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Exactly this. In ancient Roman times, emperor Caracalla was infamous for having many of his enemies outright killed. One of these was the brother of a soldier who was assigned to his personal guard at the Rhine border regions. When Caracalla got off his horse for a piss, he got a gladius thrusted between his ribs. For all his might and power, he very much brought that on himself.

Sometimes people like that soldier are the last line of justice in the world.

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Rien comme toujours

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I'm a Reddit refugee from when they axed 3rd party apps. I was quite active in the ancient coins subreddit, but there's simply no way I will ever grace their site with a click again.

There's an alternative on Lemmy, which I've used, but there's literally only one other active person. Two does not a community make.

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I'm gonna go with "no" judging by how things have been going in the past. I hope to be proven wrong, but I'm not holding my breath.

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I agree, all the evils of yesteryear are still there and active, just either well-hidden or people simply don't care/pretend not to know (cfr football world championships in Qatar, ...).

We've made enormous progress technologically, but humans are still the exact same as 2000 or 5000 years ago. We've changed exceedingly little in that time, and the few things that have changed could be reverted very quickly if shove comes to push concerning climate collapse etc.

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Best I can do is a token effort as long as it doesn't upset the shareholders.

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I live with my SO and child and I'm still lonely as fuck. Not their fault, it's not their role to be my therapist or w/e. But I sure wouldn't mind being able to hang out with some people who share my interests. But ever since Covid, that reality is just... gone.

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Depends on the capabilities. If i can automatically open my garage door with my mind or draw a bath, or control a cursor on a screen, then no. If it enables entire new ways of experiencing sensations or memories, or ways to share them, or fully immerse you in a virtual world indistinguishable from reality, then maybe. If it's not from a company Musk has any hand in.

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Actually yes, but that has more to do with 20 years of crippling depression and chronic pain than the coming climate disasters.

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Nope, there's nothing special about me or my family. We're just insignificant eurotrash. Odds we'd be among the survivors are very low.

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Did you miss the memo that current AI is already using more power than everything we've managed to save with green energy in the last decade? We ARE fucked, the only thing we're still debating is the exact timespan. Which is asinine, the result will remain the same either way.

The only way I see to a path to salvation is a huge pandemic or world war, becausing nothing else will convince people. We've been trying (and failing) for decades.

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I've been playing since about a month after release and have since reached lvl 81 (just to show I put in quite a lot of game time since I started). In my first month of play I came across ONE single griefer who TK'd people on purpose. Considering I'd played hundreds of games I thought this game was a shining example of a great community.


The last three(ish) weeks or so, I feel like I'm playing a whole different game. About 1/3rd to a quarter of my games involve randoms with really toxic behaviour. Training mobs on you, throwing barrages on the group for fun, destroying our own sentries in defense missions...

But there's one thing that is apparently suddenly a "fad", I guess? That is kicking someone from the game right before extraction. Seriously, I've run several full 40 minute rounds, usually on decently high difficulties (7-8), with no real communication with any players whatsoever, let alone tk's or toxic shit, and then you suddenly get kicked as soon as the Pelican is on the ground.

WTF gives? I don't know if it's a reportable thing, I doubt it, but I sincerely hope it's just players getting somewhat bored while waiting for more content and that it'll pass, because if this is going to be my regular experience from here on out, I'm going to look for something else to play. Not the devs' fault in any way.


Ordered this made from a then-fellow Redditor a few years ago, haven’t come across anything that writes better yet. I’ve found the extra weight helps increase the legibility of my handwriting.


Even IF you somehow manage to navigate today's maze of failures, rejections and heartbreak, what is your reward? To live yet another day in misery? To wait until climate change, war or disease does away with us?

A reward would be to be able to rest. I don't mean death per sé, but it seems like that's the only real-life thing left available to people like us.

Yes, yes, I know very well that "if nothing has meaning, YOU get to choose the meaning". Except I don't. Maybe if I was rich or powerful. But I'm poor, in poor health and powerless.

I read Camus' Sisiphus, and I, for one, cannot possibly imagine him happy.


Apparently it's perfectly possible to owe the IRS tens of thousands, and then just make up debt and point to a random person telling the IRS to go after them... ...and they will simply draft up a letter, demanding you to pay this outstanding, ficticious debt within two weeks.

