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Hey there guys! After today's fiasco, I decided that we need some moderators that aren't me or Ada. If you would like to be a moderator, please reply to this post with why you think you would be a good mod, and any previous social medias that I can check out just to make sure you're not a troll (reddit is the most useful but twitter/mastodon/whatever works too).

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Heyo, figured I'd try to apply here.

I hate bigots, tankies, and nazis. I like shitposts, not posts that are shit.

I currently am co-admin of a discord server of 200+ people (but like 30 or so that are active every day), and was elected when the admin left.

Here's my personal mastodon page for reference: https://todon.eu/@queue

Probably not going to be chosen, but I wanna help.

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Welcome aboard! Here's the rules: join the discord link I sent you via DM. If you feel someone deserves to be banned please send their username/a screenshot of them to the discord, along with why they need to be banned i.e. image of their comment reason:transphobia. Then you can go ahead and ban them. If I end up feeling like it's not actually a bannable offense I'll go in and restore them to the community. Also, no making other people mods.

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Be sure to follow the rule before you head out.

Rule: You must post before you leave.

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