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I've had the game running fine for months, but experience constant crashes if I have foliage and fluid interaction enabled. Has anyone been able to run the game with this on?

Currently on Pop!OS running a 6700XT, and having the issue under both X and Wayland.

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@26:07 he says as a business he's considering Linux on his computers because of Windows privacy violations. It's great to hear someone with such a wide audience talking about using Linux.

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I have a very, very old laptop with me. I don't know the exact specs, but it has a single core celeron processor and 4GB of RAM. It's an old little thing, maybe 15 years old.

I installed Debian on it with LXQT and it was chugging hard. I don't expect it will run modern browsers anyways, so give me your best distros that can run on a potato and have a GUI.

MangoHud Config (programming.dev)
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I was wondering if anyone knew how to or if you even can just display the value of ram and vram without the labels. Also if anyone knew how to reorder the hud such as ordering it left from right cpu, ram, gpu, vram. I tried putting the cpu information above the gpu information in the config file just to try something, but that did not work for me. Also if anyone knows how to get rid of the red vertical lines that would be cool.

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Here's Asahi Lina's Steam account. I thought I'd share it with you guys as Lina is testing games and fixing bugs, and if you'd like to support her by gifting games, this is her account so you can do so. Proof From Her Last Live Stream

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I know this is more of a general discussion community and not for tech support, but I'm at the end of my technical ability here and that is the primary game I play.

I've been running the live version of EverQuest for months now. Yesterday, I encountered a really strange issue where if I connect to the game, DNS would completely fail. I've tried this over 2 distros: Garuda (Arch based) and Linux Mint. I've done a few 50+ gb Steam downloads as tests with no issues. However, as soon as I run the game for more than 10 minutes, DNS just completel drops until a full reboot (on both distros) which is really odd. It's only affecting the PC, which is what lead me to attempting to load up another distro and test things.

I've changed DNS servers around on all but the router (which I unfortunately don't have ready access to). I know the software firewall rules are good. Is there a way to reliably see if for some reason the router is kicking me off if I use UDP packets (I know that EverQuest uses some)?

During the DNS outage, I an use the same network on mobile without any kind of issue, which is what made me curious if this is a UDP issue since web browsing shouldn't be spraying those out.

I'd be more than willing to provide any pastes of files etc. Also, if anyone has a way to kind of stress test my wifi hardware to see if that is the issue, it'd be really helpful.

Editing to add: I've turned wifi power saving off and will continue to test. Odd that it would be turned on over 2 installs randomly, though (if it was ever off)

Adding again. This may be happening when I swap to the dedicated GPU on the laptop. The odd thing is that it started yesterday. This is why I turned off wifi power saving, and it doesn't seem to have an effect.

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I've been quite happy with my Steam Deck - both as a gaming console and as a secondary computer when it's docked, but for newer titles I picked up a Rog Zephyrus M16 (2023) last year.

Now that Windows is going off the deep end with AI, I'm looking to dual boot/trial Linux on this laptop with the goal to give Microsoft the boot.

It's a beefy laptop:

  • 13th Gen i9-13900
  • 32GB Memory
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070
  • 1TB NVMe (Windows)
  • 2TB NVMe (Linux)

I added the second drive to avoid any issues with dual-booting with Grub/Windows Bootloader - instead making the Linux device the primary boot device and spamming Esc if I want to change to the Windows drive.

For distributions, I'm most familiar with Debian/Ubuntu - it's the daily driver for my work laptop, and the vast majority of my home lab VMs are Ubuntu. With the Steam Deck, I started to get more into Arch with the Steam Deck, and now it's the OS of choice for my HTPCs for simple streaming/Plex media player. I've also messed around with ZorinOS (basically a fancy skinned Ubuntu).

I need some advice on what to throw on this laptop - and some suggestions on how to squeeze the best performance out of this (Optimus vs. Proprietary NVIDIA vs. Open source drivers).

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Just curious. Also, anyone playing BR or esports TPS?

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Hey all,

In the market for a GPU, would like to use Bazzite, mostly a Steam user with some SteamVR (rare), and have run into nvidia issues with Bazzite and a 3070 previously.

With the recent news on nVidia's beta drivers and Plasma's sync support in beta, I'm newly on the fence about switching to AMD given nvidia having a better performance to cost ratio, the power usage (big one for a compact living room system), and the fact that they have the potential for HDMI2.1 support which AMD doesn't have a solution to yet.

What are community thoughts? I'll probably hold out for some reports on the new drivers regardless, but wanted to check in with the hive mind.


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I'm a new Linux user, mainly using it for gaming. Loving it so far but, after playing games for about an hour the game and audio will stutter. Immediately after my wifi disconnects and has trouble or is unable to reconnect, sometimes the wifi adapter is unavailable until I reboot. I'm hoping there is a software fix and I didn't get a bum mother board.

