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Pretty simple really. We start off with Shefahr's coffee that morning. At exactly 3am, we add 3 extra grains of sugar that were not supposed to be there. This in turn at 5:30am allows him 3 more seconds of his day dream about the ruzzian lady's big big personality.. that added exactly the right amount of fuel into the helicopter. You see Shefahr's job is to refuel helicopters. Anyway, once this helicopter got into the fog, it was just a matter of pulling up hard enough and BAM! It was either this or a window at a very tall building like the ruzzians do. This is more fun because everyone thought for sure he would survive according to the earlier reports.

[-] werefreeatlast 1 points 4 hours ago

5 pieces! He's still good!.… No Bobby, I fear he's dead....

[-] werefreeatlast 3 points 4 hours ago

Nah, actually he's fucking dead. No fearing, we know now he's did dead.

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It was the Jesus nut I'm telling you!

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... meanwhile at burning man Iran...

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He read that in the morning and misspoke. And that's how you get old people to say funny things.

Maybe have younger people running for president?

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Forget Tesla dude! Trust me I'm from the year 2024. In just a few months your world will change drastically and everyone will start getting 😷 sick and wearing a mask. We called it COVID 19 and it was bad. Real bad. The only way to fight this pandemic was to isolate as much as possible until a vaccine was made available. The markets never crashed like Trump suggested.... almost as if he knew something was must invest all your money on moderna and Pfizer vaccine related stocks. Anyway, that's all I remember. Paxlovid was okay but not a vaccine. Wow, Lemmy let's you time travel! We need to invest into this technology!

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Sorry Tesla but every captcha about bicycles and street lights was just too good an opportunity to be bad! LOL ... bicycle! 🚲 Nah! That's just 🛣️ road! Continue!

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Yeah we're cool 😎.

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Imagine Marlboro man doing this... Then riding into the sunset just before he feels the need for a cigarette 🚬 and then boom! Horse parts everywhere mixed with guy parts. Meanwhile a car driving through the near street gets rained on with pieces of the good stuff... anus, balls, penis, and skin with bloody hair on it as well as eyeballs, fingers and other parts easily recognizable to the layman. That's why you never top off your horse!

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Wow the cybertruck is huge! How are you supposed to park that thing?

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So as a summary of the procedure from what I go in the tube, they spin a big ass magnet around you, the molecular resonance is captured into an image... somehow they figure out some areas or volumes are more active than others, then they sonicate those volumes. As they sonicate your memories away, they show you images of drugs to see if you still want to use them. If you say no, they they keep Sonicating just in case. And that's it. Oh, no they guy probably doesn't make it past 60.

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We had four lawyers, three privacy experts, and two campaigners look at Microsoft's new Service Agreement, and none of our experts could tell if Microsoft plans on using your personal data – including audio, video, chat, and attachments from 130 products, including Office, Skype, Teams, and Xbox – to train its AI models.

If nine experts in privacy can't understand what Microsoft does with your data, what chance does the average person have? That's why we're asking Microsoft to say if they're going to use our personal data to train its AI.

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Also what is the LPRC? According to this video.

...they are the loss prevention ...I forgot tge rest... republican cabrones?

Basically they want you to go to Walmart for your deodorant and type your phone number to get an unlocking code! Win win right?

They sell you the product and get you to give them your phone number and get you to confirm that it is yours!

They also have another thing where you have to let them take a picture of your face. I'm assuming it's for you to get your white bread securely? What do you think 🤔?

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While shopping on Amazon for my usual old spice bearglove smelling system, I've gotten burned with what I'm getting. I want the blue stuff and I keep getting this white stuff. I don't care if they took the aluminum off, I'm not willing to try that again. Last time I tried it my armpits got extremely irritated. I'm not a sissyfus type of person, but hey if someone was poking you in the armpits that would hurt.

So here I am thinking...hmm deodorant is the blue stuff! Antiperspirant is the white stuff. But no. Now there seems no difference. So does anyone have a good aroma deodorant that not white irritation based for me to try from Amazon?

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It's hilarious that I've been out of UCSD for 20 years and they keep insisting that somehow I'm part of that. Samsung sells me a TV and 20 years later is all... hey wouldn't it be cool if you give us more money for the same product? It would make the products cheaper for other people and we would actually pay our workers too! We a thrilled! And welcome 🤗!


We are thrilled to welcome you to UC San Diego’s Tritons Connect! You’re now a part of a supportive community of Tritons and friends, worldwide.

We invite you to leverage all of the great tools and resources available to you — build your personal/professional network, find a mentor, make a difference by supporting a fellow Triton, access the job board/post a job or join an interest group to find Tritons in your field.

Please take a moment to update your profile, volunteer to help another member and show your Triton pride by posting on the news feed.

Looking for a quick and easy way to get started? Check out this short video.

Thank you for helping us strengthen the bonds of our Triton community! If you have questions, feel free to contact us at......

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It was a little painful in the pocket but since my optimism for my first fermentation is growing, I got these things for the rest of the Kombucha making experience.

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Hello, I recently got into Photoprism and it's now my one and only app that I care to spend time feeding. Except Google says I'm running out of space please buy more and I want to do badly but nah. So I found mailu to be a pretty simple docker. Photoprism was working so well initially as dynamic DNS and then I moved to Cloudflare and the world opened up for more. Cloudflare wanted money for portzilla so I found NGINX and that reverse proxy manager is awesome. However I could not figure out how to set it up to get mailu working. I found hints that Traefik could fix that with simple yml files per each service. Could someone please share some info on this? I so far have gotten Traefik to come up but then followed a YouTube video to add TLS and I'm not able to login internally or externally. I think the cloudflare connection is working because I get the same 404 error page as I do locally with as an example I get the same page as "my". The video said to expect that but did not elaborate as to how they fix it or how they bring NGINX under the traefik umbrella.

He has the config files here:

I used his version 3 per the video, but now I can't get to the dashboard.

Anyway after I do figure out this dashboard, the next hurdle would be to figure out how to setup mailu so I can send emails to [email protected]

I'm behind an ONT, which can forward ports and then a Unifi Controller with USG which can also forward ports. Currently I'm forwarding 80 and 443 on both right to the computer holding docker.

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