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Unfortunately this isn’t an action that mods can take. The admins of each instance need to de-federate from it.

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Clan Battles Season 22 - Update 12.7 (blog.worldofwarships.com)
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The link previews at the bottom of a post or comment was one of the nicer little QOL features in Apollo. Not only did it save me from countless bad clicks (Rick Rolls haha), but also time saved with previews and not needing to load a full page or just make it easier to tap a link between things in a cluttered post.

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Memmy has been a great fill-in, as has Lemmios. Memmy is probably a little further along, but both are definitely "Apollo-inspired" and both have been nice to use. Still some features missing that I have to come to the site for.

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Couldn't agree more! This is why the internet needs to stay as it is: anonymous, uncensored and open to all. At this point a free and open internet is an essential part of liberty.

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The one I always find funny is tech CEOs or ads out there that use the term "quantum leap" to describe an improvement. In reality, a quantum leap is just when an electron changes orbitals -- one of the smallest movements a piece of matter can make. In my mind, a device being described as a "quantum leap" ahead of it's predecessor sounds like it's barely changed at all. Even better is the state is often temporary as electrons jump up an orbital when absorbing energy and then will jump back down when they release it. All in all, a terrible marketing term.

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It's the 5th most hit site globally, it's going nowhere.


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Currently chatting with the other mods about this and while we don't want the community to be overrun by Elon, the articles are some of the most upvoted in the past few days. It seems, that people do want to hear about what's going on but not at a rate that drowns out other content. We've been careful to prune out duplicates to keep the flow down, but the volume of Elon posts and Twitter / X is definitely... a lot. I do see how some find it annoying so we're keeping an eye on the situation, but I do agree it does meet the criteria of being both news and tech related. I assume that he'll eventually run out of Twitter pieces to break, right :P

Please do keep an open line of communication with us and all replies, feedback and opinions are always welcome! Cheers!

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At this point, I'd say: Providing entertainment to the internet while also helping grow the fediverse

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Proton Mail is a good alternative. A good thing to watch for a either a lack of or a very limited free account. This means they're not making money off harvesting your data. If it's free, you're the product.

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That’s super cool! Hopefully it can be confirmed in other labs soon.

Then the next big hurdle will be figuring out a way to mass produce it in a cost-effective manner.

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I use Apple Maps. In theory, it’s not tracking me. I guess I have no way to prove that, but at least they’re on the record saying they anonymize the data from it and don’t correlate routes to people.

Edit: here is some more info, took a second to find the link.

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The heat capacity results indicated that the new model is suitable for explaining the superconductivity of LK-99. The unique structure of LK-99 that allows the minute distorted structure to be maintained in the interfaces is the most important factor that LK-99 maintains and exhibits superconductivity at room temperatures and ambient pressure.

If true, that would have world-changing implications. I tried looking, but didn't see a paper to go with it or a second lab to confirm it. Still, very cool and hopefully will be confirmed.

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I’m with you there. More and more of these companies are shifting from on-premise hosting of their files to the cloud. On-premise required each company to have been breached individually for a bad actor to gain access. Now all of them moving to M365 in the same MS cloud means just a single breach gives access to a nearly bottomless amount of data. Just seems like companies are making short sighted choices for cost reduction over thinking about the potential long-term repercussions for putting their intellectual property and untimely their fates, in the hands of third party.

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