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This whole thing is so depressing. Not Gaza, which is a tragedy, but the conversation around it. People who have family members starving and dying right now are upset, and there is zero empathy for them. Just anger directed at them by people who are (or were) ostensibly on their side.

I will not be commenting further in this thread because it belongs in !politics and I'm out of antidepressants but not booze.

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It's difficult. On one hand, it is a fucking atrocity, and it's hard to blame people for being upset that someone with the power to at least lessen the harm, isn't.

But on the other hand, ensuring the greater evil gets in does nothing. No Palestinians are saved by a Trump presidency - and it's very likely that MORE will die compared to a Biden administration, considering Trump's all-in attitude with Netanyahu. Not only are no Palestinians saved, but many Ukrainians, Americans, and Taiwanese will likely suffer and die in not inconsiderable numbers directly due to a Trump presidency.

As such, it's difficult to look at someone grieving and saying "Everyone's throat should be cut, not just my son's!" and react with sympathy when that has very real effects on whether or not everyone's throat gets cut.

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(Breaking my word but only because you're cool)

If your family members are going to be shot on your dime, I don't blame people for checking out entirely or even pushing for collapse. They're basically powerless in our political system, and when they exercise what little influence they have to stop their families from being massacred, they're treated like shit.

And now it's time to drink and pet my kitty because I hate this fucking system so goddamn much.

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And now it's time to drink and pet my kitty because I hate this fucking system so goddamn much.

Yeah. World's fucked. But maybe it will get better someday.

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