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Would native riparian plants planted directly into the pond be an option?

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I just assume it's people browsing all.

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I would love for them to provide more diversity in their options for bike directions, great idea.

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Personally I would expect a road bike to be usable on 100% of paths on a maps suggested route. I would really like something that could look at my strava history and make suggestions for other routes or trails to try, though.

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insurance invalidation

For clarity, if you do a stupid job at your DIY solar installation and it burns your house down, that is likely a covered cause of loss. There isn't a policy exclusion for stupidity, unfortunately.

There may be an exclusion for the panels themselves since you could argue that improper workmanship was the proximate cause of loss, but the ensuing damage would likely be covered.

A similar scenario would be an improper plumbing repair flooding your house. Insurance won't pay to redo the plumbing that was wrong, but it will pay to fix the water damage.

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Language highlighting is mostly why I use np++.

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Get what you'll enjoy the most. Think about how often you'll be using it to hunt turkies versus how often you'll use it for anything else. Personally I would rather have a color I enjoy than something that is theoretically slightly better for the task.

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Look into a sub irrigated planter. It's just a planter with a water reservoir inside it that let's the plants have consistent moisture. They only have to be refilled about once a week in the peak of summer (weeks at a time of 100+ F with no rain) and as little as once a month in more mild weather.

This site has a ton of good information about them: https://albopepper.com/sips.php

Here's how I built mine: Build the planter to be about 24 inches tall and line it with a pond liner. Put a few pieces of corrugated drain pipe in the bottom. You are better off with these having a little bit of space between them than being packed too tightly. You then need to add an over flow drain at the top level of the pipes, and at the opposite corner add a pvc fill tube. The site I linked above explains this better, including some videos if that's your preferred format. Cover the pipe with peat moss and pack the moss down under and between the pipes. Fill the rest of the planter with potting mix mixed with more peat moss and vermiculite/perlite. Do not add organics like compost or top soil. The mix should drain extremely well and feel light.

The guy mentions that the planter is not good for perennials due to the risk of freezing, but I have had very good success with native perennials in my planter. I have a native hibiscus as the centerpiece and it is going great.

The whole landscape process is a learning experience. Don't expect to have your dream yard in one season, just aim to improve it a bit each year. Good luck!

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Same! I had to stop when all the caterpillars came, though. I didn't want to accidentally step on one of the ones that sting.

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Some of the no-mow native ground covers, like frogfruit if you're in the southern US, actually get quite tall. We had a very wet spring and my frogfruit lawn got over twelve inches tall before I gave in and mowed it on the highest setting on my mower. I do have the same plant as filler in several beds, though, where it can get as tall as it wants.

The frogfruit would have eventually laid down a bit shorter once the extra moisture dried up, but it was getting to be quite the eye sore.

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Have you played A Plague Tale (innocence, then requiem)? It's one of the best story driven games I've ever played. It's entirely linear, so plot urgency doesn't feel artificial like it does in open world games.

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Sorry, the term HEB is already taken by Texas groceries.

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This game is absolutely worth its full price of $40. The gameplay is very linear, but in a way that I quite enjoyed. The sequel, A Plague Tale: Requiem, is equally amazing. Easily two of my favorite games of all time.

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When scrolling through a text post, the size and progress rate of the scroll bar varies dramatically depending on the length of the current comment. In the example below, the post body is very long, resulting in a tiny scroll bar with slow progress. Once you're down into the comments, the scroll bar is much larger and progresses faster.

Example: https://lemmy.world/post/6618261

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I would like to filter comments based on keywords similar to how the post keyword filter works.

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I would like to be able to block links from certain domains. For example, mute all posts leading to instagram.

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Example: I would like to be able to filter out all communities that start with the word "shitty" by having a community filter for "shitty*".

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