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Timothy Murray lost his father earlier this year and had been asking his principal for counseling when she called in the police

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[-] [email protected] 306 points 5 months ago

Data from Brownsville ISD seen by The Observer showed its officers made 3,102 student arrests between May 2021 and Nov. 2023. Nearly 60% of those were on felony charges and 76 of those kids were in elementary school.

what the fuck is going on over there

[-] [email protected] 175 points 5 months ago

High-speed school-to-prison pipeline. Because inmates=free labour and prisons are for-profit. Gotta get 'em kidz institutionalized as early as possible!

[-] Burn_The_Right 99 points 5 months ago

It's the conservative way. They hold these traditions sacred.

[-] Aceticon 38 points 5 months ago* (last edited 5 months ago)

I suspect that being born from the wrong vagina is a crime for those people.

It just explains so many things: from their criminalization of abortion whilst taking State support away from poor single mothers to emprisioning kids who don't have a mommy and daddy with the right connections or who can afford the kind of lawyer who would extract a massive compensations from everybody involved in putting a kid in prision like this.

[-] DigitalTraveler42 25 points 5 months ago

Literally there's an aspect of Evangelicalism and the "Prosperity Gospel" that portrays poor people as inherently sinful and evil, and it's not just limited to those aspects of Christianity:


[-] nixcamic 11 points 5 months ago

Then you read the Bible and like almost all the references to the rich are negative and like where the heck do people even get this crap from.

[-] DigitalTraveler42 2 points 5 months ago* (last edited 5 months ago)

Hippie socialist Jesus > Supply-Side Republican/Conservative Jesus

Any educated and intelligent person should see that the prosperity gospel is just greed promotion disguised as religious edicts.

[-] timmy_dean_sausage 2 points 5 months ago

I've run audio for maybe a dozen Prosperity gospel events over the course of my career.. Those people are some of the scummiest people I've ever met in rl. The "preachers" usually have a group of thugs acting as security that will run interference for anyone that questions what they're preaching. I've seen people get literally dragged out and then heard, after the fact, that the "security" team "taught them a lesson". The crowd was shocked that someone was aggressively dragged out at "church" until the preacher spun the victim as someone with the devil in them, then everyone would be nodding their heads with a panicked look like "are we ok with this?.. I guess..". Fucking surreal. Also, these people would try to dodge as many bills as they could. On several of the ones I did, the "church" stiffed the AV company I was working for on a $30k+ production.

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[-] JoJoGAH 34 points 5 months ago

This was what they found in other schools too. One specific location ( I can't remember where) the dads formed a group to a) keep kids peaceful and b) because they were being sent to jail for schoolyard bs. It was a largely black school. If you want to look it up with the sad details my brain is providing. Sry

[-] [email protected] 27 points 5 months ago

Yep. Also noticed that the principal that called the police and the DA refusing to drop the case have the same last name. Garza isn't that rare of a last name, but it's not exactly "Smith", either. I'd bet good money those fuckers are related to each other.

[-] [email protected] 6 points 5 months ago

Wait, that's just slavery with extra steps!

[-] [email protected] 3 points 5 months ago

Not "extra steps" but "plausible deniability"😉

[-] DigitalTraveler42 5 points 5 months ago* (last edited 5 months ago)

Why ban slavery when we can evolve it?!?

[-] aseriesoftubes 85 points 5 months ago

what the fuck is going on over there

Brownsville is 94% Hispanic or Latino. This is Texas doing Texas shit.

[-] eran_morad 63 points 5 months ago

Just republican shit.

[-] [email protected] 32 points 5 months ago

Murica! Murica! Murica!

[-] [email protected] 21 points 5 months ago

So much for that "stay in school" speech...

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