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It looks like you are trying to point something out. I can help with that. ๐Ÿ“Ž

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I was soooo happy to finish with high school. Maybe it's because I knew that I was about to leave home and become independent, but I hated the grind of high school. Going to school everyday for 8 hours then having homework seems unhelpful and even counterintuitive.

The military was worse in regards to the amount of work and grind, but I learned lots of valuable skills and actually made practical contributions rather than what I saw was busy work with no real product. It also made me value proper education since I saw the benefits of being able to contribute to a team using my capacities and training.

Once I got to college, I was able to focus on the subjects that I naturally enjoyed. The class schedule in college was also less consuming and I had some control over it since I was able to select which classes to register for.

There were some things I did miss from high school. One, we were all innocent and had few legitimate concerns when it came to surviving. I didn't have to worry about getting fired or paying rent. My concerns were adolescent social issues mostly. Two, all my peers were from the same area and we grew up there, so we understood each other in a way that I never found elsewhere. Three, we were all put together, so it was like a community where you were forced to interact with all sorts of capacities but were treated as equals. This also happened in the military, but after that, my social opportunities were limited to my exposure to others based on my career and income. There has been much less diversity and more inequality based on power and financial situations.

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alright alright alright

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Community colleges only offer up to associate's degrees. If you happen to live in a state where they got bumped up to colleges that offer bachelor's, then maybe, but those tend to have limited 4-year degrees and aren't going to really help anyone land lucrative jobs. A person with a 4-year degree from Orange County College will likely get passed up for a person with a degree from State University.

Master's and doctorate's are only given at universities and their tuitions are typically at least 3 times more per credit. Those include nurse educators, therapists, social workers, public school teaching managers, public administrators, non-profit managers, professors, historians, sociologists, community organizers, ... basically any type of specialized public servant and social scientist that makes okay middle-class income is going to be in significant student debt while also coming out of school later. Lots of these don't even get to start making the okay income until several years of experience in the field. Also, just because a teacher has a master's degree doesn't mean there's a public school manager position available, and when there is, it's going to be a competitive hiring process where many will apply bit only one gets hired.

That means that many people don't achieve these positions until their 30s. By that time, they've likely been paying very little into their student debt, possibly allowing interest to accrue and increase the amount owed. Once they make enough to actually start decreasing the principle, they're also getting a home loan and start raising children, which is even more expenditures. Being a lower- to middle- class millennial and younger is practically being a debt slave.

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While I agree with this, I'm a bit hesitant of the implementation. I have received mental health (MH) care from the Veterans Affairs (VA) and private providers. Private providers are in another level of care to the point that I pay out of pocket rather than go to the VA where they basically treat me like a problem to their life, liar seeking disability and drugs, and child that needs babysitting. They can be some gaslighting jerks. If we get universal health care including mental health, I would hope that it would follow something like Medicare that pays for private providers of our choosing rather than setting up a government agency that provides it directly.

For example, I received VA MH care for about 7 years. They declined to give me an ADHD assessment when I told them I have considerable attention issues. The psychiatrist literally looked away from his computer, looked at me, and said, "I'm not going to give you stimulants." I was then diagnosed with bipolar 2 and placed on antipsychotics for 5 years until I insisted against medical advice to come off of them. I also sought care for traumatic events, which they told me weren't traumatic. A friend that is a psychologist then told me that I was autistic. I asked the VA for an autism assessment. The VA psychologist already agreed I was likely autistic, but told me that her supervisor declined to allow an autism assessment, "Since [I] was in the military, [I] can't be autistic." After telling friends this and listening to their advice, I sought private care. They assessed me thoroughly and diagnosed me with autism and ADHD. I was then referred to a psychiatrist and prescribed ADHD meds. My life hasn't been this put together ever. I honestly think VA MH made my life worse, resulted in poor relationships, hampered my career, and caused some deep trust issues.

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but what criteria is being used to judge whether those votes were correct or not?

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Ok, I'll bite. How would you even know??

