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Always has been. Chk chk

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Halo 1 was the first game I ever played online. I played a lot of it.

But I was a very different person then, and replaying it now reminds me of how stupid I was (because I got into a clan that was very based on that kind of person) and the internal ick just his a fever pitch and ruined the game for me.

I never played 2 since that was on Vista and I never went back to it after finally getting Win 7.

After that the series just felt tainted to me. When I first tried it on a console it was really weird with the control setup. I was very used to hundreds of hours on Perfect Dark with the default controls. Having a second stick and rearranging what hand controlled what bent my mind in knots for a while. But it ended up making more sense that way (as you can easily tell by how much it caught on- not saying Halo pioneered it, but it was my first experience with it).

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Shut em down. They deserve jail, suffering, and eternal torment.

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That would save one step in setting up a new system. Tree Style Tabs doors not want to behave right by default I've always gotta use the profile customization. But if that could be native it'd be so nice.

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I mean I'd rather have my entire yard and have no bugs live close to me and not have to worry about the grass. Would absolutely love getting rid of all plants near me except maybe having one little greenhouse to grow some weed in. Insects and bugs of any kind are not welcome anywhere I might encounter them.

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I used to know a guy on a gaming forum years ago that typed with all first letter capital. At least he did for a while, I think he snapped out of it.

But in general you can ignore whatever they're saying. Nothing intelligent has ever been written like this.

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I disagree. I understand the draw to "secret legal meanings that let you off the hook of a bunch of fees, bills, and taxes", but literally if you look at it at all without a severe confirmation bias then it becomes pretty obvious pretty quick.

So by the time they're on board and posting on facebook about it then I would say they are mentally diseased. It's not a very strong virus, so if it makes you sick then you're already in really bad shape, so your sickness is more severe than most if this is your disease of choice.

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I'm really curious about the "without prejudice" part. I've never heard that part of their "lore" before.

Does it basically end up meaning "give me the rights of this paper/document, but I reserve the right to not meet my end of the bargain"? Because knowing them, this is exactly what it boils down to.

How much blind faith does it take for these morons to have their whole hope seated in claiming that judges dismissing them bring called a "victory"? To my knowledge none of them has ever succeeded in any way in a court setting, so they have no real examples to point to besides a judge just not seeming it worth the struggle of dealing with them.

Although at this point we should be seeking to take every one of these cases there are and summarily deciding to rule for their worst case scenario. Movement will likely die off when they spend the rest of their lives such in jail or under an impossible set of fees that they'll never even make progress on, much less finish off.

Clearly I jest, but if we could stop ducking these cases and start prosecuting them more harshly, this would naturally go away.

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There's probably about 6 to 10 words in a row somewhere in it that says something they like and wish was in a different context, so they will quote just that line.

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Game is still having problems even when launched from Steam.

I cannot get to launch with any regular Proton version or Experimental. I also can only get it running with GE after version 8-26. (only 3 versions, 8-26, 9-1, and 9-5)

But every version up to 9-5 has the gray screen for a couple seconds, then the game closes with no error message.

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That never even occurred to me and I used to do this for non steam stuff all the time. I mean without the added learning curve of Linux but still.

I'm gonna try that as soon as it finishes patching. If that works it would be so amazing. Almost too simple to actually work.

Edit- It's already working better than Lutris. It would have chunks of the UI just turn black sometimes. All the interactable bits would come back if I pointed the mouse at them, but there would be black squares and rectangles all over the place with Lutris and I just chalked it up to a weird quirk that forcing cross compatibility just brought up inherently. Never even questioned it.

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So I'm getting the famous gray screen crash on trying to start the game.

I have finally moved to Linux for my main machine and almost everything is running smoothly except this game in particular.

I using Lutris to get to BattleNet. Overwatch 2 works great. But Diablo 4 just shows a gray screen for 2 or 3 seconds and then the window closes bringing me back to whatever was on the screen when it tried launching.

I've seen a bunch of mentions of this issue, most are for the Steam Deck or are Windows-related, and I've seen a lot of posts about switching Proton versions and VKD3D versions, but I cannot seem to get a working combination to just get into the game.

I don't have a clue what is wrong or how to even diagnose what else to do here. All of the links I can find that mention anything.

I had to stop after launch because my last machine only had 4GB of RAM and would choke after a few minutes, but this machine should not be having problems.

Edit- Game is still having problems even when launched from Steam.

I cannot get to launch with any regular Proton version or Experimental. I also can only get it running with GE after version 8-26. (only 3 versions, 8-26, 9-1, and 9-5)

But every version up to 9-5 has the gray screen for a couple seconds, then the game closes with no error message.

