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I mean, what does "defeat" even mean in the age of nuclear war?

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"Competition for THEE, not for ME."

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I'd argue this makes him more dangerous. His bullshit isn't constantly broadcast, unfiltered, into the homes of undecided voters like it was when he was President. I think the reason people's memories are warping in real time is because he's only blasting his word vomit at the people who already gargle it like mouthwash. His campaign knows his best chance is for them to run a disciplined campaign where a media vacuum has to be filled with middling journalists collectively wetting themselves about this, that, or the other Biden problem. When shit goes silent, they start circlejerking about things like Biden's age while completely ignoring Trump's, and that kind of myopic obsessiveness actually works in Trump's favor.

Now I'm certainly sensitive to the counter argument that broadcasting Trump in some ways legitimizes his nonsense, and that kind of uncritical naivety is exactly what fueled his campaign in 2016, but in this case him being more isolated and his campaign playing a relatively muted strategy is pretty fucking strongly correlated with his strangely rising popularity. There's something to be said for the fact that almost nobody in this entire country likes the way he behaves, even if they like the things he does for them, and so showing people how he behaves is likely to actually register with them come election day the way it did in 2020.

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Connecticut became the first Division I men’s college basketball team to win back-to-back championships since Florida 17 years ago, as the Huskies downed Purdue 75-60 in the NCAA title game Monday.

“You can’t even wrap your mind around it because you just know how hard this tournament is,” UConn head coach Dan Hurley said after the game in Glendale, Arizona. “What a special group of people, a special coaching staff and incredible group of players. The best group of players you could possibly do it with and UConn. UConn’s a special place this time of year and they give us all the resources we need to do it like this in March and April.”

The Huskies (37-3) have now won six national championships, joint-third in the all-time men’s NCAA Division I basketball list. All six have come since 1999, more than any other men’s team in that span and second only during that time to the school’s women’s team (10).

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That this started, or restarted, with a then-75-year-old Jim Calhoun nearly kicking Dan Hurley’s ass is so perfectly Connecticut that the scene should replace the state flag. It was early spring of 2018. Hurley was the recently named UConn head coach and Calhoun was the retired patriarch of the program, one whose endorsement helped secure Hurley’s hiring.

Hurley’s first practice with his inherited team was an abomination. He’d left a job he loved at Rhode Island because UConn is a premier brand in college basketball, a place that, at the time, had won four national titles in the prior two decades. But what Hurley saw didn’t look like anything he was expecting. It was so bad Hurley called his agent to ask about backing out of the deal and seeing if Rhode Island might take him back. The agent explained to Hurley that the buyout in his contract made such a move impossible, so Hurley had to accept that he might’ve made a mistake.

The situation was so dire that Hurley eventually walked into Calhoun’s on-campus office, where he worked while assisting the school as a quasi-statesman. As Hurley remembers it, the conversation began with him telling Calhoun something like: “This is bullsh–. Nothing is in place. This is UConn. Where’s the infrastructure? What’s been going on here?”

Calhoun looked at the cocky 45-year-old. Then, never one to suffer timidity, he introduced Hurley to the real UConn Basketball.

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Though they were physically separated from Oats and his full-time assistant coaches, the graduate assistants, dressed in matching black polo team shirts, kept up a loud chatter — read: they never shut up — throughout Alabama’s 89-87 victory. With curious media members seated courtside peeking back to see what all the fuss was about, Alabama’s graduate assistants hyped up their team, worked the referees, reinforced Oats’s points of emphasis and repeatedly stole North Carolina’s play-calls throughout the nail-biter.

Oats sang the group’s praises Friday, noting they helped his full-time assistants prepare scouting reports and video breakdowns of upcoming opponents.

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Soon, Samford trailed Kansas 90-89 with 14 seconds left.

Then came the play.

Kansas, wearying, inbounded against Samford’s habitual press. Point guard Dajuan Harris Jr. took the ball, spotted teammate Nicolas Timberlake behind the defense and went all Mahomes, all makeshift left-handed. The 6-foot-4 Timberlake fielded the long pass, dribbled once, stepped twice and leaped up to score.

