[-] eran_morad 1 points 5 hours ago

Fuck the blyats

[-] eran_morad 4 points 20 hours ago

Fuck russia. Bomb the blyats.

[-] eran_morad 24 points 1 day ago

You can thank the traitor john roberts for turning the NRA into a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kremlin.

[-] eran_morad 6 points 1 day ago

Article 5, bruh.

[-] eran_morad 48 points 1 day ago

Yeah. Why argue with cunts?

[-] eran_morad 21 points 1 day ago

Putin’s purposes, obviously, you witless traitor cunts.

[-] eran_morad 14 points 1 day ago

Shouldn’t he have cancer by now?

[-] eran_morad 15 points 1 day ago

The West and our allies should deploy all covert means and most overt means, short of a shooting war, to destroy the russian state. Fuck the blyats.

[-] eran_morad 7 points 1 day ago

Lemmy.ml, lol. What a pile of shit.

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It’s like they took the worst shit from Star Trek and ramped it up to 10. Everything about this series of movies blows. That is all.

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