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Please stop reporting this as "not tech related, rule 2", we welcome the feedback.

Our stance has been, if it's in a gray area of "tech" such as tech business related, and users upvote it: that must be what the majority wants.

We will be discussing this more, as it seems some people want strictly tech related content and none of the gray area content.

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I don't disagree, but easy solution would be not to look at this one post? Anything else as far as memes will be removed if posted

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We are not allowing memes to be posted still, just inside this post itself as comments to hopefully avoid removing meme posts. We have had to remove multiple meme posts since the controversy began, hoping to alleviate that.

@[email protected]

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Unity Meme Post (self.technology)
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Seems that a lot of us have some funny Unity memes, which have been getting removed due to Rule 7.

Making this post and pinning it for everyone to share their Unity memes about this whole fiasco, please only comment the memes here, if you make a post with one it will be removed.

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@[email protected]'s operator here, and I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Like the majority of content bots on Lemmy, L4s utilizes Reddit for its posts, and I've been working on adding a few RSS feeds to branch things out more and better abide with the newer bot rules.

As for "choosing" what to post, it currently checks the most upvoted posts for selected subreddits and the up/down vote ratio, then if it matches the set threshold it will check if it has posted that link before, as long as everything lines up it will post.

Initially I had it set to once an hour on this community, things here gained a lot of traction a month later so I scaled it back to every other hour. In the near future I will be limiting it again to every 3 or 4 hours as we have continued to grow since last months decrease in posts.

As it says in the bio, the goal with L4s is to jump start communities, it won't be here forever. If you have an issue please let me know!

Also thanks for the tag @[email protected]!

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Tldr and tldm:

The Top Rate shall be $35.94 plus the general wage increases provided in Section 1 above.

Increases are:

  • 2023 two dollars and seventy-five cents ($2.75)
  • 2024 seventy-five cents ($0.75)
  • 2025 seventy-five cents ($0.75)
  • 2026 one dollar ($1.00)
  • 2027 two dollars and twenty-five cents ($2.25)

So that means in 2027, it'll be $43.44/hour, which at 40 hours a week comes to $90,355.20/year. To reach $170k/year, they'd have to work 75.26 hours a week (12.54 hour days for a 6 day work week, 15.05 for a 5 day work week), I know drivers do a lot of OT, but I'm not sure about that much!

Edit: To put more perspective on this, 170k/year at 40 hours is $81.73/hour, not too far from double their $43.44/hour

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Hey everyone!

We have decided to do a banner and logo contest, here is how to participate:

  1. Any submission must be commented below in its own thread, that way they are easy for everyone to find. Any top level comments that are not a submission will be removed, commenting on submissions thread is allowed.
  2. Everyone can vote on the ones listed below to help the decision, but the mods will pick their favorites and make a separate post for the community to vote on.
  3. Obviously the design must be tech/news related, all art forms welcome, and please no NSFW. You can submit just a banner, or just a logo, or both if you wish!
  4. Winner will get sidebar acknowledgement and bragging rights. If multiple designs are liked by the community, we will most likely cycle threw a few different banners/logos throughout the year and give each credit on the sidebar.
  5. Anything Elon Musk will be launched by Space-X directly into the sun at the speed of light.
  6. Be excellent to each other!

Any questions can be messaged to either @[email protected] or myself!

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Hey everybody, feel free to post any tech support or general tech discussion questions you have right here.

As always, be excellent to each other.

Yours truly, moderators.

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They've gotten so much money for the Cyber Truck "orders" without even delivering a product to the customers for yeaaarrs. How is that legal?

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Thought the same when I was reading this, weird they wouldn't migrate here, unless they are unaware of the Fediverse

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I always find it humorous when this kind of stuff happens

After day 3 (lemmy.world)
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O365 Email Encryption (self.sysadmin)
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My company is just starting to utilize O365 email encryption for sensitive information, which I know a lot of people are already using.

One thing we've run into is when sending a sensitive email to a third-party vendor, a lot of them utilize shared mailboxes/distribution groups, so the encryption is not allowing the members of the external mailbox/group to open the encrypted email as their account doesn't have permissions (the group email address does, instead of their individual account).

The only way I've come up with to solve this issue is setting the encrypted emails to not allow a "social" sign-on for decryption, and instead only offer "send a one-time passcode" as the authentication method, then the group/mailbox receives the code to view the email.

Curious how others have combatted this issue if they've crossed it, this feature has been around a while and I am unable to find much on Google about it specifically.

For the moment, users are just re-sending the encrypted email to the external recipient that replies "We can't open this email", which solves the problem but creates more work and takes longer for everyone.

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Are you talking about these things? Those are escalation arrows, not upvote and downvote buttons, totally different.

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One of those scenarios + poop shy around S/O, S/O family, or friends is my guess.

Edit: also, cheese, lots of cheese.

Edit2: is this the new "found a safe"?

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Twitch is replacing the mature content toggle with content classification labels so viewers can make 'informed choices'.

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A few years ago I had a couple old and slow Optiplex's running Hyper-V, with Windows/Linux VM's, doing things like NPS, AD, etc.

Had some old equipment collecting dust, so I've built out a decent homelab and am curious if anyone else has done the same, and if so what are they running on them for fun?

In my new "rack":

  • PowerEdge R430
    • Running ProxMox, with a Windows VM (DC), and a Linux VM with Docker for Plex
  • EqualLogic PS4100
    • VM storage for both PowerEdge servers (10TB)
  • Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 24 250w
  • PowerEdge R720
    • Running ProxMox, with some Linux VM's, most utilizing Docker for Plex "assistance/automations" (ahem), NextCloud for phone photo backup and wife's photography, and another DC as a failover of R430's DC.
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This one might be the best subreddit retaliation I've seen this week

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