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founded 1 year ago

If you find yourself having to block a user, there should be an option to block all the communities they can moderate as well.

Not a big issue, just a quality of life item



I'm not new to Lemmy, but I've only recently gotten Voyager (+ a brand new acct) and it's pretty confusing. I'm looking for an option in the app that shows all possible communities for a given instance. Is that possible?



I tried about 3x to

  1. submit post
  2. upload photo

It wasn't working kept getting failed. What ended up working is I had to click browse my photo gallery, and then I clicked on the photo I wanted to upload and it worked.


In post above, any help here?


Thunder Lemmy app shows before posting if the article that is about to be post was already posted to another community or instance. Maybe this feature can be brought to voyager as well?


Just curious if this is the app. Using android and mullvad app. When the VPN is on I can't post. It just gives an error something like "problem posting, try again". Disabling VPN I can post fine.

Wondering if anyone else had this problem, or it's by design, or a general lemmy thing and not the app?


I’m digging it.

submitted 4 days ago* (last edited 4 days ago) by [email protected] to c/voyagerapp

I would really appreciate a way to tag users, especially with the shitshow that is the ongoing decline of [insert favorite hero/villain here]. Blocking bad faith and misinformation actors gets them out of my face, but that's one less downvote. On the flip side, it's nice to keep track of the chill folks as well (like with Apollo's friend feature).

Edit: maybe also a setting to collapse certain tags by default, still hiding the rage bait but with the option to interact.


I can’t notice a pattern, but it happens all the time in both instances I use. I get to a post and there’s an image that can’t be loaded. I open the post on the browser and it loads fine.

(I’d share a screenshot of the browser but the inline picture upload feature is giving me grief now. ☹️)

Here’s the sample post:


Everytime I go to post an image I get this error.

To workaround, I have started waiting for the media browser to finish loading, then I count to three, and it usually works with the three seconds, but not always.

submitted 1 week ago* (last edited 1 week ago) by [email protected] to c/voyagerapp

In previous versions I could set the nsfw blur settings (Settings > Apperance > Blur NSFW) for my feed on a per account basis. This was good for having a nsfw and a sfw account that I could easily switch between. As of 2.12.4, it seems this setting is now global forcing me to have to switch it each time i switch accounts. This can also be problematic if i forget to re-enable the blur when switching back to my sfw account.


I am unable to find a community hosted on when I search for it from another instance. I know this is probably not a voyager issue, but I was wondering if anyone might be able to help.


Can't unblock. Not sure if this is the same issue, the wording described is different "at your request" and when I look at app notifications, voyager isn't even in the list

submitted 2 weeks ago* (last edited 2 weeks ago) by [email protected] to c/voyagerapp

Is there any way to see a list of communities either on the instance you’re subscribed to, or better still a remote instance? I can go to Local and New posts to see what’s been posted, but that’s really about it. Even if there’s a way to see communities of an instance you have an account on, I wouldn’t want to sign up for multiple instances just to get a list on each one, then flip back to my main account to subscribe to them.


This happens on Android and iOS


is the instance dead?

Two Things (
submitted 2 weeks ago by [email protected] to c/voyagerapp

Not sure if this is a lemmy thing or voyager thing, but is there a way to view your subscribed communities without the larger ones completely drowning out the the smaller ones?

And number two, can we create / manage a community from the app?


Picking a random post from the list of posts in Voyager and then using the share facility to share it to Firefox makes Voyager look like Firefox with the address bar and so on.

However, when I want to go back to using Voyager flicking back - partial right swipe on my Pixel 7 Pro w/Niagara launcher - doesn't do anything useful and I'm still in a version/instance of Firefox with the Voyager icon.

Can someone double check that this does/not happen to them to an up-to-date Android phone before I report it, please?

Thank-you in advance

UPDATE: looks like it is my end from your comments, thank-you people. I'm going back from whence I came, shame faced. 😳

I'm glad. Voyager is my Lemmy of choice!

Maybe it's Niagara. There's a couple of stability fixes coming through. So here's hoping! Meanwhile I have a reeducation class to attend! 🤣

submitted 2 weeks ago* (last edited 2 weeks ago) by s38b35M5 to c/voyagerapp

cross-posted from:

Water shed map of the Great Lakes

Edit: to be clear, I mean the original post. Thx for anyone checking


There is an absolute shit-show of a mod that banned someone for the reason:

“Die libebral.”

And this is among many others that are banning people simply for saying shit they disagree with. And when they do… they ban people from every community the moderate. One in specific does this shit several times a day. Knowing that there’s no one to hold these clowns responsible for their actions- we should have the ability to essentially mute them so as not to have to see their petty bullshit.

Is there a way to add a feature that will block a mod, or community, or instance- so that it doesn’t show up in the mod logs?

submitted 3 weeks ago* (last edited 3 weeks ago) by [email protected] to c/voyagerapp

This morning, when I launched Voyager, my settings were reset. I suspect the app may have upgraded and something caused the preferences to be lost. This wasn’t the first time it happened, and who knows if the underlying conditions triggering this reset would happen again.

It would be nice if we can export our preferences into a json file (or whatever format serializes easiest), and re-import them next time the preferences gets lost, so we don’t need to manually make all the changes.


I like to stay active within the mod community and stay on top of what’s going on in the back-end of lemmy, and there is a certain few mods that when they don’t like what someone posts, they remove them from every community they mod- which is MANY. Even if the person only ever posted in one of them.

It’s sucks this is even allowed, but I get that if it wasn’t, the alternative might not be better.

Is there ever going to be a way to collapse the modlogs down to specific moderators, or even filter out the obnoxious ones?


I just noticed that crossposts like this one: do not show the text from the original post.

Viewing the crosspost on a browser displays it, but on Voyager it only appears if I click on the original post.

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