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This is true, but everyone's problem is specifically the "overcomplicated" part. I can see a better vetting process being needed for higher skill jobs, but really just testing if they're a living breathing person and able to repeat things is kinda pathetic. But if this is now how a hiring department/manager works these days, then it seems like asking for a resume is silly. It would obviously be most "convenient" to just be able to mass apply easily, so I can see the argument for this process. It seems that most of the complaints you typically hear about though (maybe this is just personal bias and anecdotal experience) are related to low skilled applications. Minimum wage/not far above minimum wage jobs this is crazy overkill. It just feels like a huge waste of time.

It becomes more and more worth it the better the job gets.

Nvidia issues (
submitted 8 months ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

First of all, big surprise, right? Stuck with it for now, though. Not sure if AMD is actually any better at this point, but that's a problem for a different time.

So I've tried fedora now, (can list hardware later in post)and got it to install fine, did the system update, 4gb or so later, that's good to go, so now I figure it's time to get the GPU drivers working so I can make progress on making a daily driver out of this machine.

There's a lot of conflicting information and alternate routes to go with the drivers as I've gone to see, so that's confusing enough already.

So I'm on the KDE version of F38, since I would like to use Plasma.

I found and installed the "latest" dkms driver via cuda.

Haven't made other changes at all yet.

But at this point, it black screens after the grub menu. If I use nomodeset I can access the system, but I'm stuck in 1024x768. This is obviously terrible, I have a GPU for a reason and I would like it to work. Before installing these drivers I could at least use native resolution and native refresh rate.

It's defaulted to Wayland of course, which I hear can be another issue by itself, but I don't know the pros and cons of it vs using X (or X11 it whatever is actually called). I also know the open drivers can have issues, but am not sure if they would be useful for me.

Relevant hardware: MSI MAG Z790 i7 13700K RTX 3070 Ti

So obviously these drivers don't work for me, but I'm not sure what I need to do from here. Google got me this far, but there's not a lot of mentioned of being forced to use nomodeset, and nothing relevant at all if how to get proper drivers installed properly.

I did add the RPM Fusion repo, but haven't used it yet. Or at least the free one, can't remember if I added the non free one yet.

Happy to find outputs of whatever you need, but I'm still very new to using a terminal, so I don't know much about what I can do with it in general, much less what to do with it or try to look at in this specific case. I've picked up bits and pieces, but until I can get a working environment, learning is difficult.

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Finally built a new rig, and wanted to ditch Windows.

Got KDE neon up and running, booted into it, got my browser mostly back to how I like it, ran an update for my video card. I didn't notice the screen blackout and come back like it normally would for a video update, but I don't think that has anything to do with my current issue. I tried to restart to make sure it was running, and the update part of discover showed up and said I had a couple hundred updates to get, no big surprise there, since it is a fresh install.

Then it hung on fetching updates, and while I could browse my list of programs, I couldn't do anything else. So I did a hard shut down and powered back up.

It sticks on some kennel warnings and won't go any further.

Obviously I can't really do anything from there that I know of.

I also can't even get it to boot with the install media. That just sticks on a black screen. I can tell the monitor is actually showing black, as it doesn't give the "NO SIGNAL" warning. I have no idea what to do from here since I can't get it to react to anything, much less know how to fix anything if I could get in.

As for what the warnings say, there are 6 or so lines saying the same thing: problem blacklisting hash (-13), and one more that says nvme2: failed to set APST feature (2)

I haven't put anything on nvme2 yet, I haven't even formatted it yet, just the primary drive (nvme0). So I'm not sure what could possibly be wrong with it yet.

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My game crashes VERY frequently. I can't run any dungeons solo, because I will almost certainly crash while doing it, thereby losing my progress.

I'm just trying to finish the thing, and not being able to grind reliably is killing my enjoyment of this game.

It doesn't happen predictably, and doesn't happen when I'm doing any specific thing in particular.

Not even able to guess based on time passed. Sometimes I can come back and rejoin my party and instant crash, every now and then I can get over an hour.

It's not a hardware problem or driver problem.

I don't even know what else to do about it. I had been hearing others had the problem, but that quieted down a few patches ago. It never got better for me. This has persisted since I got the game about a week or so after launch.

Is it really just me now? I really want to make some progress, but side quests and cellars can only help so much and I don't always have friends on. Playing a dungeon over and over in hopes it won't crash this time is extremely frustrating. Can make it through maybe 1 out of 3 times.

Even if it was just once out of ten it would be too much to want to keep trying.

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