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Yes and all that technical debt, complexity and loss in decentralization could be avoided by simply increasing the block size. BCH for example has zero-conf transactions and the average fee is also <$0.01.

But that would mean that you'd be able to use it as an actual means of exchange instead of this crippled "Internet gold" bastardization that BTC has become.

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Yeah the fact that all the tipping is done off-chain via the lightning network is even more of a turn off. Did anyone else follow all that drama back on reddit?


Like it says in the title, just woke up to a thunderstorm and saw this when i took a peek outside.

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Is abliteration based off the research by the Anthropic team? When they got Claude to say it was the golden gate bridge?

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Let's not forget that one of the of the core developers is a fascist and Jack gave them 14BTC:

That anonymous Brazilian is Giovanni Torres Parra, a developer who has also built at least two webpages devoted to disseminating the work of the far-right conspiracy theorist Olavo de Carvalho. Before he died in 2022 after contracting COVID-19, de Carvalho — known as Olavo — praised Brazil's military dictatorship, claimed that Pepsi-Cola was flavored with stem cells of aborted fetuses, preached that tolerance for homosexuality was "incompatible" with democracy, and had an office in Virginia decorated with portraits of Confederate generals.

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That was meeeeeee

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Last crusade, UHF!

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Because police have more important things to do like not solve 50% of murders and 88% of property crimes. There are minorities to oppress, don'tcha know. /s obviously

But seriously though until there's separate infrastructure to handle it this is going to keep happening. God forbid they put speed regulators on cars lol.

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I was gonna come up with something insulting but my coffee hasn't kicked in yet so I simply leave you with a "Get Fucked".

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The tl;dr is that the play version of termux has been lagging behind the master github branch because of Google's fuck fuck games with Android permissions. Now it's been updated, but effectively neutered.

Basically, PlayStore termux-app v0.120 release is functionally equivalent to v0.108

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EDIT: Ope, thought you were asking lol. rocks!

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Delta Chat is quite good, it's an email client thats built like a messenger app. It's E2EE with Autocrypt lvl 1, you can use it with most email services, and they have a self hostable/hosted "chatmail" service that you can also use if regular email services are slowing down the messages (gmail isn't the best for this). It also supports apps and games in chat using the webXDC standard.

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It happened recently, the share function doesn't seem to be pulling the URL from the page.

Edit: this is with Firefox mobile beta 127.0b9 as my default browser

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Hey all! I've been chewing on this problem for a bit and I've hit a wall, I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.

I have an auto entities card populating a series of mushroom chips on the top of my dashboard for stuff like lights on, available updates, and open doors.

The thing is, some of the doors that have sensors on them are open by default, and as a result the chips are there all the time.

Ideally I'd like to have seperate auto entities entries for each group, default open and default closed, but I'd like to keep them in the same card as everything else(they're sorted by time triggered); and I can't for the life of me figure out how to filter out specific entities from a single entry in the include filter. I can exclude something from the whole card, but I haven't found anything that would allow me to just show certain closed doors or certain open ones.

Hopefully this made sense! I appreciate any ideas you have.

EDIT: So I finally got it figured out without futzing with my setup too much, sorry @borebore, I didn't end up going with the template sensor. I ended up finding a python script that allows you to inject custom attributes, so I made an automation that anytime the "normally closed" doors updated their status it'd give them an "is_normally_open: true" attribute and filtered the auto entities chips off of that attribute.

Thanks everyone!

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My first time encountering it, just scrolled to it like three times to check, anyone else having this issue?

Edit: ope, looks like I can't edit the title lol.

Anyone tried zenroad? (
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Hey all! I was looking for an Android Auto replacement app recently and came across Zenroad there's also an android build but it's not compatible with my device unfortunately. Has anyone had any experience with this app?

Edit: ope, just saw the sidebar. Apologies!


Hey all, I just finished a run of Popandsicle's excellent vase mode ornaments and I noticed these weird bulges happening all over the prints. The last run in a different color was flawless so I'm not sure where to start. I couldn't find much on the issue with a bit of googling so I thought I'd check with you folks and see if you all had any insight.

I've calibrated my esteps and adjusted the resolution to be a bit easier on my printer (modified CR-10v2), and unfortunately my mainboard isn't capable of linear advance.

Filament is overture royal gold, layer width is 0.6, height is 0.2.

I appreciate the help!


To be clear I know it's not well lol. I just wanted the community's thoughts on what I'm doing wrong. I'm using Overture Royal Gold on a modified CR-10v2 with a real V6. Model was sliced in cura with default low quality settings.

The filament I bought a few months ago but just broke it open yesterday. It's making some small popping noises every now and again but the seal didn't appear to be broken. It seems all right otherwise, if a little sticky on the roll. I had to move it out of my filament dryer to keep it from opening the lid because it was binding so much. That's what happened to the last tower, that failed mid print. Looks nice at least.


My phone with the case is just barely too big for the slot in the K480, so after a few years of saying I should do something about it I finally did! Designed in Onshape, printed on a modified CR-10v2. Would welcome any suggestions, I already have v3 ready to go to fix the slot bit, it's just a titch too big.


Tyrone, the tiny terror!

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