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Shout out to that NPR reporter for not being intimidated

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I had no idea gender-inclusive language caused catastrophic inflation

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Having written PHP for many years, all I have to say about it is T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM

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Stoked to see the freak out videos when someone pulls up and sees a burger costs $20

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Federation in my federation?

It's more likely than you think

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Police say the suspect is seven feet tall, made of green clay, and goes by the name Gumby

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How long before the AI decides the best way to stop the war is to bomb the generals ordering it on both sides?

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This whole thing is so depressing. Not Gaza, which is a tragedy, but the conversation around it. People who have family members starving and dying right now are upset, and there is zero empathy for them. Just anger directed at them by people who are (or were) ostensibly on their side.

I will not be commenting further in this thread because it belongs in !politics and I'm out of antidepressants but not booze.

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In other news: The CEO of Nvidia doesn't understand how programming works.

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Even without that, kids are expensive, housing is expensive, and women are expected to pull double duty working and caring for the kids. And then your kid gets to go to cram school and end up in the same work-sleep-repeat hell that you've been in your whole life.

Even without climate change I don't know why anyone would have kids.

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"We have never made a profit and may never make a profit. Please buy our stock."

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My house has the toilet and shower branching from the same cold water line. This means that whenever the toilet flushes, it uses a lot of cold water and the shower gets too hot.

To solve this I found the valve for the toilet and closed it just enough to fill the toilet without making a weird noise. This reduces the amount of water the toilet uses when filling, which means the shower doesn't get super hot.

Because of how toilets work, flush performance is unaffected, and my showers are now a lot less perilous. I'm a little ashamed it took me so long to figure this out, but it works so I thought I'd share it.

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I have an actual cold for the first time in about four years. What are some of your favorite remedies?

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Greetings from the other side! I'm working on improving my Windows knowledge, and I'd like to replicate something I can do in Linux with Windows servers: Spinning up an EC2 instance and installing and configuring MySQL.

I haven't been able to find any way to automate this down to one command. What I'm trying to avoid is spending a lot of time rebuilding my environment while I'm testing things out.

If anybody has some batch files (I think that's what you call shell scripts here) or tips I'd appreciate it.

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