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[-] NOT_RICK 6 points 1 hour ago

In Afghanistan? No. Iran is neighbors with Afghanistan but the Taliban’s base of control is along the Afghan border with Pakistan.

[-] NOT_RICK 30 points 1 hour ago

God forbid a woman shows their hair, am I right?

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For nearly two years, he managed to avoid any trouble from the authorities. In March 2024, however, he received a Telegram message from an acquaintance warning him that some of his classmates had screenshotted his anti-war posts and were planning to report him.

Man, I can’t stand snitches. This just shows how dumb fascism is though. Russia had a young doctor that could have contributed so much to their society but the thought police had to chase him away. Fools.

[-] NOT_RICK 5 points 3 hours ago

Yeah it’s a weird design choice. I get the impression Bethesda has slowly lost a sense of why people love their games.

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Missed a golden opportunity for his shirt to say “download a car”

[-] NOT_RICK 4 points 4 hours ago

I do. Never really got into it but I thought it was a cool idea!

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None of this really sounds interesting enough for me to come back. I think I’ll just wait until the expansion comes out to come back

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We are very lucky that they are so fucking stupid

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This sounds like the beginning of a Rom Com

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Ukrainian spokesman Dmytro Pletenchuk stated on television that the attack, which involved two US-provided ATACMS missiles, could signify the loss of the last Russian cruise missile carrier in Crimea.

Sheesh. I wonder if they have any left over in Novorossiysk. Their Black Sea fleet is so shot, it’s crazy

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Further validation for me to never pay for stupid premium. Fuck Google

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Obligatory “there is no war in Ba Sing Se”

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ANOTHA ONE (self.eagles)
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That’s all, another gritty win. Love it

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In my search for the ultimate retro gaming machine I’ve been surprised by the limited options when it comes to controllers for iOS and android. While there are plenty of controllers that you can clip your phone onto in landscape orientation, I haven’t seen any that are designed to play in portrait mode. I see several benefits to a clip on controller for portrait mode. Pinball games, Tetris, and DS games all play best in portrait mode. Plus, a portrait mode controller would be close to the original gameboy in terms of form-factor.

Anyone else looking for something like this? Have I missed a product that’s out there? Maybe once I get a 3D printer I can cannibalize a Bluetooth controller and experiment.

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