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that is not a pipe

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that guy aint gonna do anything with that 50 cal. the amount of time and effort he has to go thru to be able to use that against you effectively is too much considering how close you are to him. mess up the belt right near the firearm and he might be able to get 1-2 shots off at most if he even gets a chance to. additionally, he would have to rack it unless he's insane enough to be driving around with that thing already racked without anyone manning it.

basically, this guy is prolly the least threatening guy out there because he's so over the top with threatening others; he did a loop back to the other end of the continuum. like they say in Cuba, "a dog that barks does not bite." to me, this guy is saying, "if there is any sort of violent altercation coming, kill me first."

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Bots are using the narcissist's playbook: accuse others of your shenanigans.

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What a dumb headline. "We're just thinking about it. We're also thinking about going to the beach on Sunday. ๐Ÿซณ๐Ÿคœ"

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I'm looking for online programs that help us navigate the world as autistic people. It could be anything, such as learning about autism, neurotypicals, social settings, identifying your emotions, self-care for autistic people, common terms related to autism, autistic love languages, etc...anything that helps autistic people live life.

If you have completed any programs related to being autistic, what were they and what did you think about them? Were they helpful?

submitted 6 days ago by BackOnMyBS to c/linux4noobs

Sometimes adding a blank character helps with formatting. For example on Lemmy, it helps me separate lines of text if I insert a blank character between other lines. Currently, do that by copy-and-pasting the blank character from elsewhere. Here is an example

Is there a way I can do this on Linux easily from the keyboard? I am using KDE Neon and have the compose key enabled so that I can easily type uncommon characters like โ€ฝ, รฑ, and รฉ easily.

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I'm still on my journey of understanding the differences between autism and other. My focus today is eye contact, so let's have a discussion!

Guiding questions:

  • What do you think is the underlying difference that causes autistic people to use less eye contact than others?

  • What does it feel like for you?

  • How do you interpret other people's eye contact?

  • Do you avoid it, use short glances, or maintain NT-levels of eye contact?

  • Does it vary by situation?

  • Anything else you would like to discuss regarding eye contact?

Question is open to anyone. If not identified, then the assumption is the user is autistic. Otherwise, if you're NT or other ND, please state so ๐Ÿ™‚

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I think it would be interesting to share lessons we've learned about socializing that didn't come natural to us like they do for NTs.

  • What social difficulties did you have, and what did you learn to compensate for them?

  • Also, since there's a difference between autistic and NT cultures, what lessons did you learn about socializing with NTs and in NT environments?

Infodumps are welcomed! ๐Ÿ˜

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I know that this question was asked several months ago, and the response was that there wasn't a setting for it. Has a setting that blocks posts with keywords been implemented since?

Thanks in advance!

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They say it's a picture of atoms, but what are the atoms: the glowing yellow balls or the entire meatball including the darker red? If it's the meatballs, then why do some have apparently two nuclei?

Here's the public press release: https://news.cornell.edu/stories/2021/05/cornell-researchers-see-atoms-record-resolution

Here's the actual scientific article: https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abg2533

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A video covering what they look like and what can trigger them.

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Image: That Would Be Great meme template

Caption: If you could just not dance down the aisles, touch everything, and tell everyone the pros and cons of all the products you see...that would be great.

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Image: They Don't Know meme template.

  • Corner guy is my bladder: They don't know I need to pee.
  • Right side couple is my sensory system: Yes we do. It's really obvious.
  • Left side couple is my executive system: But the Golden Age of Piracy is too interesting.
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Did you enjoy it? Was it worth it? How were you able to pull it off?

Just a Warm Up (lemmy.world)
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Image: To-do list

  • Decide you will finally make a to-do list to catch up
  • Set a time to make it sometime later today
  • Don't make said list because you already accomplished making this list
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Image: Clown applying make up meme.

  • Panel 1: I definitely stick out as different from others
  • 2: because I'm hypersensitive to physical sensations and emotions.
  • 3: I also have trouble difficulty reading social cues and other people's intentions.
  • 4: I also have trouble difficulty reading social cues and other people's intentions.

I'm on a meme creation roll, baby!

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