This adds an additional option, alongside Github Sponsors, Liberapay and in-app donations.

Thanks again to everyone that supports Voyager! 💙

While I have you here, let me show off a few of the new features from the release earlier today!

Random Community Button

Find new communities, randomly! Pull to refresh to find a new random one with ease.

Launch native app if available

Currently, if you tap a Youtube link, it will open Youtube in the in-app browser. (And same with news apps, etc.) Now, by default, it will open the app, if installed.

You can easily flip this off in Settings to get the old behavior ("Prefer Opening Native Apps").

Shortcut to copy text

If you want to copy all post/comment text, there is now a handy copy icon in the header of the sheet!

Android navbar style updates

I've tweaked Android navbar styles to make them a little nicer.

aeharding purple highlight

My username is now purple, so you can easily identify me as the Voyager dev

iOS Cache Clearing

You can now clear iOS cache for Voyager (native app only). Please note: It will not clear everything - iOS seems to keep 100mb around, without a way to clear. Other apps I checked seem to have the same issue.

Comments theme

You can now style the comments theme!

submitted 2 months ago by aeharding to c/voyagerapp

I recommend updating if you get frustrated by broken videos.

This goes for all iOS Lemmy clients, not just Voyager :)

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Record breaking temperatures today. 70F

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Voyager has finally added support for spoilers! This was the 9th issue reported in Voyager's Github project, back in June last year. (Since then, Voyager users have created nearly 600 issues with around 500 being resolved!)

It was a huge undertaking, involving a few different packages and nearly one hundred unit tests in order to ensure proper parsing logic.

Also, I've published Voyager's spoiler plugin with AGPL-3.0, so any other FOSS lemmy app using Remark for markdown parsing can more easily add spoiler support :)

So, now Voyager should properly parse spoilers, check it out below! Shortly, I will add support in the Markdown toolbar so you can easily create your own.

(by the way - this release also adds support for horizontal rules. Voyager should now support all of the official Markdown syntax.)


The Lemmy spoiler format is based on the CommonMark Container Block Directive proposal. In fact, the spoiler plugin was forked from remark's directive plugin (this plugin is not flexible enough to be compatible with markdown-it-directive, what lemmy-ui is using, without forking). Their behavior is very similar to Markdown code blocks. Here's the "happy path" syntax (but there's edge cases that behave similar to edge cases of markdown code blocks):

Hi there!Some text

Some examples

Below are some examples stress testing the spoiler parsing.

The spoiler syntax happy pathSome text


👋 Hi there with bonus colons and spaces!

This is a spoiler message. Boo! 👻

spoiler Nested spoiler!

This spoiler is nested within the "Hi there!" spoiler. I don't know why you'd want to nest spoilers... But you can 😆


Spoiler in a quote with implicit closing fenceYou can quote spoilers. 🤔 idk why you'd want to but you can.

spoiler A spoiler at the end of the post

Bonus dog for tapping spoiler

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