From behind, the 6-foot-5 Staton-McCray flew in. He crossed behind Timberlake and lunged upward. Timberlake crashed to the floor, which in real time screamed foul. Staton-McCray immediately protested the call, and the crowd joined in with him.

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Sitting at the dais in his hometown's arena, Kentucky men's basketball coach John Calipari was something close to shell-shocked after his No. 3-seeded Wildcats' improbable 80-76 loss to No. 14-seed Oakland.

Now 1-4 in his past five NCAA tournament games, matching the program's worst five-game span in the tournament, Calipari considered what Thursday night's loss could mean for his approach to constructing the team's roster.

"I've done this with young teams my whole career, and it's going to be hard for me to change that, because we've helped so many young people and their families that I don't see myself just saying, 'OK, we're not going to recruit freshmen,'" Calipari said.

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It's time to get those No. 2 pencils out, and brackets printed.

March Madness has arrived.

The official brackets for the men's and women's NCAA Division I college basketball tournaments were revealed Sunday evening, with the final list of the 68 selected teams showing a lot of excitement – and a few surprises.

Whether you're one of the roughly 68 million Americans expected to place a bet on the tournament, or you're just looking for an easy entryway into the March Madness conversation with some insider lingo (Cinderella, anyone?) – here are some highlights to pay attention to heading into Tuesday's kickoff:

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Dreams die hard, particularly in March.

The Big East found that out Sunday as three 20-win teams -- Providence, Seton Hall and St. John's -- were all snubbed by the NCAA selection committee.

St. John's arguably had the biggest gripe of the three. It finished 20-13 overall, winning six games in a row -- four of them by at least 14 points -- before a loss to overall No. 1 seed UConn in the Big East semifinals on Friday.

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"Ban books. Jail librarians." - the bad guys in every epoch of history

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The President cannot unilaterally do any of those things.

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Conservatives: "States' rights!"

Voters: "Ok."

Conservatives: "Wait...NOT LIKE THAT!"

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And no small number of supposed leftists found in all this cause for celebration.

and also

Those who approve or condone Hamas’s atrocities constitute a small minority of the left.

Mr. Levitz should take a deep breath and figure out what exactly he's trying to say, and to whom.

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Biden: "You should get paid more."

Trump: indicted for 91 crimes and found liable for decades of tax fraud

Michigan Republicans: ¯\(ツ)

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It was never about his job. It was always about putting Christianity back on a pedestal and the rest of us back in the shadows.

Fuck him.

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The "judicial torpedo" herself, suddenly pearl clutching now that it's obvious to the rest of us she wasn't nominated because of her resume or experience, but in order to achieve a policy goal of the party who put her forward. Suddenly she's worried about appearances and decorum? After what we've witnessed over the past 8 years?

Get. Fucked. You. Absolute. Shitstain. I hope the scrutiny keeps you awake and in a cold sweat when you lie down in your bed at night.

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I absolutely LOVE that PoppinKREAM is on the fediverse too. We don't deserve you, my dude, but we're glad you're here.

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I've wondered how long we'll go before universities across the country start refusing to accept Florida high school graduates because their coursework does not meet basic acceptance criteria. I can see the Ivy league starting first because they have a legitimate reason to want their incoming freshmen to have top-notch coursework under their belt so they can hit the ground running, and once the first domino falls I'd imagine lots of universities would rush to join the chorus. If Florida officials want their kids to learn that slavery was good and that rainbows don't exist, then fine. They're disqualified from attending tertiary institutions whose history and sociology instruction is predicated on those things being bullshit. It'd be no different from some crazy-ass wingnut homeschooler trying to get into Harvard after having taken classes like "Cell Biology and Jesus", "Why God Made Calculus", and "The Physics of Heaven" from their mom.

Big meat, big fish (lemmy.world)
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Hoping to fool a big ol' redfish. It's essentially a quick and easy weighted version of The Chosen One that's meant to dangle behind a popping cork.


Hook: Partridge CS86

Thread: Fine Mono (.006)

Tail: Bucktail (pink)

Flash: Flashabou, Finesse Fibers (pink)

Head: 3" EP Foxy Brush (chartreuse)

Eye: Fish Skull Living Eyes (ice)

Underbody: Lead wire (.08)

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