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SOTTR can now run in proton-experimental (it used to crash due to a missing vulkan feature), but how does it compare to the native version?

Normally I would just use the native version, but got the game from epic, which doesn't provide the native build. So if I wanted to run native I would have to acquire the game from other sources (keep in mind that I own the game on epic), which is less than ideal. But I wouldn't do it if there's no advantage.

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I mean, the title really says it all. It occurs seemingly at random, but not all the time and I've been unable to determine any pattern to it... I'm using the latest proton stable version and pipewire-pulse for audio. Any ideas on how to fix it?

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title really.. got a few games where this oldschool TV error shows instead of the actual main screen, the same happens with Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen. It's a super weird thing, as before this appears the actual loading screen is present, but this error-image just decides to slowly fade in...?

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Step 1: Install the game via Lutris

(Use steam if you bought it via steam)

  • Click the + sign, search Black Desert and install the first one
  • Choose the installation path (default is fine)
  • Do not create any shortcuts during any point of the installation
  • Do not run BDO after installation

Step 2: Add the game to your steam library

Why? Because via Lutris' wine version the camera doesn't work properly

  • On steam go to Games > Add non-steam game on the top right
  • Find the BlackDesertLauncher.exe in the instalaltion path. Should be /install/path/drive_c/PearlAbyss/BlackDesert/BlackDesertLauncher.exe
  • Right click the game on your library and go to properties > force compatibility layer > proton experimental

Step 3: Run the game via Steam

If at first it doesn't run just close it and open it again. The Black Spirit's Adventure, the Adventurer's board, and the guild daily message doesn't display properly (you can still use them however if you remember the buttons by memory), everything else works perfectly fine.

Note: if you have it, SELinux tries to block it, you can dismiss the reports and it should work fine, otherwise you may need to set policies or disable SELinux. I will look into this further

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Title. Turning off the fancy effects (which can be done with Alt+Shift+F12) improves performance slightly, but having to toggle them on and off every time I start a game is... Y'know. A thing.

I was wondering if there was a way to automate it, like game opens -> they turn off, game process ends -> they turn back on

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At this point, making something that doesn't work using Wine or Proton is actually kind of an achievement, so congrats EA, you managed to fuck up both Origin and EA app. The actual game runs flawlessly, it's the launchers that are all kinds of broken.

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I installed StarCraft: Mass Recall which is an impressive project that recreates the original StarCraft and Brood War campaigns in StarCraft 2. Everything works except that the cinematics and some of the game assets are flat, blank red. For example some of the video portraits in the briefing rooms display correctly, but Mengsk is a solid red square. In the first mission Raynor's vulture is flat red while everything else looks correct. Sound works correctly including in cinematics.

The game assets aren't a huge deal, but the cinematics are a big part of the reason for playing these campaigns IMO.

I've tried everything I can think of. I tried some different Wine runners. I tried disabling DXVK. I installed a number of dependencies that look like they provide video codecs:

  • amstream
  • devenum
  • quartz
  • xvid
  • ffdshow

Does anyone have ideas about what else I might try?

What I did figure out is a working command to run the mod, which took me a while. I used Bottles, installed Battle.net through the Bottles program installer, installed StarCraft 2 via Battle.net, and finally installed Mass Recall by unzipping and copying its files to the StarCraft Maps/ and Mods/ directories. Then I was able to run Mass Recall with this command:

$ bottles-cli shell -b "<bottle name>" -i '"C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Support64\SC2Switcher_x64.exe" "C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Maps\Starcraft Mass Recall\SCMR Campaign Launcher.SC2Map"'
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So I'm getting the famous gray screen crash on trying to start the game.

I have finally moved to Linux for my main machine and almost everything is running smoothly except this game in particular.

I using Lutris to get to BattleNet. Overwatch 2 works great. But Diablo 4 just shows a gray screen for 2 or 3 seconds and then the window closes bringing me back to whatever was on the screen when it tried launching.

I've seen a bunch of mentions of this issue, most are for the Steam Deck or are Windows-related, and I've seen a lot of posts about switching Proton versions and VKD3D versions, but I cannot seem to get a working combination to just get into the game.

I don't have a clue what is wrong or how to even diagnose what else to do here. All of the links I can find that mention anything.

I had to stop after launch because my last machine only had 4GB of RAM and would choke after a few minutes, but this machine should not be having problems.

Edit- Game is still having problems even when launched from Steam.

I cannot get Battle.net to launch with any regular Proton version or Experimental. I also can only get it running with GE after version 8-26. (only 3 versions, 8-26, 9-1, and 9-5)

But every version up to 9-5 has the gray screen for a couple seconds, then the game closes with no error message.

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