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Welcome fellow prototypers! This communities' purpose is to help others and share functional 3D Printing related information. While other 3D Printing Communities are a good resource, sometimes too many help posts get buried under memes and fluff. This will remain technically focused and keep the fluff removed. Please help your fellow 3D Printer hobbyists as much as you can with their issues! and showcase your functional prints and how you use or created them.

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Just a simple 2 part print to protect the bag when out and about. Snap fit top


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Description I wanted a carboy drainer that was 3d printable (because why not?). They're stackable, too.


  1. This model on Amazon was nice
  2. I liked the handle cutout on this model
  3. This model wasn't bulky enough and I didn't like the feet.
  4. This seemed clever, but too fragile.
  5. This model was my main inspiration for size but wasn't bulky enough

Licensing: Credit/attribution/link is my only requirement. Free to use, modify, or sell. Please share your work, I love to see it.

Shout out to [email protected]


One of the best things about 3d printing is fixing problems that you and 2 other people have. This box dries the filament I use and the opening strap snapped off within a week. Someone made a knob. 10 min print. Bam. Works again.


I wanted a shelf to hold the EIBOS 3D Series X or whatever on top of my SV06 Plus. It's not a great dryer, I don't recommend it, but it's what I have. It works… kinda.

PS, you can use this as a base to hold nearly anything up there. Snaps on. Modify as you wish.

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I redesigned a dog poop bag holder and printed it out. The original model was good, but I don't like flat over hangs. #3Dprinting


With the talk of Erenst (The solo guy running kbin) missing in action, there's talk of communities migrating over to other instances that are maintained by more than 1 person.

mbin is a fork of kbin that is actively being worked on by more than 1 person.

Largest instance currently is

I've created a backup magazine for functional print there in case this all goes belly up.

Feel free to create accounts where you see fit, and sub to that magazine as a backup.

Some topics below on the subject,

(Note: Kbin is screwing up so bad, I couldn't even post this from my Kbin account)


With the talk of Erenst (The solo guy running kbin) missing in action, there's talk of communities migrating over to other instances that are maintained by more than 1 person.

mbin is a fork of kbin that is actively being worked on by more than 1 person.

Largest instance currently is

I've created a backup magazine for functional print there in case this all goes belly up.

Feel free to create accounts where you see fit, and sub to that magazine as a backup.

Some topics below on the subject,


I have previously duplicated the Milwaukee Low-Profile Organizer bins, (as well as designed modified ones) and the regular height organizer bins and posted them on Printables and Thingiverse, and I was asked to design printable bins for the new deep organizer.

They don't have bins, so that allowed me the freedom to design them, and not just duplicate the existing ones. It also was a pain in the ass, because I had to buy new measuring tools to measure some of the weird inside angles of the deep pockets. But after a couple of tries (10 iterations for the corner pieces) they are all done.


This is a fully 3D printable clamped under desk drawer. What makes this drawer different? Well, Because it's clamped, you don't need to ruin the bottom of your desk with screw holes!

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A tray designed to hold sample containers for supply well/surface water sampling.


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Want a 3D printer in New York? Get ready for fingerprinting and a 15 day wait

Assembly Bill A8132 has been assigned a "Same As" bill in the Senate: S8586 [] [A8132 - 2023]

I don't own a gun, I never have and I don't plan to at any time in the future. But if these pass in the NYS Senate and Congress, it would be required to submit fingerprints for a background check then wait 15 days, before you could own any "COMPUTER OR COMPUTER-DRIVEN MACHINE OR DEVICE CAPABLE OF PRODUCING A THREE-DIMENSIONAL OBJECT FROM A DIGITAL MODEL."

This isn't even going to stop any crimes from happening, for pity sakes regular guns end up in criminal charges all the time, regardless of background check laws. How about some real change and effective measures, rather then virtue-signaling and theater illusion for a constituency?

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All the sanding blocks I have seen are the nut and bolt type, but i found myself wanting something more of just a ... block. No adjusting, loosening, tightening, moving, just wrap your sandpaper around an edge and go. So I spent 15 minutes in FreeCAD and made one. So far it's working great.

In case anyone else wants it, or has feedback.


