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I'm sure cheaper concert tickets will come as a comfort to those who are struggling to pay for lifesaving medication.

They can ration their medication even more and go see Taylor Swift before they die.

[-] [email protected] 4 points 9 hours ago

You make a good point

[-] [email protected] 34 points 9 hours ago

I would definitely not recommend doing what I did, which is learning how to make literally the best cheesecake everyone who's tried it has ever eaten.

I make sure not to have the ingredients in the house or I'd probably eat one a week.

It's a real problem.

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I am automatically suspicious of anyone who's a patriotic American. Either they're ignorant of our country's history and are idiots or they're proud of it and are psychopaths.

Edit: I just realized I'm paraphrasing Patrick O'Brien:

But you know as well as I, patriotism is a word; and one that generally comes to mean either my country, right or wrong, which is infamous, or my country is always right, which is imbecile.

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That was an amazing lucky shot! Perfectly in frame, capturing the sky and the meteor and the reaction

[-] [email protected] 5 points 16 hours ago

Managers realized that the nerds' autism could be exploited for profit

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I could see it being useful if it was an accessory to your phone. Not having to dig my phone out of my pocket to take a picture of something to look it up, or having a push-to-talk badge or pendant would make it more convenient, especially for folks like me who don't wear watches. And with Bluetooth it would have decent battery life.

But the damn thing can't even set a timer.

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I remember back in the 90s during the Macintosh-Windows flamewars people would frequently make early image edits of Bill Gates as a Borg. Now they're doing it unironically.

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The fact that we only have those options is what's going to depress turnout enough to let Trump win on a technicality again.

Shithole country.

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My neuropathy prevents me from forgetting things like that

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You can get the same effect as a new car by buying a used car and then lighting $20,000 on fire when you drive it off the lot.

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If it helps I think it's the one where he gets into a fight with his brother

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My house has the toilet and shower branching from the same cold water line. This means that whenever the toilet flushes, it uses a lot of cold water and the shower gets too hot.

To solve this I found the valve for the toilet and closed it just enough to fill the toilet without making a weird noise. This reduces the amount of water the toilet uses when filling, which means the shower doesn't get super hot.

Because of how toilets work, flush performance is unaffected, and my showers are now a lot less perilous. I'm a little ashamed it took me so long to figure this out, but it works so I thought I'd share it.

submitted 6 months ago by [email protected] to c/asklemmy

I have an actual cold for the first time in about four years. What are some of your favorite remedies?

submitted 9 months ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

Greetings from the other side! I'm working on improving my Windows knowledge, and I'd like to replicate something I can do in Linux with Windows servers: Spinning up an EC2 instance and installing and configuring MySQL.

I haven't been able to find any way to automate this down to one command. What I'm trying to avoid is spending a lot of time rebuilding my environment while I'm testing things out.

If anybody has some batch files (I think that's what you call shell scripts here) or tips I'd appreciate it.

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