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[-] wellee 0 points 1 month ago

You literally called me ignorant, how wouldn't someone be offended by that?

[-] wellee -2 points 1 month ago

Seriously, calling me ignorant when I'm literally asking questions. When I'm genuinely curious if this would cause a similar issue.

So fucking sick of how toxic this platform is. No leeway to have an actual discussion or curiosity. Always people looking for a fight and acting superior.

[-] wellee -1 points 1 month ago

But when you're buying 40 things? Have other stuff to do? You are being incredibly naive

[-] wellee -3 points 1 month ago

Uh, that's incorrect. When you're buying groceries for your family, getting household essentials, cleaning supplies, etc, you're going to be in and out because you have to get home to make dinner and get ready for work the next day.

[-] wellee 5 points 1 month ago

Yeah, don't get caught in the trap of trying to defend them lol, it's a waste of time

[-] wellee 50 points 1 month ago

I cant decide if this is mildly infuriating or very infuriating. Wow, the fact someone thought this was a good idea. No, fill the goddamn thing. Nobody needs a quarter amount of deodorant. What a waste of packaging.

[-] wellee 0 points 1 month ago

I certainly do not do that. Who has time to inspect every item they buy nowadays? Ridiculous.

[-] wellee 3 points 1 month ago

That is very pretty

[-] wellee 7 points 1 month ago

There has to be something better than either of those choices D:

[-] wellee 12 points 1 month ago

Not fatal D: that's barbaric

[-] wellee 8 points 1 month ago

Huh. I love the band and song lol

[-] wellee 5 points 1 month ago

I had no idea they made this, huh. Has a few actors I like too. Time to figure out where to watch!

Every extended family Christmas (self.womenwithautism)
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I'm reporting posts promoting spousal abuse and animal abuse, and yet they stay up.

I'm not sure how reporting works here - do lemmy world moderators ever see them? If not, how do I report the community for inadequate moderation?

Thank you!

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Tried recreating the painting from The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides's book. With bing image creator.

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The dishes are piling up. My apartment is a mess. I can't stand long enough to make a decent meal. My tasks are falling way behind at work. The physical therapy exercises just stopped helping one day. Ibuprofen makes my stomach cramp, pretty sure I have a hernia, or at least it's warning me it's close. Weed doesn't dull the pain anymore. I miss my good days.

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What is the difference between a complaint and a statement? If theres anyone with a better set of social skills here to help a dude out lol

Ie when you're chilling watching TV and somebody asks you to go out, but you respond with no thanks, I'm tired. Would stating you're tired be considered a complaint?

Just had a similar action with an NT friend, who says I complain about being tired a lot. When I look back and I never bring it up unprompted, and they comment on my mood so i tell them whats up.. is there some social thing which simply stating you feel negative is seen as a complaint?

Edit: thanks so much for all the comments! I should have been more specific, the examples I gave were not my actual experiences. In fact if I were to be more specific, it's my roommate that made me think about this, and they never want to go out lol. But I can still gain some insight from the comments! But it was much more generalized. Actual interaction: we are going about our day and my roommate casually asks "hey how are ya" and I respond "a bit tired!" And they remark on how I complain about being tired a lot. Which surprised me because I was answering their question, and not getting long winded into it. Then it dawned on me maybe simply stating I feel negative is seen as a complaint by people. Iunno.

Ordering room service (
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She's got the manic going on :( stuff is stressful, I much prefer the phoneless/contactless ordering via apps lol.

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