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I think Voyager already has this unless I’m not understanding the feature correctly.

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They should’ve waited until they could release something in the form factor of the Viture XR glasses. They could’ve probably figured out how to wirelessly show a Vision OS rendered by the iPhone or MacBook to some small form factor glasses.

Instead they release a VR headset with pass through video that most people won’t really want to wear in public.

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I fixed this by deleting Windows.

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You may be missing some setup for the X server.

One of the last installation steps will offer to update your X configuration file. Either accept that offer, edit your X configuration file manually so that the NVIDIA X driver will be used, or run nvidia-xconfig

More info here:

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This happened to me when playing Hades a few years ago, choosing DirectX was faster and more stable than Vulkan when using Proton.

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It definitely works if you are willing to tinker but we are a low priority and anything that breaks takes a long time to fix. There’s even another project called Envision which runs better than SteamVR but isn’t as easy to use yet.

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Wow that was very cumbersome, this seems like a great update.

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I don’t have a PS5 but how was it before?

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Adding that extra file that takes care of everything related for anti cheat must be quite difficult for such a small team. /s

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You could get any headset and attach a modmic to it, it opens up a lot more options.

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In games where combat uses the bumpers a lot I bind the back buttons to that. For the rest of the games it depends on the what I find annoying to do repeatedly and end up mapping that to a back paddle.

For example on Breath of the Wild the back paddle was run which allowed me to run with one hand.

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The music thing is so annoying. I don’t even use apple music but it keeps opening it.


I’ve been trying to stream my non-steam games from Arch Linux(host) using Steam Runtime but after opening the game no video gets to the Steam Deck(client). I can stream Steam games just fine but I have noticed that non-steam games don’t load the steam overlay either.

Has anybody been able to figure this out?

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