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[-] FuglyDuck 20 points 1 month ago

they're both short, tiny-dick men who like to compensate with large red buttons?

[-] ericisshort 1 points 1 month ago

I fucking hate that piece of shit Trump, but even his arrest records in Georgia put him at 6’2”, which is by no means short. There are so many truths you could use to belittle that man, but his physical height is not one of them.

[-] FuglyDuck 1 points 1 month ago

You’re not entirely wrong. “Short” is relative, though, and he considered himself short.

Which is why he wears lifts. (They’re basically platform heels that are designed to not entirely look liken heels. You can tell by his posture. The way he’s always kind of leaning forward. Him and DeShitStain both.)

[-] b3an 11 points 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago)
[-] [email protected] 3 points 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago)

Yes, Kim Jong Un is also 6’3” and 215 lbs.

[-] [email protected] 2 points 1 month ago

This is the best summary I could come up with:

John Bolton, former national security adviser for ex-President Donald Trump, issued a dire warning on the former president's potential return to the White House, comparing him to North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

Trump, the presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee, has faced waves of backlash over the years for his warm relationship with the leader of a country that's been a longtime adversary of the U.S.

The North Korean leader has long been accused of committing human rights violations within the isolated and authoritarian East Asian nation, which is known for its frequent threats against the U.S. and South Korea.

During a December town hall with Fox News' Sean Hannity, Trump was asked to promise that he would never "abuse power as retribution against anybody" if he wins the 2024 presidential election.

The campaign of President Joe Biden, Trump's presumptive Democratic opponent, has used the dictator remarks to suggest the Republican is a danger to democracy and should not be allowed back in the White House.

Bolton has also maintained that Trump should not be elected to a second term, noting that the former president's mounting debt amid his legal cases makes him vulnerable to foreign influence and unfit for office.

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