What. The. Fuck.

I know the person who claims that I owe them 15k. It's my weed dealer. I also know he has legal and financial issues, so I assume he somehow told his creditors that I owed him a lot of money, and there is no law requiring verification.

So... Either I pay 15k € I don't actually owe, or I get a lawyer to dispute it, which will also be several thousands, none of which I am responsible for.

I'm not currently in debt but I also don't have any savings.

I dunno man, it seems like in this world it's just not possible to go a single year without being accused/hounded/... no one gives a fuck and everyone just wants "theirs". Which would be fine if people would leave me alone and not try to get their grubby mitts on what little I do have.



It took ~5 minutes and there was ZERO pain.

I even anticipated this. There was no reason to think it would be hard in any kind of way.

Why am I like this?? Why is my brain such mush when it comes to my executive functioning while several other parts of my mental being are more than fine or even slightly supercharged (when I'm not depressed or out of mania)

The kicker? The appointment isn't for a doctor or a dentist or something else that would be "normal" to dread.

It's an appointment to pick up a brand new company car. A 2023 Mercedes EQA to the tune of 50K€. Most people would JUMP at that kind of opportunity, but not me. No, I sit there contemplating whether I even deserve a car that costs twice my annual salary, and that I'm just deluding myself into thinking I'm a valued part of society, that someone will realize they made a mistake and such a car was never meant for me (or "anyone like me").

This after a double dose of 15mg ritalin, by the way. Without it I would never have been able to push myself over that limit to begin with.

Fuckin' a...


Roman coinage from the punic wars is interesting, but quite a bit rarer is coinage from Carthage before it was razed. They minted quite exquisite coins in gold, silver and copper. Below is an example of such a copper coin!

30mm, 17.4g Obverse: Head of Tanit left, wearing wreath of grain ears and single-pendant earring.

Reverse: Horse standing right, palm tree in background to left, ligate Punic T and S below.

MAA 84b, Muller Africa, 154 - SNG Copenhagen 341-3 VF

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AI inflicted this upon my retina, so you shall suffer the same fate.


Obv: L AELIVS CAESAR. Bare head right.

Rev: TR POT COS II / CONCORD. Concordia seated left on throne, holding patera and resting elbow upon cornucopia.

RIC 436 (Hadrian).

Weight: 3.23 g. Diameter: 18 mm.

Lucius Aelius Caesar (13 January 101 – 1 January 138) was the father of Emperor Lucius Verus. In 136, he was adopted by the reigning emperor Hadrian and named heir to the throne. He died before Hadrian and thus never became emperor. After Lucius' death, he was replaced by Antoninus Pius, who succeeded Hadrian the same year.


als kruisbericht geplaatst vanaf:

CAESAR-DICT • PERPETVO, veiled and laureate head of Julius Caesar right / P • SEPVLLIVS downward on right, MACER downward on left, Venus standing left, Victory in right hand, scepter in left; shield at feet behind. P. Sepullius Macer, moneyer. Crawford 480/13. Sydenham 1074. RSC 39. Good fine ex CNG 482/352

Issued from February up to the assassination of Caesar on March 15, 44. This coin represents one of the late lifetime portraits of Julius Caesar, with the title of a 'Dictator for life'. These portrait series were issued in large quantities to pay the troops gathered for Caesar's intended Parthian campaign. His assassination on the Ides of March prevented these plans. P. Sepullius Macer was the most prolific moneyer of 44 BC, striking the widest variety of Caesar portrait issues. Caesar is shown wreathed, sometimes also veiled, and his titles given as CAESAR IMP and CAESAR DICT PERPETVO, as seen on this specimen. The reverse image of Venus includes a number of minor design variants. The varying quality of portraiture and strike likewise indicate great haste of manufacture, perhaps in preparation for Caesar's projected Parthian war.

Notice the weight, which is not abnormal for denarii from this age. They slimmed down considerably after Augustus' reforms.

This particular specimen isn't in the greatest shape, nor in the worst. It retains all its core identifying features, like the veiled portrait of Caesar (one of the most important and iconic in ancient history, given its context and lead-up to his assassination), his controversial title(s), name, and origination of his gens in the depiction of Venus of which he claimed to be a direct descendant.

All in all, a coin worthy of addition to any serious collector's hoard in my opinion.

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