Alright this project is growing.. needs a new description. I recommend printing the drawers laying bottom down with tree supports, or on their back. Either way should work, but bottom down will use less support material. To free the pins in the back after printing, place your fingers behind the pin and give it a few sharp taps with something solid, back of a screw driver worked for me. -The chassis print best on their back. You can fit everything onto one 250 cubed build plate as shown. If you are working with a printer with less than a 250 cubed plate, try the Slim Stack or the Split Body, they both will happily print on a machine as small as 200. From left to right in the top of the photo, we have the Big Double (Big Double file and print two Big Double Drawers) Slim Double (Slim Double, print two Slim Double Drawers) Slim Single (Slim Single file and Slim Single Drawer) Big Single (Big Single file and Big Single Drawer) Slim Triple (Slim Triple file, two Slim Double Drawers and one Slim Single Drawer) Not shown is the Split Body, which for now is just the Slim Triple. Also the Slim Stack, which is two Slim Double drawers on top of each other. To assemble the Split, print the Split Chassis L & R, the Split Bottom Drawer L&R the Drawer Tie, and TWO of the Body Ties. I recommend using your favorite relatively thin glue to adhere everything together, then print two Slim Single drawers to fill in the top. I am working on a detailed PDF like my Club and Store models have for this project, to provide more detailed instructions on printing, running through settings and assembly. Its just taking a while, as the project grows so do the instructions. v1.1 01-08-2024; Chassis modified to be printed more reliably v1.15 01-10-2024; Drawer pulls modified to print with less support if in horizontal orientation and no support if in vertical orientation Buy me a coffee :) Patreon:(project videos, commercial salable files, upcoming projects, requests)

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I just did a 5 km run at -5°C, and this worked pretty well. Previously with the unmodified neck tube, my glasses fogged up and I couldn't get enough air.


This a remix of trentesous' very good foldable tripod Version 2. I remade the phone mount to rotate, allowing for both landscape and portrait modes. Find the original here: Printing tips: Make sure to enable supports but use support blockers for the threaded bits The orientation of the parts should be as shown in the screenshot above I suggest using Gyroid infill with a high density of ~75 - 50% for the screws and ~25% for the rest


Parts for cable management under a desk. They are screwed to the desk and use tie wraps to fasten the cables. Added 4,5 and 6 Cable holders. Added Samsung Portable T7 SSD Drvive Holder Added regular SSD Drive Holder

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I used as few non-Ender 3 parts/screws as possible.

Reused the X carriage as the Z carriage for the soldering iron.

I'm really happy with how it turned out.

STP file at the link in case you need to modify it for your particular Ender 3 parts.


Universal holder for any cordless drills and tools. I used it mainly for Makita, but other power tools should fit as well of course. The following Makita tools have been tested so far in the 40mm version: Makita DTD171 Makita DDF484 Makita DDF484B Makita DHP484 Makita DDF459 Makita DHP481 Makita DTW300 Makita DTW302 Makita DHG180 Makita DHG181 Festool T18+3 Milwaukee 2553 M12 Fuel ** Milwaukee 2504 M12 Fuel ** DeWalt DCE530 ** DeWalt DCD771 ** (seems also to fit in 35mm) DeWalt DCF887 ** (seems also to fit in 35mm) DeWalt DCF885 ** (seems also to fit in 35mm) DeWalt DCD985 ** Surebonder Ultra DT-3100FAMZS ** Porter Cable PCC601 Porter Cable PCC641 The 35mm version fits good for: Makita DDF487 Makita DHP487 DeWalt DCD778 ** The wide version fits: Makita DWT700 ** Makita DWT701 ** Ryobi PBLIW01 ** Smaller tools will probably better fit in the smaller holder with a 35mm cut-out. If someone needs a different measurement, feel free to leave a comment, I'll see if I can implement this. Printing Very easy, no supports needed if printed standing. I used PETG for my prints and three walls with 20% infill. This is very solid. If you want, you can print it with 100% infill and get it even stiffer. But you will need ~220g of filament for this. ;) Update 04.05.2023 I've added another design for the holder, based on the idea of @mnemic. I has the same sizes as the other, but saves even more filament. Update 06.10.2023 I've added a wider version of the holder, for Tools like the DWT700 or DWT701. This version is identical to the 40mm default version. Only difference is, that that the inner width is 81mm instead of 70mm. ** = Information from users who printed the models.


Whipped up this quick wall mounted spool holder. made to accommodate 1.1kg spools and under at 100% scale and should accommodate 3kgs by just upscaling. feel free to remix and repost all I ask for is oc credit.

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